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December 2011 Blog Posts (28)

Transcend the Core 2012 show dates

With 2011 ending and 2012 only days away TTC is gearing up to bring you more heavy music , Here are a few places we will be playing at !!!! with more to come !!!!


Jan 4th Local 269 New York

Jan 27th Bar East  New York

Feb 3rd  Blue Room

March 31 Bar East  New York

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Reflecting on Fanon 12/28/2011


By Orlando Green

            People often dwell on Fanon's theory on violence.  Because of this, we will focus on that later.  We will begin with two (2) psychological problems that exist in a colonial setting / relationship.

Before we can start that…what is colonialism?  Historically colonialism is a phenomenon that takes place when groups of people are subjugated by an invading country and ruling class.  The purpose of this…


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Featured Artists

Featured Artists @GambitWeekly

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JuBee and The Morning After perform on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE

Watch it and check JuBee and The Morning After out at,like them at and follow them at @JuBeeATMA on twitter!

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Interviews: Vernon Reid, Jimi Hazel, Ronny Drayton - The Million Man Mosh Raises Awareness and Unites Family

On January 4th 2012, a bit of heavy rock/black rock history will take place at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. On January 4th the Black Rock Coalition will sponsor a benefit show called The Million Man Mosh. The show will feature two of the BRC’s most celebrated bands, Living Colour and 24-7 Spyz. This will mark the first time the two New York rock bands have shared a stage on the same bill. The show will also feature session guitar hero Ronny Drayton and the dj of the…


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Tha Original Gata's latest interview

Greetings all!

Check out my latest interview when you get the chance

always working and always keeping it positive.

onward & upward!

Tha Original Gata






Tha Original Gata's latest interview

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"Thick Women" Does Not Mean "Fat Women"!!

(this was an old blog i had posted a while back. I wonder if it still holds true today)

I'm so tired of fat women calling themselves "thick" to relieve their insecurites about being overweight. All of my friends love "thick" women, but it seems like the term "thick" has left this…


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Resource Based Economy

This was written December 26th 2011

So I attended the unemployment group the other day. And a lot of the ideas that they brought to the table, such as boosting the number of co-ops, and having taxes go to certain places that are "needed", but I am for the abolition of wage labor, the abolition of selling your labor power, the abolition of a business model in general,…


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An Oversimplification of Her Beauty at Sundance! + Kickstarter

Hey guys, we're really excited to share this project with you. Many members of the Afro-punk community are involved. The feature film 'An Oversimplification of Her Beauty' will be making its world premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The team needs our support to finish funding the final stages of the post production (sound design, voice over, soundtrack recording, color correction) and the trip to Sundance (airfare, hotels, posters, publicist, etc.). Let's show them…


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Cel-Man Iller of Peanut Butter Mech Is Back To Underground Rap

This is going to be my 21st album I've released and I've got some really good vibes from it. 

The title is, Persona: Chapter 6: "New Beginning: xXx MarxXx The Spot, Because My Uncle Mark Is Funding This...And I'm A Pirate"

So with this album I decided to go back to my roots and let the soul of music speak for itself.  In the past, I've always been known for my…


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LWWE04 - Various Artists - Winter Dubstep Essentials


Released on LW Recordings on 12.15.11,

'Winter Dubstep Essentials',…


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♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ FEMALE SINGER SOUGHT ►►►►►►►►►►►►

Our band A Broken Code is embarking on journey into making a heavier sound. Heavier meaning more rough and metallic. We're looking for a lady singer with a voice that can sail over such rough seas. Pretty much like what Skin, the female singer in the youtube video link below.

If you know you got the voice and you carry that…


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WTF?! "Hard-line Indonesian province shaves mohawks off punk rockers detained at concert"

News straight from the WTF department, courtesy of The Washington Post (via Associated Press): "BANDA ACEH, Indonesia — Police in Indonesia’s most conservative province raided a punk-rock concert and detained 65 fans, buzzing off their spiky mohawks and stripping away body piercings because of the perceived threat to Islamic values. Dog-collar necklaces and chains also were taken from the youths before they were thrown in pools of water for “spiritual” cleansing, local police…


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     We could all be in some deep trouble.

     Of course, this is nothing new, there's always something threatening the peace and health of the people. This new threat is interesting though. It comes from outer space.

    For the last six to seven months I've been engrossed in a study of UFO's and New World Order Conspiracy theory. Both subjucts I have had past knowledge of, so neither subject was new but the things I've learned since are mind blowing_ even if none of it is…


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Tha Original Gata: from fluff to fit

If you think this video can help anyone, please pass it along to others

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AP Quickie: Janelle Monae To Release 2 Albums in 2012 + Tour

The word is out: Janelle Monae told Back To Rockville (music blog in her home state Kansas): "I plan on releasing two albums next year" (...) "I will try to stick to the scheduled release dates, which I know but can't say."

In other words, you're gonna have to wait to know exactly when, ok? Monae also stated that she will be touring "with some really big artists". Stay tuned...…


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Living Colour and 24-7 Spyz Unite for Million Man Mosh and a Worthy Cause

On January 4th 2012 a bit of musical history will be made. Living Colour and 24-7 Spyz, the two flagship bands of the Black Rock Coalition will come together to play a benefit at the Highline Ballroom in New York. Proceeds for the event will go to the legal defense of Donovan Drayton, son of Ronny Drayton, who has been incarcerated at Riker’s Island for four years without a conviction. Ronny Drayton is a long time session guitarist from New York City and a member of the Black…


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What The Fuck Am I Doing?!

What kind of life am I living?  Who the fuck am I?

Tears at the restaurant today.  My beautiful mom didn't know what to say.  I had no idea.

Yesterday, my professor asked, "B, you alright?  Are you okay?  I was just worried."  Well damn, now I am, too!

After class, my reflection decided to just lay on me.  My husband grabbed the…


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