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November 2008 Blog Posts (22)

Health & Beauty: Vicarious Enjoyments Through Coup de Coeur

I have to share some love for this blog. The girl who runs it is always giving these insightful reviews on health and beauty products that I always intend to go buy but then forget. She always gives some sort of affordable option as well. She also posts before and after pics and I love those.…


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I'll be waiting...

Hey I'll be doing the door at this party so come through,

also check out my boys new interview, Yinka of sabatta (UK).

Quantcast Continue

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Where do you go when your only 16?

I am 16 and I want to work but there are no jobs anywhere for me, gonna have to wait until I am 18. I am so fucking tired of being poor.. I am throwing myself into my music and my photography, but stupid trivial things like Algebra and Physics are in my way. I want to completely know my craft but can barley get 5 minutes to myself.
Hopefully my study of German language is getting better.

Added by Tashara on November 21, 2008 at 10:18pm — 1 Comment


Have you ever had one of those weeks that went by and at the end you paused between slamming the door on the way out and running down the stairs and asked yourself...

"What happened? How is it possible I did so much shit but feel like I actually didn't do anything at all? And why am I so exhausted?"

Yeah. One of those weeks.

Luckily RapeWhistle has been hanging out at my house for a while and we goof around. We made this video after she met an insane guy. BFF… Continue

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"I Don't Wanna Be A Freak......"

"But I Can't Help Myself" = all you TRUE FREAKS know what I'm talking about and we want to hear from you tonight on Dirty~Licious Talk Radio.

Log-In, Tune-In, Call-In and Join The Chat Room!!!

Friday night at 9:00pm PST / Midnight EST.

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What I did during CMJ last month...Part Deuce!

So I was sill tired from the last two nights but I had to work my day job, retail - aeropostale hate it! but it was 4 like 5 hours and was soon forgotten. I made my way to the Fader magazine/ Levis space, to smose i wasn't trying to work like they did to me the night before. I coped some sawg and ran out of ther becuse I was going to see one of my favorite bands on the planet The Dears.

-Murray Lightburn of the Dears, lead singer

Along… Continue

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house negroes....

i love how al qaeda ripped a phrase from malcolm x to try to criticize obama. i knew there wasn't an arabic translation for it, so they did what they could lol.

ridiculous. if someone lives in a cave, why do we put their b.s. on tv? if we didn't play the videos, they wouldn't make them. (hint hint, to the music industry as well).

life is moving along at a reasonable pace as i prepare to launch my new site and get into art school. many years late, but i like to look up to… Continue

Added by Selah Vibe on November 20, 2008 at 8:13am — 1 Comment

Big Trouble in Little Five Points

The past couple of weeks have been interesting. Who would have known that Young Jeezy's song "My President is Black" would have been an anthem? Who would have known the new Kanye West album would have leaked out so early? Who would have known that the Atlanta Falcons would have a record over .500?

We've recently have been backing and playing with a hiphop group called Mach5. It's an Atlanta based group with an alternative flavor that everyone can enjoy. On Saturday we a show with… Continue

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What I did during CMJ last month...

I'm still not recovered yet! I was all over the place going to concert and hanging out with random bands and staying out way past my bed time of 3am...most nights I barely beat the sun, yuck! all in all I had a fun time I got to see great bands and old friends from every where so I'll share what I seen with you.

Fader/Levis Fort

Tuesday, 21, 2008

-OMG Its Fu@Kind HR!

So HR… Continue

Added by Kaos Blac on November 17, 2008 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

Afro-Punk: CMJ wrap-up. Check out the pictures!!!

Afro-Punk rocked this year's CMJ Festival in New York City! Three amazing shows with bands such as The Noisettes, Millsted, The Dallas Austin Experience, Game Rebellion, The London Souls and many more.

Hollywood Holt

We spotted some members of the Afro-Punk online Community in the crowd! Were you there? Let us know what you thought of the shows and check out the cool pictures below taken by Chris Carr.

The first show was at 205 Chrystie on October 22nd… Continue

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Tonight On Dirty~Licious Talk Radio

Tonight on Dirty~Licious Talk Radio we will explore what it means to have 'Good vs Bad' sex.

Friday, November 14th @ 9:00pm PST / Midnight EST

Log-in, Call-in, Join the chat room!!

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Decision 08

He offers a relationship. He offers love and security, intensely insane passion and belly cramping laughter. He offers marriage and a white picket fence with a million kids and two dogs.

Then there is the other. He offers friendship and encouragement. He offers to hold my hand while we run together but slow down when I stumble, and he bandages the wounds that my own mind causes. But he also offers love, and he offers me a choice, and a chance, to grow.

So what to… Continue

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What is the role of “Black” rock in the age of Obama?

If you look at the post-election electoral map, you see that 90% of the country voted for Obama. That's a multicultural, multi-generational coalition of voters that came together across many socioeconomic boundaries. Obama's victory certainly says something about where we are as a country, that there has been a shift in sensibilities. The Black rock community needs to figure out what's being said, and what that means for us. 'Cause, honestly, I want to us to part of and able to speak with…


Added by Rob Fields on November 11, 2008 at 10:58am — 6 Comments

Rock of Ages

So the other night, a good friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to go with his oldest nephew J (who I've known since he was 4, me and another friend took him to one of his first rock concerts a couple years ago, System of A Down, and between me and his dad, introduced him years before that to the greatness of rock, punk, reggae) to the Blackest of The Black tour featuring Danzig. He offered to his nephew "I'll buy you and a… Continue

Added by Rosenda on November 8, 2008 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Niggaz With Gratitude...

"Excuse me? What did you just call me!" Is what I say when ever somebody just throws the N-word up at me. Obviously they didn't know I'm not a fan of the word and even less amused when they think its ok to say any form of it to me as a greeting. I'm bring this up because of a recent friend request on another social network by a band named, NIGGAZ WITH GRATITUDE, I though...."ok...humm they have a black power fist as part of there logo maybe its a social statement."…


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We need to talk.

Seriously. But I'm becoming increasingly aware that you don't know how to have this conversation. So I'll start. I'll scribe my feelings on this here blog, and hope that you have heard me mention it enough to come check it out one day. If you don't then we'll just keep awkwardly trying to have this conversation, and we will continue to flop about helplessly like worms caught in a puddle.

See Baby, the fact is simply that you don't listen. There. I said it. You claim the same can be… Continue

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The President's Black, So Now What?

At around 10:45pm Tuesday night I was pulsing through the subterranean arteries of what is considered the capital of the freeworld. My wish was to leave my job earlier so that I could go home and watch the play by play progress as all of the votes were coming in. But like so many Americans, work sometimes takes a bigger chunk out of our lives than we would like. The average person is probably not thrilled to devote so much of their time to the service of someone else everyday but ultimately a… Continue

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I watched the elections and the 1st speech he gave.

Added by NeGrita NaiLz on November 5, 2008 at 12:38am — 1 Comment

Another great community for punks -

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Its Election Nite...

I voted have u? People get out and vote....

Added by Nate the Black Rocker on November 4, 2008 at 9:05am — No Comments

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