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Afropunk, Afrochic: Lagos Fashion & Design Week

Afropunk’s second style house might be in Lagos, with looks that easily cross continents and streets. Last week, I hit up Lagos Fashion & Design Week (LFDW) to celebrate its 3rd installment with a crop of hot designers in African fashion. Set up in makeshift tents along the beach, Lagos’ freshest designers showed their threads for Spring/Summer 2014— a bright mix of traditional prints, Ankara and dapper menswear. With the lack of diversity throughout the world’s fashion…


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Interview: Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey Wants You to Color Outside The Lines (Just don’t be cheap!)

A little over 10 years ago, a young Miya Bailey embarked on what would become a long and illustrious career within the tattoo industry. Miya and longtime friend Tuki Carter transformed an old abandoned building into a thriving staple of Atlanta culture. City Of Ink is not just a tattoo start. Art seeps from its pores through every possible medium and it continues to take fresh, undiscovered talents and make them household names. Last year, Miya Bailey released his film…


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Boo! What are you going to be for Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner! For many, the celebrating started this past weekend; my Facebook and Instagram have been full of pre-Halloween pics from costume parties. As side note – not sure if you guys have heard about the Fashion Designer, Allesandro Dell’Acqua who hosted a “Disco Africa” Halloween Party. Unfortunately, it is 2013 and ignorance still exists. Check out the full story…


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"Men Prefer Black Women's Natural Hair"!?

Wilkine Brutus is a Black man who prefers his ladies with natural hair, and he thinks that most men do. Check out his tongue-in-cheek video about this topic and his perspective as an expat in South Korea.

"No outcast: We find natural hair on black women to be sexy, work-place professional, and internationally…


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"Who's The Freshest?" Fly street style, dope footgear

Janet of captured more dopeness on the streets of New York. People who express themselves uniquely through their clothes.…


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AP Fashion: Keepin’ it 100, Designers On the Rise, Look Out!

I’ve spent the last few weeks just browsing the web (amidst midterm stress… to all college students, stay strong!) – and I’ve been so overwhelmed by inspiration from today’s art and fashion scenes. I was not searching for trends, but searched for innovators, those on the rise.  Digging deeper, I found that there has been a rise of “street wear” designers – simple clothing items tagged with specific symbols, unique to the designers. The simplicity speaks a thousand words. There…


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Vintage Anime Inspired Outfits by Lioness

If you know me you know I like anime, and last year I went to my first anime convention: Motaku. I was seriously mesmerized by all the cosplayers. They put so much detail into their costumes and not only did they look like the character they were portraying, they were walking and talking like them was sick! I probably won't be cosplaying myself anytime soon because I have no one who's willing to do it with me haha, but I…


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Pimp My Jewelry Box: Accessories to Add to your Autumn Attire

It’s the Fall (or Autumn as we call it over here in England). My favorite season of the year. Why? As cliché as it sounds, I love the orange-gold crispy leaves that slowly one by one, fall to the ground. Our skimpy, summer wardrobes are traded in for thick woolen sweaters, snappy, big buttoned duffle jackets, funky patterned tights and warm, cozy boots. Autumn represents balance to me. The time for change.

So what better way to celebrate the season of change than with some…


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Street Style By Aagdolla: Captured at NY Fashion Week

Photographer Aagdolla hits the streets of NYC to bring us badass street styles. Check who he ran into during NY Fashion week. Check it out and let us know which ones you like.……


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AP Fashion: Sweater Weather is Finally Here!

Well ya’ll, fall is officially here. As much as I have a bit of summertime sadness, the arrival of fall means that I finally get to pull out my favorite sweaters, jackets and riding boots! Chunky sweaters, flannels or oversized jackets are always great – keep warm, stylish and comfortable in the transition from fall to winter.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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Custom natural hair dolls by Natural Girls United

What if Barbie and her colleagues rocked an afro, dreadlocks or a baldie? Karen Byrd of Natural Girls United creates custom natural hair dolls. Is this a step forward for kids to have these dolls instead of the stereotyped ones available in stores, or is this just another way to adapt Barbie-like beauty standards to the natural hair…


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AP Fashion: You’re My Golden Girl - Some Chains for Your Jewelry Box

Never was much of a necklace or chain person. Growing up my grandmother gifted me with a gold chain with a cross for my birthday, and I was forced to wear it after being enrolled in catholic school (my dark past…). This past summer, however, I’ve been more inspired to play around with chains, particularly those that are gold. Rappers and hip hop artists rock the big gold chains, yet styles of this past summer have toned down the single or double chain look, allowing people to…


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Street Style By Aagdolla: Enjoying The Warm NYC Weather While It Lasts!

Photographer Aagdolla hits the streets of NYC to bring us his top street styles. Forget about the runways, creativity is right here on the street. Check it out and let us know which ones you like.…


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AP Fashion: Fall isn't quite here yet. Fall short while the weather is still warm.

I admit, I've been fooled by this NYC weather. I've gotten sick, gotten better, gotten sick again. My mind and body have been fooled, the leaves are changing – it shouldn’t be summer anymore. It is almost October this bi polar weather is not whats poppin'.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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