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FEATURE: Visual Artist Patrick Campbell's powerful painting heads to The Smithsonian

One month after Mike Brown's body laid uncovered in the streets of Ferguson, illustrator Patrick Campbell took to canvas and painted a new American flag: the old flag turned vertically, trails of red watercolor form nooses, from which human figures hang. 'The New Age of Slavery' is a disturbing and visceral reminder of America's perpetual cycle of state-sanctioned violence against black Americans. And while images of hanged bodies juxtaposed against postcolonial…


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FEATURE: The Latest From Congolese Photographer Christin Bela's Ongoing Photo Project, 'African Queens'

Take a look at the latest images from Congolese photographer Christin Bela's ongoing photo series, 'African Queens' - a project that he begun at the start of the year. Bela (who is currently based in Paris) tells us, "We need to start celebrating who we are and what we have become, because it's UNIQUE! YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT, WHY DO YOU NEED THEIR APPROVAL?" He adds: "Celebrate who you are. Keep inspiring young black queens, raise them in a beautiful universe where they…


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FEATURE: The Multifaceted Character Creations of 2D/3D Visual Artist SOZOMAIKA

Check out the creations of SOZOMAIKA (aka Maika Sozo) - a visual artist whose stunning work consists of both 2D and 3D pieces. She states, "My vision encompasses multifaceted character creation that ranges from conception to fully articulated models." Explore those breathtaking characters below.…


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FEATURE: Black and brown boys, natural afros, and flamboyant 70's-inspired menswear in Vogue Hommes

Models Jackson Hale, Tre Samuels, Brandon Bailey, Sol Goss, Malik Jalloh, and Michael Lockley recently posed together in a '70s-inspired spread for Vogue Hommes Fall/Winter ‘15 issue. Styled in checkered furs, floral print trousers, velvet, bell bottoms and sleeves, and silk shirts with matching scarves, each model sported his own updated afro. As unappealing as checkered furs might usually sound, stylist Robbie Spencer pulled together a non-costume-y display of some of…


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OP-ED: For Black Boys Who Considered Anime When The Nightly News Was Way Too Much

As an aesthetic, anime is not in my wheelhouse. I am enamored with efficient and concise storytelling, development that doesn’t over explain, but trusts its viewers to put two and two together and doesn’t feel the need to devote 40% of its time recapping itself. So, me watching anime is by design an exercise of patience I did not know I possessed. I’m…


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OP-ED: Sistah Vegan - 'White Fragility: Daring to Critique the Mainstream Food and Sustainability Movement’s White Hero'

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve figure out that I’ve begun to use ‘fake’ advertisements to inspire dialog about the [white] elephant in the [dining] room. Recently, I wrote about what it means to propose permaculture workshops or retreats in ‘sundown’ towns (i.e., assuming everyone is white and will feel comfortable and safe in a ‘sundown’ region of the USA to learn permaculture). The post was called, …


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Feature: TBT to Boas Kristjansson's dystopian sportswear collection

In 2010, long before Kanye West was designing over-sized, dystopian-inspired athletic garments, occasional Icelandic designer, Boas Kristjansson (aka 8045), served up analogous, split-commentary, and monochromatic color palettes for his futuristic garb. In an unusual split from his grey scale designs, Kristjansson's produced a collection that captured warmth and light in an organic way that almost made you want to go do something active. …


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FEATURE: Twitter Mocks Hillary Clinton's Pandering (after she posted a Kwanzaa-themed avatar) & Send Her Suggestions For A #NewHillaryLogo

It's not news that black people become white politicians' "best friends" come election time; however Hillary Clinton has learnt the hard way that there is a fine line when it comes to pandering for votes from the black community. The candidate for US president in 2016 received widespread backlash after posting a Kwanzaa-themed avatar on her twitter account Saturday night, and many argue that it seems to be about doing what her team thinks looks "cool" while being…


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FEATURE: “Embrace Your Essence” - The Empowering Photo Series By Photographer Eva Woolridge

Check out some images from photographer Eva Woolridge's “Embrace Your Essence” photo series - a bold project with a purpose: "to photograph what women found beautiful about themselves, thereby moving away from destructive self-criticism," writes Business Insider. The series has garnered much attention…


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FEATURE: Self-described "Afrotransfeminista" activist-writer-academic Maria Clara Araújo speaks on prioritizing transgender acceptance and safety in academia

19 year-old Maria Clara Araújo’s activism is one that focuses on the (not so) little victories trans women of color should have on a day-to-day basis. Be it hanging out in public spaces, having authentic relationships with one’s parents, but most specifically—the right to hostility-free education and work opportunities.

A few years ago, Araújo had dropped out of high school. “From an early age, the school setting was hostile to me,” she told…


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Feature: Meet the non-conforming WoC featured in Mooncalfe's comic series 'Shadoweyes'

"In the city of Dranac in the year 200X, aspiring vigilante Scout Montana is knocked unconscious by a brick in her first crimefighting attempt. Upon recovering, she gains the ability to transform into a superhuman blue creature, which she quickly takes advantage of and becomes the antihero…


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FEATURE: 'Afrofeira' - Brazilian Photographer Kelvin Yule's New Photo Series

Take a look at some images from Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule's latest photo series - 'Afrofeira'. The series was produced by Matheus de Morais, Emile Brito, and Guilherme Souza - with makeup from Helen Mozao, Cecília Cadile, and Fernanda Kétsia - and features a host of stunning…


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FEATURE: Model & Blogger Cipriana Quann Sues NYPD For Alleged False Arrest Outside Brooklyn Nightclub

As reported by the NY Daily News, model and blogger Cipriana Quann is suing the New York Police Department. Quann, editor-in-chief of Urban Bush Babes, claims that she was falsely arrested by police (who were seeking a drug suspect) in May…


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FEATURE: The Portrait Photography of Neat Shiny Owl - "People are beautiful and I hope to remind them of that"

Check out these commanding portraits by photography blogger Neat Shiny Owl (aka Anthony Lewis). "People are beautiful and I hope to remind them of that," states the NY based photographer - a photographer whose aim is to present positive images of people of color. In regards to how he got started, he writes: "What began as an experiment turned into a…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration (AFROPUNK NY Fest edition!) - Sallay

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration (AFROPUNK NY Fest edition!). Meet Sallay, designer at Amyang fashion.

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Barbara Lynn - The Legendary Blues Singer And Left-Handed Guitarist

Listen to the music of Blues legend Barbara Lynn - the pioneering singer, songwriter, and guitarist; recognised mostly for her 1962 hit single, 'You’ll Lose a Good Thing' (a song that charted at #1 when it was released). The singer (born January 16, 1942, in Beaumont,Texas) was a unique figure in the music industry of the 60s and 70s; a Blues woman who not only writes her own music, but who plays the guitar seamlessly with her left hand.…


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FEATURE: Queer Brazilian rapper, Rico Dalasam, defies genre and gender expectations in hip-hop

São Paulo’s Rico Dalasam is on a challenging mission: bridging the gap between the black, hip-hop, and queer communities. Earlier this year, Dalasam released their first EP, Modo Diverso—a bold and candid peek inside what it means to be black and queer in some of São Paulo’s poorest neighborhoods. On tracks like 'Reflex', Dalasam talks…


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FEATURE: 'Just Listen' - Detroit Rapper Priest's Reflective and Honest Track About Expression

Check out Detroit rapper Priest's 'Just Listen' - a track, produced by Thovo Beats & BAIN, from his album 'Art of Urban Warfare' ("dedicated to all of the lonely souls out in the world," says the New York based Hip-Hop artist). Priest's camp state: "'Just Listen' is a more of an introspective rendition about human beings and their difficulty with expression. The song is spoken from the perspective of grappling with…


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FEATURE: Erykah Badu rocking her natural grey hair

Check out Ms Erykah Badu rocking her natural grey hair. The soulstress shared the image of her silver locks with the following message: "Body and brain have aged. My consciousness has witnessed this, Yet has not aged. This "awareness " is who we are." This woman just keeps getting better with age. It's refreshing to see performers who embrace their age and natural beauty - despite the pressures of ageism - in an industry and society obsessed…


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FEATURE: "Floresta Negra" (Black Forest) - Photographer Martin Shankar's Nature Inspired Photo Series

Check out this nature inspired photo series by photographer Martin Shankar, featuring model Alana Priscila. Martin says that the bold images were shot for Hallyson Martins' project '…


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