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November 2014 Blog Posts (96)

What Is #AfroPunk?

        So what is AfroPunk? I discovered the AfroPunk website randomly while surfing the web for ideas and, upon its discovery, realized that there was a culture within the Black community that I had no knowledge of. This culture housed a mindset, a sense of style, and a way of life that I felt immediately connected with, yet I had no knowledge of it. As I surfed the…


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NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean releases new track via his tumblr page, 'Memrise'

It's been two year's since Frank Ocean released Channel Orange, an album that followed the musician's courageous decision to reveal his sexuality to his fans. Since that album release, Ocean has been pretty much quiet in regards to new material; well that is till today. The singer has posted a new track via his tumblr page, "Memrise' - perhaps an inkling in to what the second album will sound like. Enjoy, below.



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FEATURE: The Black community continues to unite in preparation for Black Friday boycott

One of the most common expressions is "Money talks", and for many - dumbfounded by the fact that a grand jury saw it fit to let  a white officer walk free after fatally shooting a young black man - boycotting Black Friday feels like the most appropriate response. One facebook page set up for the cause, states that the aim of the economic embargo is to "to galvanize economically and influence change in the politics of American Justice…


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Rome Cee - American Made(Stream and Download Link)

American Made deals with the ups and downs of life as a citizen in American Society and the pressure of pledging allegiance to a country that promises a dream but delivers a variety of different circumstances and outcomes to all Americans alike.
SoundCloud Link: 

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Knowing the Indian Remy hair

There are different terminologies that are used when using or buying the hair extensions. This is because not many people know much about Indian Remy hair. Only when you have the right information you will be able to decide on the right extensions. Besides with the growing popularity of this kind of hair and…


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FEATURE: Daniel Wilson’s Electrifying Offering, 'Boy Who Cried Thunder'

Detroit singer/songwriter Daniel Wilson unleashes his greatly anticipated five track EP, 'Boy Who Cried Thunder' this week, much to the elation of his fans. After already dropping the rock infused starting track, “Killed Ya” and “Heartbreaker”, a merger of r&b and 80’s pop, Daniel released the title track “Boy Who Cried Thunder” earlier this month. Daniel Wilson’s fluttering vocals take centre stage, gently foxtrot’s over the minimalistic production before soaring to an…


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NEW MUSIC: Kelis releases 'Live in London', recording of her summer concert at Somerset House

Listen to Kelis' new release 'Live in London'. A recording of the musician's Summer concert at London's Somerset House. Joined by a big band and a horn section, the Kelis performs her classic hits and features - as well as a homage to the legendary Nina Simone. LISTEN HERE.

By Alexander…


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FEATURE: Storify put Ferguson protests into perspective with 'white people riots' images

A lot of the ignorant commentary surrounding Ferguson has been aimed towards the planned responses following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Bombarded with images of looting and buildings set alight, many continue to ignorantly criticize the Ferguson protesters and their fight for justice. In response, Storify have compiled a gallery of 'white people riots' - putting Ferguson…


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FEATURE: Michael Brown's parents interviewed this morning - "How could your conscience be clear?"

The parents of Michael Brown were interviewed this morning on CBS with Gayle King and Charlie Rose. An interview that acts as a direct response to officer Darren Wilson's ABC interview - interviewed after the grand jury failed to indict him for fatally shooting the Ferguson teenager. Watch, below, as Brown's mother Lesley McSpadden frankly states her disbelief at Wilson's version of events - going on to say, "How could your conscience be clear after…


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FEATURE: 'Why we're pissed off' - Ferguson By The Numbers

I woke up as angry as when I'd gone to sleep. I thought about writing an essay about how the lack of indictment merely shows that racism in America is so ingrained that at least 9 citizens of St. Louis County felt like death was a reasonable punishment for shoplifting. But we all know that. We all know why this feels wrong. I thought about dissecting the irony of a right wing which fetishizes the rioting and violent revolution by “patriots” that founded this country…


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NEW MUSIC: Signor Benedick The Moor's 'Opus 3 – A Man Atop the Tower' Is The Most Ambitious Hip-Hop Record Of The Year. #SoundCheck

In classical music, an Opus designates a major published work. For Signor Benedick The Moor to call his third album 'Opus 3 – A Man Atop the Tower' could be a pretentious declaration if it weren't so accurate. This is an album so challenging and massive in scope, comparing it to a classical composition is probably the only way to honestly approach it.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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EVENT: New York, unite for Mike Brown! Planned response at Union Square tonight

In light of last night's Darren Wilson Grand Jury announcement, a number of planned responses will be taking place around the United States. For those in New York, there will be an opportunity to voice your collective response tonight. From 7pm, protesters will assemble in the North West corner of Union Square - for more…


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? PTSD + adrenal fatigue

Thanks to these symptoms, I'm pretty quiet on the internet nowdays, but you might wanna read it if stress or race bullies make you physically sick.

“Panic disorder (mental illness) - the cause often cannot be identified

Hypervigilance (psychological injury)  - the cause is easily identifiable and verifiable, but denied by those who are accountable"

The cause is usually denied by staring and laughing. After punches, guns, kicks, and choking made the…


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FEATURE: Justice has been denied in Ferguson, what next?

Simply put, Michael Brown was denied justice last night - that single right afforded to each citizen of the "United" States (be you black, brown or white). Simply put - a white man killed an unarmed black man, and was given the right to walk free. How loudly Baldwin's words now ring true, "You were born where you were born…


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NEW MUSIC: Prince Harvey releases 'Sometimes'

Check out 'Sometimes', the new single release from New York artist/rapper Prince Harvey. The single is the lead track from his forthcoming album, 'Phatass. Phatass', and was actually recorded on demo computers at an Apple Store. Check it out, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FILM: Steve McQueen and Harry Belafonte set to join forces for Paul Robeson biopic

Award winning visual artist Steve McQueen, now noted for his directorial achievements in cinema - '12 Years A Slave', 'Shame' - has now announced that he will collaborate with Harry Belafonte to produce a film about the late American Singer, actor, and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson. During the announcement, McQueen disclosed that he's wanted to make a Robeson biopic for the past six years; but just didn't have the power to do so.…


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FEATURE: Andre 3000's custom jumpsuits to be exhibited during this year's Art Basel Miami

This year, Andre 3000 and Big Boi made their long-awaited return for Outkast's 2014 reunion tour. Aside from the stellar performances, all talk was centered on Andre 3000's now famous custom jumpsuits - each designed by the musician and conveying a different printed message. Now it's been announced that during this year's Art Basel Miami, all 47 of Andre 3000's jumpsuits will be exhibited by SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) Museum…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Sola's dreamy 'Boudoir'

Today we're premieing 'Boudoir', the latest track from alternative soulful singer Sola. The song was produced by Rodney Delva and is from her upcoming EP About A Boy (to be released in February 2015).

Check out the dreamy vibes below!…


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PHOTOGRAPHY: 'Bananas About Bananas' - the work of Ricardo Rivera

Bananas have always been both exoticized and eroticized in our popular culture - think Josephine Baker's 'The Banana Dance'; so it's interesting to see the way that New York based fashion photographer Ricardo Rivera incorporates the phallic fruit into a body of work that deals so beautifully with dark skin and the black body. Explore Rivera's…


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