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NEW MUSIC: NYC-based electro pop-rock band Blak Emoji releases playful first single "Sapiosexual"

New music from a new band, Blak Emoji—an electro pop-rock band created by NYC-based vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kelsey. His first single ”Sapiosexual“ is an anthem for all of us pretentious folk who find intellect to be the most sexually attractive trait. As one would hope, "Sapiosexual" opens up with a sexed-up electro thumps and thuds (hello, NIN’s "Closer") before rolling into a smooth,…


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NEW MUSIC: L.A.-based, ATL-bred singer Tanerélle does catchy experimental RandB right on debut single “Siren”

I’m reluctant to put L.A.-based, ATL-bred singer Tanerélle in a category—she’s many things at once, including dark, electronic, and experimental RandB. Her first single "Siren" is just that: an irresistible call towards her undeniably catchy genre-bending sound and first single. Like what you hear? Tanerélle is running a…


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NEW MUSIC: Cletus Brings Back That Old School Hard Rock Swagger #SoundCheck

Raleigh-based multi-instrumentalist Christopher Wells has made a name for himself as a touring bassist (most notably for Ms. Lauryn Hill), and a composer for TV and film. The versatile musician's latest project is the hard rock project Cletus. Living somewhere between early Filter and Living Colour, his music has an old-school attitude and posture. The menacing vocal delivery on the grandiose “So....” is a definite highlight of his new set. Wells describes the urgency behind the… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Anxiety Has Never Sounded So Good On Ganser's 'Audrey EP' #SoundCheck

The beauty of post-punk is the way it translates anxieties and fears into something compelling. On Ganser's latest EP, the band makes anxiety their art form. 3 songs; tied together by that most-modern-of anxieties: the fear of missing out. Both the title track and “Battery” plum the depths of anxiety in search of beauty. Co-lead singers Nadia Garofalo and Alicia Gaines sing with a disaffected moan that's somehow inexplicably passionate in its disaffection. The final track…


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NEW MUSIC: Experimental jazz singer Hadassah drops lovely little single, "Rain"

Hadassah is a Long Island-based experimental jazz musician who, ironically, makes rainy-day soul music. Her new song "Rain" is an easily accessible blend of soothing vocals, relatable lyricism, and jazz melodies that loosely mimic the sound of raindrops on a tin roof. Take a listen to this sweet song and…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Haitian American jazz-folk singer-songwriter Leyla McCalla shares "A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey"

Leyla McCalla is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist Haitian-American jazz and folk singer-songwriter from NYC/New Jersey. Formerly the celist of Grammy-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops, McCalla…


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NEW MUSIC: 23-year-old Brit Jordan Max release soulful second single "Let Me Lay Down"

Check out 23-year-old Brit Jordan Max's second single "Let Me Lay Down". "Let Me Lay Down" doesn’t waste time with pleasantries, but instead lurches into a rough and impassioned vocal sermon, seemingly about the commonplace nature of random acts of ultra-violence. Dark, yes, but there’s something beautiful about the tonality of his Max’s…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: L.A.-based Rock'n'Soul band Sugar Fly pack gritty, retro punch on self-titled debut EP

The L.A.-based Rock'n'Soul band Sugar Fly unveil their self-titled debut EP. The five-track feature is certainly remarkable for it’s live performance sound and A+ instrumentation. From the crescendoing guitar licks and piercing organ on “Blind”, “Sugar Fly” offers an unrelenting whirl of retro rock and…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream 'Ill Clinton Presents vol 2' Featuring the Great Georgia Anne Muldrow #SoundCheck

Over vintage soul beats, Georgia Anne Muldrow delivers some of her best lines on “A Brother Like Ezell” off 'Ill Clinton Presents vol 2.' The collaboration with Moses West and ill Clinton eulogizes Mike Brown, exhorting people to rise up and not let…


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NEW MUSIC: London-based retro pop singer-songwriter Iris Gold drops newest single "Steve McQueen"

Iris Gold is "sunshine pop/block party hip-hop" singer from London who made her big splash with last summer’s infectious "Goldmine". Though born in the UK, Gold moved to Copenhagen to live in the self-proclaimed autonomous Freetown Christiania where Gold attended the theatre program at Folketeatret. The free-thinking commune is where…


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FEATURE: Black Punk History—Fearless Rap-Metal Icons Body Count

Ice-T is a man who wears many hats. This particular hat is as co-founder and frontman of hardcore thrash metal rap band Body Count—known for their highly-controversial, completely iconic song “Cop Killer” and as one of the most important bands in punk rap-metal history.

Body Count was formed by schoolmates Ice-T and guitarist Ernie C. Born out of their mutual love for metal, along with future bandmates Mooseman, Beatmaster V and D-Roc the Executioner—black kids…


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OP-ED: The New Wave of South African Jazz

Jazz is the immutable language of the oppressed. It is the language of the black intellectual. And unlike most African languages which were destroyed by colonialism, slavery and oppression, Jazz was, in fact, incubated and birthed by these extreme conditions. It was born in the brimstone of our belittled existence as a people. Permanently displaced from our ancestry, we found home in the music. Notions of displacement bleed through the pores of its progressions.…


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FEATURE: Check Out South London's Experimental Grunge-Punk Trio Alpha Maid

Alpha Maid are an experimental punk band from South London led by Goldsmiths, University of London graduate Leisha Thomas and techno musician Daniel Cherney and Jovis Lane. Their music, which sounds glitch-inspired, has a really interesting undercurrent of the technological. The opening melody of “Aman” almost sounds like the synthesized version of a photo copier or fax machine. Similar to the ambient noise of “Body Chores”, spooky in its reminiscent to a distorted…


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AFROPUNK Premiere: R&B singer Kwamie Liv puts 90s hip-hop spin on Eartha Kitt's version of "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"

Check out Danish-Zambian R&B singer Kwamie Liv’s unique cover of Eartha Kitt's version of Cole Porter’s "My Heart Belongs To Daddy". In this updated twist of the classic, Kwamie Liv’s employs a sample of Missy Elliott’s "All in My Grill with Lose Control" creating a late-’90s/early ‘00s vibe, gilded with Kwamie Liv’s sultry vocals. "I love…


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AFROPUNK Presents Race Music in Paris: film screening + Michael Kiwanuka Live on March 22

IN FRENCH (scroll down for text in English): Annoncée la semaine dernière, la première édition parisienne de AFROPUNK Presents Race Music le 22 mars à la Maroquinerie est déjà un succès: les places pour la projection du documentaire inédit en France …


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NEW MUSIC: North Carolina’s alternative soul band The Veldt release otherworldly new single, “Sanctified”

North Carolina natives The Veldt (named after Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same name) have come out with a new, ambient track called “Sanctified”. The aforementioned song is a wave of otherworldliness, from the disembodied voices, buzzing, muffled synthesizer, and electronic beat which all come together to a sound that’s Southern gothic soul mets ambient rock. Definitely worth a listen.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: 21-year-old German “Bitch Better Have My Money” co-writer Bibi Bourelly Releases Infectious Rockabilly/Pop-Soul-Fusion “Sally”

21-year-old German musician and songwriter Bibi Bourelly is known mainly for co-writing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” and “Higher”, Lil’ Wayne’s “Without You”, co-writing and featuring on Usher’s “Chains”. Did I mention she’s only been in the music business for a year? Her inherent musically probably a gift from her dad Jean-Paul Bourelly, a…


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NEW MUSIC: Willow Drops Impressive Spaced-Out Track "Jimi"

Willow is back with another celestial-themed song called “JIMI”, which features a dusting of sci-fi-worthy effects, a shout-out to the stars, and proposed transcendence via cosmos-induced existential inquiry. You know, typical 15-year-old stuff. Listen below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Black Punk History—Pro-skateboarder, McRad creator, and session musician Chuck Treece

Mr. Chuck Treece is an accomplished, multi-instrumentalist session musician and pro-skateboarder. After finishing high school in his native Delaware, he packed up his shit and headed for Philly where he started pursuing both a skateboarding and music career. Between 1982 and 1990, Treece had endorsements with several companies like Santa Cruz Skateboards…


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NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks’ new Vogue-worthy track “The Big Big Beat” is an instant-hit

Let me preface this post by stating that Azealia Banks is the definition of problematic fave. One second she’s publicly taking on white supremacy and the multi-tiered oppression of WoC, the next minute she’s throwing black queers under the bus. As surprising as some of her public stances and interactions are, so is her music. Her new track “The Big Big Beat” (produced by An Expresso) is a super-listenable dance track laced with her trademark blend of excellent voguing…


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