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Black femme activists create monthly, task-oriented Safety Pin Box for allies fighting against white supremacy

Safety Pin Box is a totally brilliant, racial justice movement-centered project and subscription service created by black female activists Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson. A play on ineffective and insubstantial ‘safety pin solidarity’ trend, the…


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Illustrator Goblin Hams is a wizard with the digital illustrations

Goblin Hams is going ham with the digital illustrations, folks. The concept artist and illustrator, given name Paul Davey, is drawing Black women in the most glorious, fantastical depictions he can muster and I AM HERE FOR IT. Black folks in cartoons and comics ain’t nothing new, but I’ll be damned if it ever gets old. Spoiler alert: the drawings are FIRE, the women are POWERFUL, and there are even EMOJIS. Get your entire life and support this young man, because he’s doing…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream blues band Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears announce 4th album with classically soulful single ‘PTP’

Need to be transported to another time and place? Well look no further than blues band Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears. With a name like that, do you expect anything but soul and sweetness? Because that’s exactly what they’re giving you. In new jam ‘PTP,’ lead singer Black Joe rivals the likes of BB King with his raspy tenor, melting over the thick, full-bodied guitar riffs and constant crashing of cymbals and toms. This joint is the perfect treat to entice fans for…


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Meshell Ndegeocello creates theater piece inspired by James Baldwin

The ingenious singer and bassist Meshell Ndegeocello has taken her love for all things creative and made a theater piece for the ages. As a revival of sorts, Meshell is using James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time” as the foundation for a conversation about the Black body, queer identity, and freedom. The piece entitled, “Can I Get a Witness? The Gospel of James Baldwin” comes to Harlem Stage December 7-11, staged as a church service, employing music, sermon, text, images, and… Continue

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From Brexit to Meghan Markle: UK tabloids are racist, sexist, homophobic trash

The power of the press is not something to be taken lightly and with so much false news popping up on our social media feeds these days, it’s a wonder what’s real and what’s fake at all. Tabloids have always been the bane of journalism’s existence, passing off gossip as actual news, and being wholly distasteful in the process. Historically, UK tabloids have been some of the biggest perpetrators of tactless writing, but lately we’ve seen a peak in the atrociousness of their pop… Continue

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Why everything has to be about race

My best friend’s name is James.

James was like an older brother to me. He was only two years older than me, but he is still the most charismatic, charming, funniest person I ever met. Men love him. Women love him. He always had an uncanny ability to read people and situations. We call that street smart. He can walk into a room and leave with the adoration of every person in the room. He was unflappable, and always calm. In fact, when we were kids, he was dubbed with…

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NEW MUSIC: Chill Out To The Neo-Soul Vibes Of Jus and Muhsinah's “Unconventional” #SoundCheck

Over a decidedly retro feel, singer Muhsinah's vocals float and sting. “I get plenty prospects / But I don't really call them / I mean why should I?” Her unconventional love songs boast an unconventional love on “Unconventional” and “Everything You Want.” And though unconventional, the vocals and Jus' production on both tracks are certainly timeless; shades of Erykah Badu and Native Tongues. The EP is rounded out with an instrumental of “Unconventional” and an…


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Model Ajok Madel is way too dreamy in fantastastical photo editorial by Meiji Nguyen

Seems like things are heating up down under! Australian model Ajok Madel of Viviens Modelswas shot by Meiji Nguyen for this fantasy editorial, complete with cotton candy hair and glitter strewn across her exquisite face. Loads of imagination were clearly poured into this shoot, with make up artist…


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Stream Ethiopian Afro-Futuristic film "Crumbs," for free online

Afrofuturism is alive and well! Director Miguel Llansó of Lanzadera Filmsjust released “Crumbs,” an Ethiopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi film for the whole wide world to see. Available via Vimeo and Indiepix, the film follows the lead character, Candy, a physically differently abled Ethiopian man and a woman who he affectionately calls Birdy. The description of the film reads, “Tired of picking up the crumbs of…


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IAM editorial from BlackAttitude Mag balances unbridled masculinity and vulnerability

Prisca M. Monnier has an eye for detail and a mind for concepts that break the mold. From the mouth of the photographer herself, “The vision is to combine the traditional with the modern, about being Black and living one's truth regardless of what's expected of Black people by others (black and non-black), even if it seems paradoxical to some.” In this editorial, kinky hair is coupled with dulled metals, deep molasses skin is enveloped in light-washed linen, and colorful wool… Continue

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Nigerian hyperrealism visual artist Arinze Stanley breathes life on to the page

The most unbelievable things are often the things that happen in the real world and Arinze Stanley’s art defies what should be possible with pencil and paper. In his series of hyperrealistic drawings, he breathes life on to the page, using the shadow and depth to make it seem like they’re alive and in 3D. There’s not much else I can say about the sheer brilliance and talent required to make these masterpieces, so just enjoy them and support Arinze via… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Stream Electro Soul Singer Nosizwe's Impressive Debut 'In Fragments' Produced By Georgia Anne Muldrow #SoundCheck

Nosizwe burst onto our radar 2 years ago with a series of promising singles, and with her debut full length In Fragments, she's officially arrived. The electro soul singer's record teems with bold ideas, powerful vocals, and lush arrangements that demand re-listening. From the enigmatic opening to “Songs From Nosizwe” a glitchy beat takes over merging the all-too-human vocals with a post-modern electronic jitter, for something simultaneously chill and unsettling.…


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Botswanan photographers capture the female form in nature ‘Women, Basadi’ photo series

The feminine energy present in nature is one of the most humbling, yet expressive visuals in the natural world. Two photographers in Botswana, Gonna Elvis Monngakgotla and Motheo Malgas have captured that essence from models Barbara Moleboge and Gotlhe Kgosi in new photo series ‘Women, Basadi.’ In this breathtaking display, the models use the natural world as a backdrop for their beauty and encompass all the growing possible between sun and earth. Enjoy the photos…


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OP-ED: Most volunteer work led by the West in Africa is just to make white people feel better

The African development has been highly impacted by volunteerism in the last decade. We hear quite often about the outcome of this latter for the volunteer: it shapes one’s career, or helped him/her gain some experience before entering the job market, however how often do we hear about the outcome of one’s actions in the country he/she volunteered in? This is the perspective of a twenty-seven years old African struggling to understand this trend… …Struggling to understand…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Stream Zurich songstress Brandy Butler’s otherworldly visual for her enchanting single ‘Spell’

Everybody feels someone else’s magic sometimes. So when you press play on ‘Spell’ by Brandy Butler, let the magic wash over you and wrap you in its sweet embrace, but only if you’re willing to fall in deep. Butler, a Zurich-based, Pennsylvania bred jazz singer, is borrowing from electronic, folk and soul vibes in her song ‘Spell,’ casting a couple of her own in the process. The video, which was crafted by a team consisting of director Nicole Pfister, assistant director…


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NEW MUSIC: Elle Winston Pushes Her Voice To New Heights On The Indie Funk Single “Heavy Now” #SoundCheck

“These bills ain't paying theirselves / But I swear I wish they would” Elle Winston sings on her latest single, “Heavy Now.” Voicing her frustration over being mistreated and exploited, Elle's powerful voice rings out while the band lays down some serious grooves. The song comes from her forthcoming record, and strips out the electronic neo-soul flourishes that adorned her previous recordings in favor of tight instrumental backing. The change suits Elle Winston well, with…


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OP-ED: My sister's mental illness showed me how important it is to get help

This year I have written and shared a lot of things about me than I believe I ever have. That could be for multiple of reasons but it doesn’t really matter, I think the most important thing is the type of freedom I feel when I do it, and how unapologetic I am. There are some particular stories about my life I want to share with you, this is for people who may have or is currently going through anything similar. I’m hoping that by sharing this you feel somewhat liberated.…


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Paris Contre Trump: an Anti-Trump Protest in Paris

In spite of the 40-degree weather, close to 1000 protesters gathered in the streets of Paris last Saturday. The reason was simple, to publicly display their frustration, anger and hurt surrounding the election of Donald Trump. Whether chanting in English, French or Spanish, the protesters expressed their thoughts with passion. Of the many, one chant was repeatedly returned to:

Muslim rights are human rights!

Muslim rights are human rights!…


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20 year old Brazilian photographer captures effortless cool in new Makossa photo editorial

Makossa is a party in Brasilia, Brasil dedicated to celebrating 70s Black dances from the country. Matheus Alves is capturing the partygoers at their most fly in this new editorial. These Brazilian models are serving looks! From long braids and afro puffs, to chokers and mesh, these hip young Brasileiros are bringing their own effortless cool to the camera and killing it in the process. Peep the full editorial below!

By T. McLendon,…

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'Floyd Norman: An Animated Life' documentary chronicles the incredible life and career of Disney’s first black animator

'Floyd Norman: An Animated Life' is biographical documentary that chronicles the life and career of Disney Animation’s first black animator, Floyd Norman. Hired in 1956, Norman worked on many on the Disney classics created around that time, like “Sleeping Beauty“, “Mary Poppins,” “The Jungle Book”, “101 Dalmatians” and many more. After Walt Disney’s 1966 death, Norman left the company to pursue his own business endeavors as a co-founder of Vignette Films, Inc—a production…


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