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FEATURE: Electronic R&B tracks from PHNK provide listeners with a true, passion-filled experience

For Seattle- based singer/songwriter PHNK, the line between emotion and expression melds into one- allowing his audience to gather his full experience. Beginning most of his tracks with a catchy, multilayered beat, the singer then approaches his listeners head on, granting them line after line of meaningful lyric and musical progression. Self-producing all of his original pieces, PHNK's personality greets listeners right off the bat, and his passionate talk-singing-…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Gonjasufi wrestles with the cost of the creative process & announces forthcoming album, 'Callus', in mini-video

Vocalist/producer/DJ Gonjasufi's preview for his upcoming album 'Callus' is an almost intergalactic soundscape of distorted, distant, unidentifiable comings and goings of, what sounds like, planes in mid-take off. These turbulent moments melt off in the distance, perhaps accompanied by the sound of distorted sirens that contribute to the ominous sense of dread and discomfort that’s palpable throughout this short preview. "It’s about pain," Gonjasufi tells AFROPUNK. So it…


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NEW MUSIC: Blood Orange Turns His Latest Album 'Freetown Sound' Into A Haunting Album-Length Discussion of Race, Religion, Sexuality, and Gender #SoundCheck

Kicking off with a clip of Ashlee Haze's inspired poem “For Colored Girls (The Missy Elliot Poem),” Dev Hynes launches into an album-length discussion of race, religion, sexuality, and gender. His latest album as Blood Orange, the haunting and captivating Freetown Sound, takes its name from the capital of Sierra Leone, the birthplace of Hynes' father. Throughout tracks like lead single “Augustine,” and the Carly Rae Jepsen-assisted “Better Than Me,” Hynes looks at…


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NEW MUSIC: Virginia-based singer OPAL transfixes with ambient electro-cool single ‘France’

Check out up-and-coming Virginia-based electronica singer OPAL and her newest single ‘France’—a futuristic track that hypnotizes with its eerily calm ambience. Although now based in Norfolk, the 25-year-old was born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles. But no France. Yet there’s a haunting, almost surreal yearning for the West Europe country throughout. "So France is kind of like a mind state, or mentality. It’s like a feeling. It’s symbol of a lot of different things—it’s…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Funk pioneer Betty Davis’ unreleased, Miles Davis-produced 1968-69 tracks resurface

Rare vinyl lovers and funk n soul aficionados rejoice the news of the unearthing of cult figure Betty Davis’ (then wife of Miles Davis) 1968-1969 recordings for Columbia Records, years before her Just Sunshine and Island days. Until now, these historic tracks have never been released, largely remaining in obscurity.

The remastered collection features 9 tracks that were produced by Miles himself alongside Ted Macero and recorded at Columbia’s 52nd Street Studios…


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NEW MUSIC: Reason To Rebel's 'This Gun Is Human' Is A Call To Arms #SoundCheck

Sounding a bit like the missing link between At The Drive In and Rage Against The Machine, Southern California based Reason to Rebel peppers their songs with calls to arms and scathing social commentary. Their latest record This Gun Is Human seems like an attempt to live up to their name and literally list the varied reasons to rebel. Over 11 blistering tracks that take post-hardcore riffs and meld them with hip-hop and the occasional proggy diversion, the band delivers a…


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New Music: Parlor Social combines time periods with its electrifying new single 'It's Complicated(Let Go)'

Defining their genre as #Speakeasy soul and #Neo-Ragtime, Dessy Di Lauro and Ric'key Pageot of Parlor Social definitely live up to their titles. The infectious old-timey, Bebop rhythms, meshing smoothly with an accompanying R'n'B style backbone, transport the listener back in time while also maintaining a modern groove. Their most recent track 'It's Complicated(Let Go)' falls directly under this description; its multilayered composition leaves the listener forced to…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Electro-soul duo TECHNOIR marry nature and electronica in ‘NeMui Vol. 2’ EP

'NeMui', an acronym for "New ecosystem Musically improved", is a nature-inspired soundscape that aims to fuse organic cues with technology and electronic music. Conceptually, 'NeMui' is a conversation between the artists and their audiences. A stream of consciousness that takes place on a musical level that demonstrates playful, uninhibited experimentation with purpose that’s looking forward towards the future of electronic music. Each hardcopy of 'NeMui Vol. 2' comes with…


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New Music: Rapper Vic Mensa's revolutionary new track 'Free Love' translates the fight for LGBTQ rights into terms all can understand

Within the past two months, rapper Vic Mensa's output has taken a pronounced shift towards cadenced activism. Just in time for pride, his new track 'Free Love' ft. Le1f, Halsey, Lil B, and Malik Yusef, tackles one of his most extreme topics yet. With his folk spin on traditional Hip Hop, his feel good rhythms dismantle pre-existing prejudice and stereotypes surrounding the LGBTQ community, while simultaneously posing as the antithesis to the misogynistic reputations of male…


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FEATURE: British Singer-Songwriter Lea Lea redefines women in rock as she rhythmically roars her audience to attention

Born and raised in Hackney, East London, Lea Lea (pronounced 'Lee Lee') has been transcending musical boundaries since her start at 17. As she has grown into her career, her work has become increasingly more dauntless, powerful, and self-affirming.  In Lea Lea's latest hit 'Drum of Death', the excitingly edgy singer's thunderous vocals and deep, underlying subject…


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NEW MUSIC: ZULUZULUU Pushes The Future of Future Funk On 'What's The Price' #SoundCheck

With squiggling synths, irresistible rhythms, and a team of vocalists (including fav Greg Grease), ZULUZULUU look to give Afrofuturist funk from the 70s a modern update. The nods and odes to both P-Funk and Prince abound throughout their debut, but the fresh energy and defiant bursts of both joy and frustration make What's The Price stand on its own.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: East London punk-rock duo Nova Twins stake their claim in the punk scene in ‘Hitlist’

Nova Twins are a female urban-punk duo from South East London. The duo is comprised of two badass musicians who each play guitar and bass while being accompanied by a live drum kit. The band’s newest single is called ‘Hitlist’ and it’s a tough, in-your-face track about self-assertion and staking their claim in punk-rock music and two young women of color. "We're on your HITLIST!!! Our first release from our forthcoming EP is finally here!! This is for all the people who…


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INTERVIEW: R&B/electronica/hip hop duo The Foreign Exchange talks international success and iconic inspiration

Every so often, if you’re lucky during the summer you months, you’ll have the chance to catch a good live show in your city. As I write this, Funk Legend Masseo who did most of the early production work for James Brown and who often played alongside Prince, will be performing tonight in the city in which I reside. Yet ironically, a group by the name of Foreign Exchange played at the same venue called the Jazz Kitchen a few weeks earlier.

The journey of…


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NEW MUSIC: Nigerian independent musician Mile XY shares expressive eclectic jazz-soul single ‘Too Many People’

Get to know Nigerian musician Mile XY, an indie R&B-soul artist who is now based in Vienna. The exciting soundscape on his track ‘Too Many People (RMBA Baumgarten Session 04 V5 Roughmix 01’ is a smooth, densely packed and eclectic mix of jazz, soul, and experimental sound effects. Mile describes himself as as a natural lover who is very spiritual, which definitely lends itself to his sound signature on this track. Listen to ‘Too Many People (RMBA Baumgarten…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: London-based disco-pop singer-songwriter Dregas flips the script on courtship in ‘Cannonball’

Alt. pop singer-songwriter Dregas is premiering her newest single with us today called ‘Cannonball’, an energetic ode to fleeting romances where (some) men only want to hookup and what happens with the gender rolls are reversed. The lively Girl Power anthem features subtle undertones of 60s and 70s pop music, making for a groovy throwback vibe that packs an intense punch. “As if we, as women, must build in a level of skepticism when dealing with men in their "natural state"…


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NEW MUSIC: Eclectic funkster Marcus Alan Ward’s ‘Little Sunshine’ is an instant mood-boaster

One of the best feelings in the world, to me, is falling in love with a song less than 30 seconds in. Being unceremoniously introduced to the perfect combination of sounds and rhythms that both relaxes and energizes you. At the risk of over-hyping it, Marcus Alan Ward’s ‘Little Sunshine’ is such a song! The smooth, infectious melody are paired with soulful vocals and 70s-inspired harmonies that come together in sweet funk-soul bliss. Treat yo self, listen to ‘Little…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream Brooklyn’s electro-soul duo Lion Babe’s sun-soaked mixtape ‘Sun Joint’

Ahead of their first North America tour, Brooklyn-based electro-soul duo Lion Babe just released their ‘Sun Joint’ mixtape. A sun-soaked collection of party-friendly tracks that blends dancehall and Afro-Caribbean-inspired beats with futuristic synths, culminating in a truly sumptuous soundscape that gonna be a must-have for your summer playlists.



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More info about AFROPUNK LONDON:…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: French-Congolese rapper Young Paris delivers unapologetic call to action in ‘Get Ready’ ft. M1 of Dead Prez

Check out French-Congolese rapper Young Paris’ brand new music video, ‘Get Ready’ feat. M1 of Dead Prez, a swagged out call to action in the vein of Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’. ‘Get Ready’ pulsates with danceable afro-beats and the energy of a party anthem. It’s a boastful, unapologetic celebration of not only black pride, but, the specific rise of political resistance in the U.S. "This is our time, the stars have aligned/and this just the way we designed it". Watch ‘Get Ready’… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Fall in love with NYC-based Pagan-gospel singer Serpentwithfeet and his debut release, ‘Flickering’

Hard to believe that this is his debut single, but, miraculously, ‘Flickering’ is the first official release from soul artist Serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise), who at one point had a handful of demos floating around SoundCloud. The Baltimore native, NYC transplant delivers a knock-out punch on this hauntingly beautiful ambient track, which was produced by The Haxan Cloack and released under TriAngleRecords. Fall in love with ‘Flickering’ down below.…


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