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Black Fashion By Javii: KibonenNY S/S 2013 - The Milagro Collection, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week South Africa

Two weeks ago I was invited to KibonenNY (KNY) fashion fundraiser. Kibonen at the time was invited to South Africa Mercedes Benz fashion week. Shortly after her invitation, Kibonen started an indiegogo account to help raise funds to get her and her team there. It seems Kibonen raised all the funds needed and had the opportunity to showcase her new collection KibonenNY S/S 2013: The Milagro…


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Halloween x Natural Hair: Glamed Up Medusa Video Tutorial (+ Janelle Monae look, Grace Jones look)

NATURAL HAIR Tutorial: for Halloween, Chescaleigh aka Chescalocs will be a glamed up Medusa! In the video tutorial below, you'll learn how to create this look (hair and makeup). Bonus videos: Janelle Monae look, Grace Jones look, and more natural hair ideas. Let us know which one you'll try! - L…


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Halloween Costume Guide: Look Cool, Don't Look Like a Tool

We're sick of costumes that look ridiculous. it's 6 days before Halloween and chances are half of you guys have been planning since summer, but the other half of you still have NO IDEA what you're going to be are going to end up being something terrible. like writing "book" on your face and just saying that you're "facebook". Come on, guys.. we…


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Black Witch: Spells and the Internet--Not Gonna Work

So I was on the Black Witch tumblr, tumblin' like always and look at what I found on my dashboard:

Oh. My. Gods. No. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I don't know what site this is - I…


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My Face To Face With Racism in The LGBTQ Community

It’s that time of the year again, when all American citizens have a right to vote for the right person to lead the country. Apparently it is also that time again, where Blacks are being harassed by some racist white people, including in the LGBTQ community when LGBTQ issues are up for a vote. One of those issues is marriage equality. Recently, I was one of the people who was harassed by one of those white racist Gay male. The harassment spun from a comment I made on the…


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Black Fashion By Javii: Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween is just a couple of days away, got your costume figured out yet? If not that's okay too. Why worry about ordering one online or getting in line at Ricky's when you can just make one right at home? Get inspired by these 10 quick and easy Halloween outfits. Last year Msvintagevirgin…


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BET Co-Founder Says The Network "Reinforces Negative Stereotypes"

Hey guys, what are your thoughts about BET co-founder Sheila Johnson's recent statements about the network? While speaking at the Carmel Art and Film Festival in Monterey County, CA, she said BET “reinforces negative stereotypes of young people, African Americans in particular”. “I think we squandered a really important cable network, when it really could have been the voice of Black America. We’re losing our voice as a race as a result”. “I’m really worried about what our young…


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Labels Can Land In The Wrong Category: From Analytical Williams

I get relatively bothered by people who take it upon themselves to jump to conclusions and label me just by looking at me. By looking at me, I'm automatically called an African, a lesbian, a chick "who had nothing better to do with her time so she cut her hair", Erykah Badu, a mutt, a chick trying to…


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Black Fashion By Javii: My Gothic issues.

Gothic Fashion is a dark, and sometimes erotic style of dress. It usually includes but is not limited to, a pale complexion, dyed black hair, black lips, black eyeliner and black clothes. Goths borrowed most of their style from Punks, Victorians, and Elizabethans. BDSM influence on Goths relationships also influence their taste in accessories.

In his book "The Death Proclamation of Generation X: A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy of Goth, Grunge and Heroin" Maxim W. Furek stated…


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PUNKS GOTTA EAT: if bands were food, what food would they be 2

What's your spirit animal? What's your patronus if you were a Harry Potter person? What songs describe you? if you were a sandwich what kind of sandwich would you be? Welcome to PUNKS GOTTA EAT where we salivate over over foods and bands at the same damn time.…


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AFROPUNK EXCLUSIVE: W Kamau Bell Has a Chat with Tom Morello (and more exclusive vids from Totally Bias)

We've got the EXCLUSIVE on never-before-seen interviews from our favorite comedian/political-hawk/liberal/totally biased bud W Kamau Bell's show on FX "Totally Biased with W Kamau Bell". It's a hilarious take on current issues, the election and points out the the humor of the ridiculousness of…


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Time To End The Stop-and-Frisk Madness?

Have you ever been stopped by the police for no apparent reason? A recent video published by is going viral and it is a MUST watch. A Harlem teenager recorded as plainclothes NYPD cops stopped him, violently pushed him, called him a "fucking mutt" and threatened to break his arms. An NYPD veteran also gives insight about how he and his colleagues were pressured to stop more people.

Check out 'The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's…


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BRIT N THAT: Resurrection- Interview with Kimberly Anne

Alright Darlings Afro Punk-ers, its about that time again. I was all set this week to tell you another story about my adventures. Deadline closing in and ting. Last minute I was sent the EP of Kimberly Anne a South London Resident. She began her journey at The BRIT School describing her time there as "ultimately surreal but quite a daunting…


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Sugar & Spikes Top 13 Horror Movie Tattoos

For some people watching their favorite horror movie over and over again is just not enough. Hardcore horror fanatics crave to display their true dedication by getting their favorite terrorizer etched on to their skin forever. The devotion is in the detail...with thriller fans finding talented artists who can capture the essence of the most spine tingling scenes. I will admit I am not sure if I could handle having the evil Hannibal Lector glaring back up at me from my arm, for…


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Black Fashion By Javii: Fall Fashion Guide

Ever felt it was hard transitioning your summer style to Fall fashion? Don't worry you are not alone. This time of year is quite possibly the worst time of the year for getting dressed. One minute it's hot and the next it's freezing. So how does one transition a summer wardrobe, into something a little more fall-worthy without weather worries?

Here are some suggestions:

Transitioning the Maxi

Maxi dresses hard to get rid of. With their…


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With dynamic performances from poets and musicians alike, THE REVIVAL weaves a salon-styled night of libations and genuine fellowship. Reminiscent of independent poetry tours like SisterSpit…Saltlines… the iconic Def Poetry Jam, The Revival is a unique arts experience as each concert takes place in an actual home. A collective of queer women artists on a national, 10-day expedition, The Revival caravan honors a queer tradition. They not only demand safe space, they create…


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I Came “Out” A Week Before My Birthday: (Premier) Feature from Analytical Williams

Join us in celebrating our new weekly Queer feature with AFROPUNK contributor, Analytical Williams. This column will explore William's personal experiences being bi-sexual, a tomboy and conscious all while keeping it AFROPUNK. This is the first feature from our new writer, so check her out every other Wednesday and allow her to introduce…


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Black Skater Chick: Jazmyn Glause

What's up BLACK SKATER CHICK fam? We had to pleasure of speaking with (*drumroll*) Jazmyn Glause!

Jazmyn Glause reps Duluth, MN. At the age of 12, Jazmyn's journey with skateboarding began when her parents bought her Tony Hawk Underground 2. She thought it was so "rad that there was a girl skater in it, it was Elissa Steamer. I wanted to be just like her!" Since that moment, Jazmyn rolled around on her skateboard everyday. Soon her level of comfortability increased…


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