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Weekly Kick-Off: 10 Banging Tracks Your Ears Must Hear

Is there any other way to bring in a fresh, new week, than with some banging tracks? Of course not. Whether you're looking for a summery groove for those perfect, sunny days. Or you want a street-banger you can nod your head to, these tracks by alternative Black bands and artists, will surely give you what you need.

Contributor: Elijah Watson

10. Angel Haze, "Werkin' Girls": It's not…


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#SoundCheck: Canadian alt-rockers The Dears leak tracks from their new live Album/Docu, 'Never Destroy Us'

The Dears' new live album (their fourth) was recorded at the Pasaguero nightclub in Mexico City. If the leaked unmixed songs are any indication, the full set will draw heavily from their 2011 release Degeneration Street. The long-running band is tight as ever, with a touch of indie jangle, you know, to keep it authentic. Like their previous live records, they play around with their own songs, stretching Degeneration Street's lead single “Omega Dog” through waves of feedback and…


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The King of the Twelve String: Lead Belly

With his 100th birthday, and the let's-not-call-it-a-depression-because-that's-depressing “economic downturn” there's been a renewed interest in the music of folk legend Woody Guthrie this past year. But hardly anyone's talking about one of Guthrie's biggest influences and collaborators, Huddie Ledbetter. Better known to the world as that original punk rocker Lead Belly.

Words by Nathan Leigh



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#SoundCheck The ever ambitious Phony Ppl are back already with 2nd 2012 release 'nothinG Special' (Free Download)

The sprawling 9 piece hip-hop collective Phony Ppl are nothing if not ambitious. Barely 7 months after their debut LP, their new EP nothinG Special cements their status as one of the most exciting new acts of 2012. The band moves effortlessly between sampled, sequenced and full band; switching genres and sound on a dime. Anchored by one of the tightest rhythm sections in the game, the EP is a slice of retro hip-hop, soul, and disco. But unlike many the many groups who…


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#SoundCheck: "Unfinished Tune" by Tyler the Creator Y Toro Y Moi

If LE1F represents the candy-coated part of 4Chan culture that gave us Nyancat, Tyler the Creator is the nihilistic prankster part that gave us Goatse. Both decompile, hack, and repackage popular culture for their own uses. Both are making a career of doing and saying outrageous over-the-top shit in a bid for attention. In a sense, Tyler the…


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#SoundCheck: LE1F Gets Down With Pikachu In His Hot New Video For 'Wut.'

Self-proclaimed gayngsta rapper LE1F continues his ongoing quest for world domination with his new video for 'Wut.' The single from his brain-melting mixtape Dark York is all sex appeal and come-ons, and the video delivers no less. It's an inversion of hip-hop video cliches crossed with a 4-Chan aesthetic. The whole video is an animated gif waiting…


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#SoundCheck: Blues Rocker Danielia Cotton Hits Us With Live Video, New Single

Singer/songwriter Danielia Cotton dropped her first record Small White Town (inspired by her hometown of Hopewell, New Jersey) in 2005. Equal parts classic rock and blues, but with a gospel tinge, she makes the kind of music that shakes something deep in your soul. It's timeless without feeling retro. It's been a few years since her last release (2008's Rare Child), but Danielia and her eponymous band are back and getting ready to put out their newest The Gun In Your…


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Heavy Metal With Three 11 Year Old Brooklyn Kids: Unlocking The Truth

You're a heartless mofo if you don't love these three 11 year old Brooklyn kids who write and play their own heavy metal/hard rock music. :-P Do your thing Malcolm Brickhouse (electric guitar), Jarad Dawkins (drums) and Tyree Johnson (vocals)!

Check out a few of their videos below. Ain't that something?…


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#SoundCheck: Theme Park Creates The Soundtrack to Summer 2012 With 'Jamaica'

There are a few key ingredients for the perfect summer song.

1) It needs to be danceable, but chill.

2) It shouldn't just make you want to be near the beach, it should actually make you feel like you're already there.

3) It needs a giant sing-along hook. Bonus points if it's actually about summer.

UK indie band Theme Park hits the trifecta on their new single 'Jamaica' from their forthcoming debut record. The band is led by twin brothers Miles and Marcus…


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#SoundCheck: Introducing Panic Area, Brutal Metalcore from Sweden

Sweden's Panic Area is the latest purveyor of Sweden's greatest export (and no, I don't mean inexpensive modular furniture or socialized healthcare). The metalcore quartet is a brutal assault on all the senses. (Even proprioception... I'm not even totally clear on what that one is.) Anchored by the virtuosic drumming of Johan Westerlind, and led by Kriss Clark's guttural howl, the band combines pieces of metalcore, black metal, and some good old fashioned hardcore for a sound…


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#SoundCheck: LE1F's Debut Mixtape 'Dark York' Will Melt Your Brain (Free Download)

Pretty much since the first five minutes of Kool Herc's first party, rappers have been describing the urban decay of New York. But on experimental rapper LE1F's self-released (and self-packaged!) debut “Dark York,” he makes music that sounds the way urban decay looks. The young openly gay rapper (self-described gayngsta) has been kicking around on mixes and mash-ups for a while. He notably collaborated with Spank Rock and Das Racist, but on 'Dark York' he really comes into his…


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#SoundCheck: Melody Nelson Captures the Sound Jack White Fantasizes About on Debut

There's something magical about stripped down blues rock. It seems like every decade a handful of disciples from the church of Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters comes up to remind the world of the power of minimalism. British power trio and AP members Melody Nelson strip it back to basics but throw in a dash of Zeppelin and a pinch of Sabbath for freshness on…


Added by Sound Check on July 9, 2012 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

#SoundCheck - Sultry Single From (I Am) Isis: 'I Saw You'

Afropunk member (I Am) Isis has been dropping a steady stream of singles since 2009, but she's finally ready for a full length. The debut Amazingly Random comes out this fall, and the dope first single 'I Saw You' is out now. The track combines a longing blues guitar lick with Isis' sultry spoken-word; seamlessly blending the vintage and the modern to create…


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#SoundCheck: TeresaJenee Has The Soundtrack to Your 4th of July Afterparty - Free Download

Once the grilling is done, the beer is almost gone, the fireworks are over, and it's just another balmy summer evening, get mellow with electro-soul singer TeresaJenee. The St. Louis native's latest mixtape is the terminally chill Electric Yellow. The thick breezy retro synths might as well come with ice cubes and mood lighting. I'll wait for you to fix…


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#SoundCheck: Tess Makes Big Impact On Debut EP – The Name Is Tess

Singer/songwriter and AP member Tess refers to her music as “Hip Rock & B,” which even if it doesn't quite roll off the tongue, is at least a pretty solid description. She has the massive voice of a pop star, but an eclecticism and depth of soul rarely heard these days in Top 40 land. Though The Name is Tess is her debut EP, this isn't Tess' first time around…


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