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Rocky Business: "People Don't Dance No More"

If music is going to change, I can only cross my fingers and hope that people who know what they're doing are going to lead the way. Bless the gods of the stereo for Rocky Business. I saw them by accident nearly a year ago and I still haven't gotten over it. The foursome-of-rad have punky drums with poppy melodies, all brought together with fun rap verses. I'm normally the one to hate something like this, but… Continue

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My Roommate Was a Jewish Multi-racial Nazi Skin

After getting robbed on my block by a pack of 13 year olds I decided to say “So long” to my leaky Bed-Stuy terror basement and move into a grown-up apartment in swinging Greenpoint. The guy I moved in with makes his living playing gypsy jazz guitar at upscale nightspots and so far my precious comic book collection hasn’t been destroyed in a flood, so it’s a pretty great situation for me.


My Roommate was a Jewish…


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His Words May Make You Uncomfortable, but Cipher Pushes for Lyrical Liberation

There are probably more black and multi-ethnic bands making punk sounds now than ever before. Bands are adopting punk’s DIY creed to hammer out their own unrepentant lyrics about love, life, politics and race. I spoke to Moe Mitchell, songwriter and front man of the band Cipher to get some insight into the mind of an awesome young black writer and performer, about what lyrical liberation means… Continue

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Patti Smith Instigates The Weight of the "Rock n' Roll Nigger'

“Nigger no invented for color it was MADE FOR THE PLAGUE the word (art) must be redefined-all mutants and the new babes born sans eyebrow and tonsil-outside logic-beyond mathematics poli-tricks baptism and motion sickness-any man who extends beyond the classic for is a nigger-one sans fear and despair-one who rises like rimbaud beating hard gold rhythm outta soft solid shit-tongue light is coiling serpent is steaming spinal avec ray gun hissing scanning copper head w/… Continue

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William Duvall Chats About His New Documentary on Neon Christ and the Atlanta Punk Scene

You may know William DuVall as the lead vocalist for the resurrected Alice In Chains, but what you may not know is that William DuVall cut his musical teeth in the 80’s punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta. DuVall played guitar in the underground band Neon Christ during the 80’s and the band was a mainstay in the punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta. DuVall has gotten together with director Edgar Johnson to not only do a documentary on his old band but to also shine the light on… Continue

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Rockstar In Training: Who’s The Shit?

A new month is about to start and I am kinda thinking about shows for next 90 days. I actually need to sit on booking new shows for a minute because I’ve got a lot going on. Stuff like writing new material, finding a band and getting new promotional pictures done takes precedence over performing.  Wah, wah. Sad trombone.


Rockstar In Training:  Who’s The Shit?

The Chronicles of an Artist…


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