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INTERVIEW: Edmonton-based R&B/Rock/Soul singer Karimah sits down with Brnesh Berhe, AFROPUNK contributor

It’s been just over 10 years since Ashanti Marshall started playing shows in halls and cafes in and around her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. At 18 she co-founded the rock band, Noisy Colours, and began to really find her bearings in the otherwise very male dominated – and often very white – indie and punk scenes.

After selling out her final show with her former band – who grew to become favourites in clubs around Edmonton – Marshall has gone solo once more. Now…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Listen to Memphis singer Apollo Mighty’s passionate new release "Happiness (Priorities)"

"Happiness (Priorities)" is the passionate new R&B track from Memphis singer Apollo Mighty. The single is a declaration of dedication, a pledge of allegiance if you will, to an unseen entity; which makes the track all the more relatable. Apollo’s voice is the real stand-out, as his rich tonality and impressive range soars over the dramatic and swelling melody. "'Happiness (Priorities)', is about evaluating life choices and deciding where to place your focus. For…


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FEATURE: Brooklyn’s teen metal collective Unlocking The Truth announces release date for debut EP

The Brooklyn-based teen metal collective (and AFROPUNK Fest alums) Unlocking The Truth has announced the planned release of their first full-length album “Chaos”. Scheduled to come out on June 17 thanks to distributor Tunecore. Megadeath/Pop Evil/Disturbed music producer, Johnny K will be producing the debut as well. "We can't wait for everyone to hear our album. We've worked very hard to give the fans something they'll love and never forget. We hope they are able to relate…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Calma Carmona drops “Sin Final (Remix)” video feat. Mike Towers

We’re starting the morning off right with a premiere of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Calma Carmona’s “Sin Final (Remix)” ft. Mike Towers. Once again, Carmona finds herself singing outside, her naturalistic mystic becoming a bit of a trademark with Calma as a wise sage dolling out…


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NEW MUSIC: Experimental jazz/dark R&B singer Hadassah. releases rich and deeply personal “Oakmere Drive” EP

Experimental jazz/dark R&B singer Hadassah. just released her third EP "Oakmere Drive". A dark, moody, and deeply personal examination of personal loss and the strength that can be gleaned from it. "This last year of my life has been a roller coaster. I lost my mother to lung cancer, all while finishing college. My sisters and I sold our home on Oakmere…


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NEW MUSIC: Open Mike Eagle and Paul White's 'Hella Personal Film Festival' Is A Goddamn Masterpiece #SoundCheck

At this point, I greet every Open Mike Eagle Record as a holiday. Clear the schedule (or at least find an hour or two to turn the phone off and close my e-mail tabs) and listen with headphones and sink in to Eagles strange universe. On an impressive run starting with 2012's 4NML HSPTL, each new release from the self-proclaimed art-rapper has set the bar higher; offering a new banquet of boundary-pushing sounds, insightful juxtapositions, and choice lines. “Rap music has ruined me /… Continue

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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk x Nat Turner release instrumental "The Knock"

"The Knock" is a contemporary jazz track by Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk and the band Nat Turner. The song is the latest release from the long-time collaborators upcoming project, a live instrumental album called "The Rebellion Sessions", out Apr. 4th. The brief single cuts straight to the point, opening with a pleasant and steady stream of afro-beat-laden jazz rhythms which are adorned with ambiguous and complimentary backing vocals.

"I've been…


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NEW MUSIC: GAIKA Delivers Defiant Message With “The Villainous Theme”

Four months after the release of his" MACHINE" EP, UK lyricist GAIKA is back with the ominously titled, "The Villainous Theme." The title may perhaps be slightly misleading, as GAIKA is in no way the villain here. Channeling his unique brand of dusky, electro-grime and dancehall harmonies, he delivers his doomful bulletin of rebellion against the cycle of oppression. Now is not the time for complacency or turning a blind eye. The Brixton vocalist urges us all to stay…


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NEW MUSIC: Electro-soul musician Jesse Boykins III releases impassioned single "Losing You"

Check out new music from electro-soul musician Jesse Boykins III with his recently release "Losing You", a song from his forthcoming visual album "Bartholomew". The Chrome Sparks-produced track is an impassioned, electro-R&B plea plagued with relatable longing, regret, and desperation to preserve what was or what could have been before it’s too late.…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Urban hard rocker Bizzythowed releases confrontational track “Life Is Here”

Bizzythowed’s big break occurred when his second grade teacher had him playing rhythm on the wooden blocks set. Fast-forward a few decades, Biz is now a guitarist for The Weeknd, and he has accrued much experience working in the studio with and writing songs for some of today’s biggest names in hip-hop. Distinguishing himself form his contemporaries with his…


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NEW MUSIC: The Dream and Sampha Join SBTRKT To Imagine Human Colonization of Space On 'SAVE YOURSELF' #SoundCheck

The wind-swept synths and dusty beats that pepper the landscape of SBTRKT's latest record sound like a memory of the music of 2016 in the head of the first human settlers of another planet. The assembled collaborators on 'SAVE YOURSELF,' which includes The Dream, Sampha, D.R.A.M., and Mabel, paint pictures of haunted nostalgia. Songs about the struggle for connection in the modern world and the struggle to express pain over experimental electronica. The album asks us to save… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Alt. punk-rockers and AFROPUNK Fest alums Sabatta release grunge soul tune "Middle of the Night"

"Middle of the Night" is the latest single from alt. punk rockers and AFROPUNK Fest alums Sabatta. The grunge soul tunes, led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Yinka Oyewole combines elements of funk and psychedelia into a groovy melody of wah wah effects and smooth harmonies. Listen down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. says "thanks but no thanks" to nay-sayers on "Thank You"

Listen to Latasha Alcindor aka L.A.’s newest release "Thank You". The Kaui-produced track is a defiant black girl anthem about being told “no” or “you can’t” before you’ve even started and that who you were born as predisposes you to failure. It’s a “thank you, but no thank you” before going out and chasing exactly what you want. “Somebody told me I’m…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Check out UK-based hip hop collective Black/Other’s newest video “Windmills"

Check out UK-based hip hop collective Black/Other’s newest video "Windmills". The experimental collective creates diaspora-conscious hip-hop that attempts to decode the complicated implications and experiences of diasporic people, particularly those of first and second generation black youths with multiple identities, in the UK. The three MCs met and bonded during…


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NEW MUSIC: Samurai Shotgun's 'Riptide' Is Uniquely Electrifying Mix of Hardcore Energy & Hip-Hop Swagger #SoundCheck

Through 11 tracks of an exhilaration mix of post-hardcore guitars, alt-metal drums and bass, deft scratching, and vocals that split the difference between 80's hardcore and 90's hip-hop, Samurai Shotgun establishes itself as one of the most compelling bands active today on Riptide.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks releases energetic, vogue-ready mixtape “Slay-Z”

Yesterday, #problematicfav Azealia Banks returned to the Twitter world to release her new mixtape “Slay-Z”. As you’d expect, the release is a mixture of house, pop, and bass. It’s loud, at times pop-y, and all around theatric. There are, of course, several prime voguing tracks, particularly on the tape’s second-half, with anthemic, pulsating tracks like “The Big Big Beat” and the anthemic “Queen of Clubs”. “Along The Coast” was a welcome stand out and pretty brilliant ending… Continue

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SHOW REVIEW: Kimberly Nichole pays tribute to Rosetta Tharpe's posthumous 101st Birthday with live performance

New York's Rock Ballerina, Kimberly Nichole paid tribute to Rosetta Tharpe (sponsored by Summerstage) on Tharpe's posthumous 101st birthday at Subrosa's in NYC on Sunday, March 20, 2016. Nichole has the shape of a 17-year-old petite high school girl, but she has the presence, voice and personality of a Memphis juke joint owning, full-bodied blues singer from the 1950's. She knows everyone's name, but calls everyone Baby or Honey. So you get the picture, this lady is just a…


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NEW MUSIC: Listen to folk/soul singer Riki Stevens' heart-felt new project "What Is Love (Acoustic)"

Listen to folk/soul singer Riki Stevens’ recently released project "What Is Love (Acoustic)". A straight-forward, heart-felt compilation of tracks about about searching for refuge and love in safe place when even home isn't an option. Stripped down and minimal, Stevens' powerhouse vocals shine brightest on their own and she walks us through loneliness, insecurity, heartbreaks and heartbreaking. "Music is a gift; so I share it. Hoping that each note may mend a wounded soul,"…


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NEW MUSIC: Starchild & the New Romantic's 'Crucial EP' Heralds a Bold New Voice in Alt Soul #SoundCheck

With the lilting synths of a Prince cassette left out on the passenger's seat in June and a musicality drenched in the afterglow of early 90's RnB, Starchild and the New Romantic's Crucial EP plays out simultaneously like an ode to slow jams past and a future-facing affair.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Soul rocker Giovanni James gives us a sneak preview of his refreshingly original EP "Whutcha Want"

Listen to an early preview of soul rocker Giovanni James’ forthcoming EP "Whutcha Want"! Out this Friday, the EP opens with the energetic track that shares the album’s name, setting the tone for album's gospel/soul influences through the veins of the album. "It’s a freedom cry. In my life, I’ve personally battled people trying to dress me up with their ideas of who I am. This EP is me though. I’m alive," says James. Followed by the breezy, Caribbean vibes of "Shining", the…


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