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Sugar & Spikes Tattoo Feature: "Exploring Sex and Ink with Madam Natur"

If you find yourself bored with reading the same old dry columns on sex and thirsty for something a little bit more invigorating, then you'll no doubt find Madam Natur Magazine quite refreshing. Its creator, Chrissi J., has set out to publish a zine that aims to teach, inspire, stimulate, flatten taboos and broaden sexual horizons. Meeting Chrissi, you get the sense of an earthy woman who does not shy away from organically seducing you into her world. You'll leave knowing only…


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Black Fashion By Javii: The 10 Best BLACKFASHION images of the week

Hey guys, here are the 10 Best BLACKFASHION images of the week. Let us know which one is right down your alley. Marcus Branch of SKLTN Magazine


Grizzelle of …


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Tattoo of The Week: Kitty Crystal

Kitty's love of tattoos began as a teenager and by sheer determination, she managed to get her first tattoo in a state where it was illegal at the time. Her drive to achieve what others deemed as impossible carried on though her life. This artist, actress and model eventually set her sights on achieving success in New York City when she left her hometown of Las Vegas about 2 years ago. Her favorite piece is a tattoo done by a dear friend who had given it to her as a going away…


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Sugar & Spikes Feature: "Tattoos Are Like Fine Wine..."

Tattoos are like a fine wine... they only get better with age. The ink you get now will forever tell the story of your life and that story only gets more interesting as you develop into the person you set out to become. Sure, as time goes on...your tattoos are probably not going to look like they did when you were younger, but then again, neither will you. You'll just have decorated wrinkles and that cherry may become an apple but it is the journey you show through ink that…


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Black Fashion By Javii: BLACK ON BLACK FASHION

For the most part, 2012 has been one big pasted filled rainbow, and I'm certainly not complaining. I adored all the muted colors of the rainbow. Now that fall is here, the New York Uniform is back. No, I'm not talking about the Brooklyn Nets, or the Knicks uniform, I'm talking about the color black. That's right, All black everything! It's simple, it's chic and no matter how dull it may seem, wearing all black is a guarantee you'll end up standing out wherever you spend the…


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Tattoo of The Week: La Mala

Meet La Mala! Her name means, "The Bad" in Spanish and with her Harley Quinn inspired tattoo, she shows us her fascination for rebellious characters. Why not? They seem to have all the fun! My favorite piece is her Alice In Wonderland sleeve. Staring into her ink makes you feel like you're looking at pages from a colorful comic. So much more fun looking at it on skin! To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to…


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Sugar & Spikes Tattoo Feature: PiiNk The "Original"

With the word "Original" tatted across her chest, 21 year old PiiNk definitely lives up to that proclamation. She rocks her own unique style of glam and horror with her favorite tattoo being her Zombie Hello Kitty eating the Bride of Chucky's head...showing the world she is constantly thinking outside of the box. PiiNk is a college student by day, waitress by night…


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Black Fashion By Javii: Fashion's Night Out/Fashion Week - What you missed and what you need to know

While the streets were packed with hype beasts and girls trying too hard, Fashion's Night Out was blast! To acquire a Trendsetters point of view photographer Henny and I shadowed the ever so fashionable Gitoo and his friends. They maneuvered their way through the crowded streets of NYC stopping by stores to greet friends, obtain free drinks and souvenirs while just about everyone stopped them to take their photos. The lifestyle of the young and fashionable.

Check out this…


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The Urbanworld Film Festival, sponsored by BET Networks, is screening 2 "AFROPUNK PRESENTS" FILMS, "An Oversimplification of Her Beauty" Directed by the incredible Terence Nance and "The Triptych" directed by Nance and the legendary Barron Claiborne. Both films have been highly acclaimed and on September 21st and September 22nd, it's going down with Urbanworld.


We're so pleased and…


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Tattoo of the Week: Emilia's Fave Tat Symbolizes Her Inner Beauty

With 26 tattoos, Emilia is a dedicated tattoo enthusiast and admitted addict... But don't think this beautiful 18 year old student from NJ is just following trends and getting tattoos for the hell of it. She declares that there is a special meaning behind each one. Emilia proves that she is insightful, with her favorite piece symbolizing the importance of inner beauty. This is a positive message for any young woman to remember. To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week,…


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NYC Fashion's Night Out is a thing where you go look at fashion you can't touch or buy. Azelia Banks is at the Mac store, They're doing something weird (awesome) at the Puma store and everyone in SoHo tries to look their most famous. It's a grand ole time for friends, fashion, and falling in wedges. BUT THERE IS NO CRYING IN FASHION. I took a stroll through the…


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The kickoff to NYC Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and ETC and ALL THINGS FASHION begins with a wild uproar of fashion kids out in the streets for a little (HUGE) thing called Fashion's Night Out. Some people wait all year for FNO and some avoid it at all costs. It's a nighttime ruckus of open [fashion] houses opening their doors,…


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Sugar & Spikes Top 10 List of Bad Tattoos!

Every year, more and more people are getting tattooed and it is becoming way more mainstream than it's ever been. This summer, I've seen a surge of tattoo stories in the media with gossip columns posting every single time a celebrity like Justin Bieber gets new ink. There were even popular songs on Youtube dedicated to the tattooed like Driicky Graham's "Snapbacks & Tattoos" that garnered close to 4 million views. While I love the idea of tattoos growing more acceptance and…


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Black Fashion By Javii: Cultural Appropriation - The New Black

During the AFROPUNK Festival there were numerous amount of people wearing bindis. I wasn't surprised, over the past couple of months Bindi's have become a fast growing trend amongst the hipster crowd as well as the kids in the grunge scene. Knowing this I was still unclear if wearing a Bindi is, or should be considered offensive or not. A bindi…


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Tattoo Of The Week: Luna Love

Luna Love is an aspiring model from Canada and a full time mother. Her favorite piece is a work in progress but you can already start to see the magic form. She aims to be fully tatted one day and with 17 tattoos she is well on her way. One thing is for sure, she is one of the coolest moms up North, eh? To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to

By Mika Kenyah / Sugar & Spikes…


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