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Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret Rockin' The Trash Bar This Friday!

Rock Hard, Rock Sexy!

- The Deacon




©2010 Mama's Dirty Li'l…


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Support your own- What's the real deal?

We're a little confused. Not bitchin, just confused. Last week we posted a book giveaway contest from an Afro-punk member and blogger, Camille Collins, who recently released her own fiction book about a couple of kids living the "Afro-punk" experience. We asked readers to submit the name of their favorite book to for a chance to… Continue

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Morcheeba trio announces 2011 U.S. tour dates!

We were all a bit shocked when Syke Edwards got bumped out of her group Morcheeba back in 2003, but we're glad she made a come back with the Godfrey brothers earlier this year, because her voice is crazy! Even though her side solo projects were personal and we had a chance to connect with Skye, the Morcheeba trio is undeniably a good mash up of… Continue

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Punk Drummer Wanted for Serious Punk Band

Fast Paced Punk Drummer

Age: 13-17

Needs to be semi to regular experienced and able to play fast D-Beats and

create fills

Our band sounds like NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Brains, The Ramones, Bad Religion

NO Green Day!!!!!!!!NO Fall out Boy!!!!!!!NO BLINK-182!!!!!!!


Write us a message about yourself,your musical…


Added by Dasan Broadnaux on November 29, 2010 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

King's X's "Live Love In London" DVD

If you have a taste for soulful and funky metal, you might wanna check out King's X's new Live DVD, "Live Love In London". During its nearly 30 years of existence, the band has had people talking about whether or not they make "Christian Rock" (they say they don't), about frontman Dug Pinnick's being gay (yes, he already said he is, so what?). What's more interesting is their progressive metal sound influenced by gospel, blues and much… Continue

Added by AFROPUNK on November 29, 2010 at 4:50pm — 2 Comments

Saudi video director, Mo Ali, takes over London scene

27-year-old Saudi born, Mo Ali might as well have changed his name to Mr Grime Video Director. During the last five years Ali has shot over 65 music videos for the likes of Chipmunk, Jammer, Plan B, Roll Deep, Skepta and Tinchy Stryder since he made his first back in 2004 for Lethal B’s "POW/Forward Riddim" while still working as an unpaid runner. A lot of those guys have gone from from playing east London clubs to international stardom. This year saw the release of Ali’s… Continue

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Look Glamorous this Holiday! Smoky eyes NUDE lips!

This is just a little makeup tutorial for the coming holidays. You can use what you have and adjust the colors to suit your beautiful skin tone. I LOVE makeup... yet, Beautiful makeup DOES NOT make... this is about glamour! Like it Love it or hate it... don't play yourself by trying to play me.

Your friend,
Destiny L. Godley

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Sade's World Tour!

Who loves Sade here? Ah c'mon fuckers, you know you've cried to "No Ordinary Love" and kissed to "Smooth Operator", don't try to act all tough now. Besides, if there's one artist who doesn't seem to care about trends and label politics when creating her songs, it's Ms. Adu. Well she's coming to a city near you in 2011! Yep, they've announced their 2011 world tour, and you know that only happens once in a blue moon (it's been almost 10 years since they toured the U.S., and 17… Continue

Added by AFROPUNK on November 26, 2010 at 5:30pm — 6 Comments

If I'm a Witch, do I celebrate during the Holidays?!?

I try not to see the holidays as a stressful time, they should be cheerful and bright. If the holidays are too stressful, you’ve missed the meaning entirely. Since I’m Pagan and my family isn’t very aware of it, I have to work double time. Act Christian enough around my family and do Pagan stuff with my friends. I’m used to playing the part: remembering the Christian story of Christmas, Christmas songs, refresh my scripture knowledge and try to leave… Continue

Added by The Establishment on November 26, 2010 at 3:42pm — 4 Comments

Fuck this week revealed

Since the Afro-punk staff already submitted their fuck you fingers and who we're flipping off, we decided we won't anymore because then you'd hear about how pissed we actually are that we don't have enough money to have a festival in London and throw more parties and such. This week, some people in the community seem angry about things beyond our control and apparently out of their control, too. We were really feeling this one particular one about the… Continue

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Danger Mouse on tour with band, Broken Bells

We haven't been able to see Danger Mouse on the road lately since he's been working with his new band with James Mercer, Broken Bells. That's why we love when good artists start new projects-- he's going on tour with his new band in a couple of cities starting December 1st. Quick heads up on Danger Mouse, because you… Continue

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'Tis the Holidays!

Oh boy, the holidays! I love the holidays, love ‘em! The cheer, the joy, the (chance of) snow, the music, the gentle lights, the food – can’t forget the food – the parades, decorations and funky colored candy canes! The holidays are my kind of year. In my mind, the holidays are kicked off by Samhain/Halloween – my datebook fills up, I get wish lists and increasing questions of “What are you doing for the holidays?”

I try not to see the holidays as a stressful time, they should be… Continue

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Fuck Santa: Afro-punk Christmas Party Dec. 16th in NY!

Alright fuckers, you wanted to hook-up, now is your chance! Come party with us for Christmas Dec. 16, 2010 in New York. With free tequila shots from 8-9pm and Live performances by California King and Earl Greyhound. Details on flyer below.

Check this out: the first 75 AP…

Added by AFROPUNK on November 24, 2010 at 6:30pm — 10 Comments

Reasons Kanye Might Think He's Afro-punk

The Internet has been going nuts talking about Kanye West lately, and even we couldn't help jumping in on the conversation about everyone's favorite tragic rapper. After this weeks release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, we listened to the album, and we weren't too mad at it. But more importantly, it got us thinking about Mr. West's evolving career and mess… Continue

Added by AFROPUNK on November 24, 2010 at 4:30pm — 25 Comments

Tattoo of the Week: Ballers get tatted, too!

We always appreciate when guys submit their tattoo images for a feature of the week...for some reason we get an overwhelming amount of responses from women (not that we mind). This week's feature is Dev Devious, a 30-year-old self proclaimed "baller" from Jacksonville, Florida. In his submission, he even makes note that he has a 745 credit score (if you want his contact info, we might give it to you). From the looks of it, he…


Added by Safety Pins on November 24, 2010 at 3:30pm — 3 Comments

AP Survey: The Results Are In, Check out the New Poll!

We asked you a while ago what you would like to see more of on, and what you use the site for (news? music? events? social networking? marketplace? etc.) The results are in, check them out below! And now it's time to take our new poll about the very popular topic of... (drum roll) dating! So, tell us, "Why Don't Afro-punks Hook-Up?" Or do they? Click… Continue

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Blacks in technology, why do we OD?

The history of African culture is based on storytelling. So, is it any wonder that we've taken to our personal mobile devices like no other demographic has? African-Americans talk and use the mobile web more than any other demographic. (Need proof, according to Nielsen, African-Americans use the most voice… Continue

Added by The Establishment on November 22, 2010 at 4:02pm — 2 Comments

Afro punk Dating and meet up

I have been thinking about it for a while. Maybe there should be a super member meetup in the bay area once a month. I would love to meet other musicians and artists and just plain afro punks and rockers. There was one in Brooklyn that I attended in July and i loved it! I never see any afro punks here. Maybe we should all create a space for us, like pick a place and throw a dance party where we can all meet and greet and of course dance. I was wondering of even getting a afro punk dating site… Continue

Added by Ladybird on November 22, 2010 at 3:29pm — 1 Comment

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