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Afro-punk Yearbook

If you didn't happen to catch the flashing posts all over the AP website, Afro-punk just completed its first ever U.S. music tour- bringing the Afro-punk music festival usually reserved for New Yorkers, to 20 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to our performing headliner, Saul Williams, who brought his high energy rock swag to every night's performance, and to the countless of other Afro-punk bands that joined us throughout New York to Los… Continue

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Create your own Music beats

In the early days, to Create your own music beats you must get the whole band, rent out the recording studio just to get your hands on the keyboard and the synthesizer. But now the game has changed, all you need to make your own beats is a software which contains almost all of the instruments you need for producing any style of music. This means you don't need any expensive equipments to… Continue

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Usually I am a very optimistic person. I am always happy and smiling for the most part and don't let many things get to me. I must say, though, in the nights following Thanksgiving things have just been getting out of control and go from bad to worst. Here is a small list of the progression of events:

1.) An ex-boyfriend called me. Usually I wouldn't care, but this ex, well, he and I had been dating for four years. I was just getting over him when he called to tell me that he wanted… Continue

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"If They Weren't Black"

I gotta admit that sometimes I only give a band the time of day because the color of thier skin. It's a principles thing to me. I have supported some bands just because society has tried to be restrictive of us being into different music, so I support their struggle, even though the music puts me to sleep. Living Colour falls in this category for me.

I listen to a lot of genres of music, have always been like that...but on an ongoing basis the only genres I go back to are usually… Continue

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White House Crashers! What?

Just in case some of you haven't heard about the Salahi's, they are a couple that walked into the White House state dinner on 11/23/09 without an invitation, and the Secret Service wasn't doing their damn job. The Salahi's took pictures with the Vice President, and they are seen in photographs with the President. Now the Media seems to think that this is cute, but any other persons(black) would have been checked at the door. "They" might try to eliminate Obama and blame it on the… Continue

Added by Shoban "I-SHO" Johnson on November 29, 2009 at 4:35am — 3 Comments

TheOriginal Gata with afew updates

Hello all! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Just dropping through with afew updates. First, I'm still in production with a film that I'm producing called: Grimmel. We have afew more weeks left before we wrap.

Secondly, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I am expecting my 8th child. I'm blessed to still be able to manage my career with child. I'm about half way through my pregnancy, so I'll continue to work until I have to stop.

Just remember to count your…

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I doing too many things at once that my brain may split in 4s

Lately I've felt that I'm seriously doing way too many things. I go to school 8 hours a day sometimes depending on Mon or Wed I could be there for 12 hours. I work and being in today's economy I need another job but we won't discuss that today lol. I'm constantly doing Art projects but not the ones that I want to do. Since starting school I haven't had anytime to write, draw out my graphic novel/comic books, design clothing/jewelery, and the list goes on and on. It sucks!! I wish there were… Continue

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An open call for contributors to

That's right: I'm looking to add more regional coverage. Someone's already raised their hand to cover the East Bay, but I'm definitely interested in bringing regular coverage of what's happening in the black rock/Afro-Punk/black alternative scenes in some other cities such as:

  • Atlanta
  • The DMV (that's DC, Maryland, Virginia, for those who don't know)
  • Chicago
  • London

If you're interested, or if you can…


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How About A Li'l Sex?

Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret Hey Sexy People!

Ok, How About A Li'l Sex?

A couple of weeks ago, we sent a link for some happy news and out of all of you who read our newsletter every week, only one person clicked on the link! Ok, then about some sex news?

More Dirty Li'l Secrets

From wenches to Oprah the Cougar Wife, find… Continue

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well i just had this epiphany. from all of what i learned in my history class. and recently listening to rap music on the side has actually reinforced this distinction. the reason that i have such problems with men is because of the foundation that the united states of america was built on. all throughout history, the colonization of european immigrants to america have been and always will be white. and not just white, but its actually an ingrained belief that the white race is superior. and… Continue

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The Taboo Ingenue Anthem.

this sort of absolution has got that skull and cross-breeding of bone structure etched onto its person. a younger flame abounds to the spy of the fly, and swallows noir supplements to make the romantic falling rain scene abate as the sidewalks dry. eight years younger and to the day, i'm still holding the roses' bouquet. whats worse is the looming echo voice baying front to my center says i'd still be apt to present them to ms.fortune, in return for little more than her aramid necktie sling…


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Fuck the Police: Our insane night behind bars...

So yeah, we were kind of arrested under suspicion of firearms possession last week.

Check the full story at BBC NEWS.

They say it was proportionate, we say we've enough with it. Fuck racial profiling and all the twisted fucks who ignore it and say it don't exist.

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Rowshana Jackson for WroughtStyle

Rowshana Jackson for WroughtStyle

Fashion Stylist

Her Work…


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Blowing Out The Candles For Jimi

Hola, Loved Ones!

I mentioned the other day that I had something cool to announce and here it is. MuthaWit has put together a very hip Jimi Hendrix Birthday Tribute that will be going down at Galapagos Artspace next Friday night, November 27th. Jimi's history, accomplishments and music have been pored over a million times I suppose so I won't bore you with another… Continue

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The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Early Edition...

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It has been a lonnnnnnnnnnng time and yes we have broken up.

Hey Afro Punk,

Sorry that we have not updated our page in forever. I am here to confirm that yes we are no more. There are a million reasons that this has happened and they are all cliche rock n roll 101 bullshit that we don't need to get into.

We would like to thank all of you who ever went to a show, got a CD and went on I Tunes and got a MP3. We are dead but the music is not.

On September 29th 2009 we dropped our final record "The Great Adventures of the Gold… Continue

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Don't you hate it when people look at you like you belong in a zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!? What the FUCK!!!

I hate when people look at me and are like your so pretty for a "Dark-skinned Girl". Then when they see my tattoos they're are always assuming that I must be from somewhere outside the city of Flint or that I'm not black at all. Why are people so judgmental and always want to put people in these categories. Since I have a darker complexion I guess I'm not suppose to be good looking or even of the Black race. Well guess what even though I am part Cuban I consider myself Black! And for all the… Continue

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Ending the tour with victory, Afro-punk visits Vancouver - 11.17.09

Being on the road for almost a month, the Afro-punk band's were ready to jam in their final city for the tour, Vancouver, B.C. The bands packed up their gear and crossed the border into Canada, ready to close out the tour with a bang.

Upon arrival to Vancouver, the bands checked into the music venue, creatively called, The Venue, and got ready for the night's show. The Venue was decked out with a dope light setting behind the stage… Continue

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