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Black Fashion By Javii - Style Icon: Solange Knowles

This year has been a great year for Fashion Icon, Mother, Celebrity DJ, Model and Carol's Daughter Brand Ambassador Solange Knowles. Her style is funky, eclectic, adventurous and daring while maintaining effortless elegance. She is isn't afraid of vibrant colors or bold patterns. Her style screams confidence and personality. - BlackFashionByJavii…


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Tattoo Of The Week: Makeup & Hair Artist Amber Jasmin Morrow

Amber Jasmin Morrow is a Makeup and Hair Artist based out of New York City and Los Angeles. She has had the pleasure of freelancing for such brands as Maybelline Cosmetics, and touring North America with shows such as Monty Python's Spamalot, The Color Purple, and soon joining the cast and crew of Rock of Ages. When Amber isnt living out of a tour bus and traveling for work, she enjoys spending her summers in the sweltering heat that is NYC, eating awesome food, traveling out of…


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Sugar & Spikes Tattoo Feature: Doxi Jones - Unashamed

With her mysterious viral videos, we see a glimpse of Doxi Jones, but not the whole picture. She teases us with images of her eyes and lips, discussing her thoughts and pulls us into an intimate one-way conversation. A marketing idea she proudly proclaims as her own. While sitting down with the Title 9/SRC/Universal Republic recording artist at a studio in Manhattan, I am immediately thrilled to see not only is Doxi stunning but she has some beautiful skin ink. I wondered at…


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Black Fashion By Javii: The Bow Tie

Fashion trends are like friends. They come and go with the season, sometimes for no apparent reason. Some friends you hang out with because they hang out with all your other friends. Some friends, no matter how popular, quirky, witty or cute they are, they're not friend you keep around forever. Friends: Trend: The Bow Tie. Bow ties started to…


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Tattoo Of The Week: Jorelle "Jellybean"- The Rebirth

This nurse in training spends her days learning how to help people stay healthy and prevent disease. And she does it all while showing off some serious ink. Hellooooooo Nurse! Meet Jellybean. To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to

Name: Jorelle…

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Sugar & Spikes: Female Tattoo Artist Steph Modified

In the male dominated industry of tattooing, it is a refreshing change to meet Steph Modified. Born and raised in New York City, the professional tattoo artist is the Afropunk version of Tank Girl; she's fearless and ready to take on the world. Steph Modified has been working on her craft since she was 16 years old. On her journey to find her new home, tattooing at Ink Chyx hasn't been easy, but her artistic talent is paving the way for Steph Modified to become a leader in the…


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Black Fashion By Javii: I think I might just wear a hat today.

It’s impossible to say when the first hat was pulled over someone’s head either as protection or for fashion purposes. One of the first hats in History included the Phrygian cap, which became identified later as the 'liberty cap' given to slaves in Greece and Rome when they were made free men. Since then, hats have come and gone as symbols of status, uniform, fashion statements and more. Whether you wear your hats for religious, royal, weather, or fashion purposes, here's to the…


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Hot New Feature 'Sugar & Spikes': Tattoos & Other Body Modifications

Mika Kenyah is aware that the demure tone of her voice is somewhat misleading: her personality is assertive. During her years of working in corporate advertising firms, she often found herself hiding her four tattoos (her two largest: a half sleeve of a phoenix and another half sleeve of a peony flower), but gaining respect with her peers for her professionalism and dependability. When Mika, 28, eventually revealed her body modifications at work, she said she noticed people…


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It's Bikini Time! Afropolitan Fashion from Adama Paris

Beach season is here, and looking HOT and original at the beach isn't always that easy. So instead of mixing some really old pieces together or hiding behind shorts and a T-Shirt, check-out the Afro-Bikini line from designer Adama Paris. The print bikinis come in different designs and styles that should appeal to all kind of body types. We talked to Adama Paris to find out more about her label.

Interview by…


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Black Fashion by Javii: My how you've changed...

The best thing about personal style is that it's yours, it belongs to you. If you don't like it, change it, switch it up, make it something you'd be proud of. This week I felt like switching things up a bit as well. In an effort to see how the styles of some of my favorite BlackFashion followers has changed by comparing a photo of them then to the now.…


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Black Fashion by Javii: Punks vs. The American Flag

Since WTT, Lil Wayne and A$AP all decided to make statements out of the American Flag the new trend has become exactly that: The AMERICAN FLAG. Punks who were never one to be blinded by trends are now clamoring to the American flag trend. My question is: Are they who they really say they are? 'Punk' used to be considered Anti-fashion, and argued that punk should be defined by their music or their ideology, yet it seems that with the right amount of tattoos, ripped or tattered…


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