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FEATURE: Black Panther Halloween - Poetry by Jon Daniel

They were BLACK.

They were LOUD.

They were PROUD. …


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I Too, Am Woman

I will be speaking as a plural. From the point of view of a victim of assault/abuse.

Yes, I am woman too. I bleed when I am kissed by the moon and I am soft and easy to break. Sometimes I drown in a sea of my tears and the only one who can pull me out of the comforting abyss is God. Sometimes I too, am the damsel in distress. A treasure to be protected, a maiden in no rush to give away my body. In the patriarchy, this…


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NEW MUSIC: Rock Out To The New Mixtape From Punk-Rap Duo HO99O9 - 'Dead Bodies In The Lake'

Check out the new mixtape from LA based rockers HO99O9, ‘Dead Bodies in the Lake'. The New Jersey born Punk-Rap duo (The OGM and Eaddy) state that the 10-track collection is “a soundtrack to the mass amount of corpses (found & unfound) located in a large body of water surrounded by land. May we all rot in peace.” CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to stream the hardcore (and unapologetically macabre) offering…


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FEATURE: The New Collection From NY Based Indie Fashion Brand Fanm Djanm

Check out the new collection from NY based Indie fashion brand Fanm Djanm. Designer and blogger Paola Mathé (who was featured on the site a while back) tells us, "I started my company a little over a year ago and I ship to women worldwide. "Fanm Djanm" means Strong Woman in Haitian Kreyol.…


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FEATURE: FKA twigs Enchants On The Cover Of Wonderland Magazine's Anniversary Issue

Take a look at FKA twigs entrancing Wonderland editorial (the magazine's 10th anniversary cover star). Interviewed for the magazine by visual artist Matthew Stone (who shot the photostory), the British performer revealed: "I think that a lot of my work is just based off feelings, so when I make a piece of music it…


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NEW MUSIC: Experimental Ghanaian performer Lady Jay Releases New Track, 'Venus' (Feat. Sarkodie)

Listen to the energetic new track from Ghanaian singer & dancer Lady Jay - 'Venus' (featuring Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie). The energetic release - produced by Kuvie - blends afrotrap and afrobeat to create a fresh and unique alt dance-pop sound, which Lady Jay describes as the "Agbadza" sound. …


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NEW MUSIC: Rapper Jay Boogie Teams Up With Fellow New Yorker Cakes Da Killa and London Songstress/Rapper Shamz Le Roc For The "Body" Remix

Listen to the new single from Brooklyn based rapper Jay Boogie - a remix of his track, 'Body' (from his debut album, 'Allure'). For the remix, Boogie has teamed up with fellow New York MC Cakes Da Killa and British songstress/rapper Shamz Le Roc; and it's badass to say the least. Stream it below, plus a Live performance video of the track. FYI this remix is the lead track of Jay Boogie's forthcoming mixtape, 'My H.O.E' (acronym for "My…


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Remember Who You Are, African-Descendent: Ancient pre-colonial African sculpture and civilizations

I remember being in school and being told that no complex art came out of Africa due to "limited resources". Then I was shown images of sticks and stones. It took me 22 years to later discover the Nok civilization of Ancient Nigeria (5000BC, life sized…


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INTERVIEW + NEW TEASER PREMIERE: Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu opens up about the independent release of her feature film 'In The Morning'

Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu has been making the festival rounds with her feature film 'In The Morning', a film set in Brooklyn which "charts the emotional anatomy of the lives, loves, infidelities, and enduring friendships of a group of inter-connected New Yorkers over the course of one day". Nguvu is getting ready to distribute the film independently, and we caught up with her for an interview. Plus we're premiering a brand-new teaser for the film. Check…


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OP-ED: No Azania Without Black Women

The ‘Revolution’ is irrelevant. The very word implies revolving; going around, returning. Battle after battle, revolution after revolution, the slave adapts, subject to an advanced  form of torture and on revolt, the people fight only part of the cause of the oppression. For freedom, we cannot revolve; we need to evolve. What is required is a complete shift in consciousness: Holistic rebellion, dismantling every form of oppression. We can only truly shift…


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CONOCE TU HISTORIA NEGRA: Revueltas esclavas Parte 1 – Negros y Nativos Americanos: La poderosa alianza de la que nunca te enseñarán en tu escuela

Considera, piensa un poco en lo que la mayoría de nosotros conoce sobre las revueltas esclavas: que hubo algunas rebeliones mayores, como la revuelta de Nat Turner en 1830, que fue rápidamente aplacada. Yo propongo una visión diferente: las Américas bajo un estado constante de revuelta o amenaza de una rebelión esclava. Hubo tantas revueltas esclavas registradas en tantos documentos de la época que necesitamos empezar a visualizar cómo los esclavistas y…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration - Shemsu Heru

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration. Meet videographer/photographer Shemsu Heru (@royalclapp) and his killer pants. 

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: 'PURIFICATION' - Brazilian Photographer Moah Buffalo's New Photo Project

Take a look at the new project from Brazilian photographer Moah Buffalo - 'PURIFICATION' (a collaboration with fashion designer Romer Oliveira). He tells us, "During a moment of spiritual purification, Romer Oliveira received the aesthetic vision of garb purified. Through this vision he developed a study and invited me to photograph it, so I invited a friend of my own spiritual journey to be the model on this project, Robson Gonçalves." Explore…


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My Thoughts About Having Asperger's

You know, this campaign that is STILL going on somehow has got me thinking about how I may have felt about having Asperger's Syndrome. From here to now, I have heard people talk a lot about how they faced anxiety, depression, how they didn't want to have Asperger's and how their parents treated them like crap because they were as different. Me? Looking back, being a High functioning Aspie was not something to worry about. After all, I was still a person. I can breathe, talk, count, spell and…


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FEATURE: Erykah Badu Set To Release New Mixtape Next Week - Entitled 'But You Caint Use My Phone' (A Reference To Her 1997 Classic, 'Tyrone')

In what will come as exciting news to Erykah Badu fans, the iconic musician has announced that she'll release her new mixtape next week (following the release of her recent Drake remix). And the collection is titled 'But You Caint Use My Phone' - a reference to her 1997 track, 'Tyrone'. Badu states, “I’m writing all the time [...] But…


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FEATURE: "Why I'm Absolutely an Angry Black Woman" - Writer Dominique Matti's Must-Read Article

If there's one thing that black women have to combat daily, it's the longstanding stereotype of the "angry black woman" (that crazy notion that a black woman presenting general assertiveness means that she is some how one of those "angry" ones). Now one Philadelphia based writer and editor, …


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NEW MUSIC: 'Coming Home' - The New Single From British Electro Soulstress Basheba

Listen to the new single from British singer-songwriter Basheba - 'Coming Home' (the first single from London based electro musician's upcoming 3 part project, 'AXIOM)'. The new release was co-written by the singer and Harry Robinson, with production from Dean Barratt & Harry Robinson. Check it out below and …


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FEATURE: FEATURE: Celebrating Our Diversity - The Latest From Congolese Photographer Christin Bela's Ongoing 'African Queens' Photo Series

Take a look at the latest images from Congolese photographer and videographer Christin Bela - part of their ongoing photo series, 'African Queens'. They tells us: "The main purpose of this series of photographs is to send a positive message to the world about Black culture. My focus is more…


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FEATURE: New York Hip Hop Collective Loaf Muzik, Live From The Dungeon

On the sun-drenched pavement at AFROPUNK Fest 2013 in Brooklyn, I sifted through the crowd of flat tops, gold chains and dashikis to get to the front of the stage to photograph whoever was playing that afternoon. I had never heard of the band and it was my first music festival in New York. All I thought was "There are so many of them!" I marveled at this group of young boys singing "Blah zay blah zay blah." As their performance continued, I found myself as engaged…


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FASHION: Summer Is Behind, Fall Is Here! - Items To Have As The Seasons Change

Saying goodbye to the love, energy, and vibrational sun of summer is always tough – but watching the leaves slowly change as fall approaches is always a beautiful thing to witness in New York. Check out a few items for the incoming weather as we say goodbye to summer (also at the bottom is a link to a mini list of songs to vibe to ☺)!…


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