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October 2010 Blog Posts (86)

The 54 Album Release Party in Atlanta this Week! Mention Afro-punk, win free album!

The 54 had the best self made promo video for the 2010 Afro-punk festival, hands down. For that reason, and some others (like 1) their song, Dominate, let us know that we're just a mutha fucka, 2) they're all in the underground Atlanta scene, and 3) their guitarist, Walter, is really good), we are psyched about their first released album, Building a Giant Machine, which will be…


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Sultry Saidah Talibah currently on tour with Johnny Reid

It took us a while to get her name just right, but that didn't stop us from totally digging Ms.
Saidah Baba Talibah when we first met her in Toronto for the Afro-punk 2009 U.S. tour. It was in Toronto where we saw Saidah dominate the stage with a string trio and… Continue

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Heavy Metal Band, Suffocation, Tour Kick Off

Heavy metal NYC based band, Suffocation, kicked off their U.S. tour today and will be starting up on the west coast and circling down south. They've come a long way from their 1989 three-song demo, Re-incremation, but have since put out classics, like their 1991 album Effigy of the Forgotten to their most recent album,… Continue

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Jay Smooth Video on Midterm Elections- Stop Trying to Relate!

Just days before the 2010 midterm elections (Nov. 2 for those of you who maybe forgot), we see this hilarious video from Jay Smooth from our partners from Giant Magazine, on why you should never trust a politician who says they’re “just like you.” Don't forget to vote this Tuesday, but please be advised, as Jay Smooth says, be weary of the campaign ads of people trying too hard to relate, how about just handing over your paycheck. Thanks.…


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PREVIEW: N*E*R*D Keeps It Funky After All With New Album "Nothing"

Watch this! N*E*R*D's album "Nothing" will be out next week (November 2nd). Although Pharrell Williams has been talking about a classic rock feel in recent interviews, most of the tracks we've been hearing so far are more of a funky blend of hip-hop/rock/pop (not that it's a bad thing, but we're just sayin'...). For the first time, the band enlisted outside producers such as French electro duo Daft Punk. Playful at times, the record also deals with more serious topics: the… Continue

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Black Witch: Books and Sites for Witchcraft for the searching soul

Halloween/Samhain is on Sunday and that’s the Black Witch Ustream chat via the Afro-Punk Ustream on homepage! It will be on Oct. 31 at 4:30 PM EST (Time changed). How this is gonna work: I video cast at the Mystickal Voyage… Continue

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Watch our Black Witch Live on Halloween on

No plans for Halloween afternoon at 4:30 PM EST and want to start your spooks and thrills out before night time? Puuur-fect. Join Afro-punk and Black Witch for our very first live broadcast on on Oct. 31st as she streams at… Continue

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FuseBox Radio Broadcast for Week of October 20, 2010

Player (via Podomatic feed):


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The Arts: Samhain Edition/ Ask Black Witch

The Arts:Samhain Edition was last week on the Black Witch external site but because this month's installment is very resource-filled for Pagans and Pagan-questioning, this week's Black Witch will be a 2-in-1 post. There's also information about the Black Witch Ustream chat on Halloween at the end of the column, please be sure to read it.

The Arts: Samhain Edition

Alright, this The Arts is… Continue

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Punk Funk Mob set to releasing new music video 11.01.10

"Andie painted pictures & they had lots of flowers..."

SF Bay Area music phenom Punk Funk Mob, debuts new video "Hello Andie" on 11.01.01

Hello Andie is the latest single from their debut album "REVOLUTION".

"Leila, Chapter 1" is the first episode from the "Andie's Flowers" where people from Andie's past tell their stories of how they met, loved and lost the attention and affection of this enigmatic woman. "Andie… Continue

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Tea Party Rep: “Black Men Prefer Drug Dealing To Education”

Republican Party leaders in central Illinois are calling on their own candidate for state senate to step down following racist remarks he made at a candidate’s forum last week. Al Reynolds, who is considered the Tea Party candidate in Illinois’ 52nd District, has been unavailable to the media since saying that African American men preferred dealing drugs to going to college, because it is “easier.”…


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Tattoo of the week: Spooked out for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, spooks, and tricks, is this week's tattoo of the week feature of Ms. Tomorrow Dixon. Hailing from Richmond, VA, Dixon has a tattoo of American actor, Vincent Price, who is best known for his creepy ass voice and horror flicks (he was the inventor in Edward Scissorhands). She also has a really large inked owl on her arm in memory of her mother who collected owls. She admits to…

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Anti Sacrilegious Metal Band, The Crimson Armada, goes on tour!

Heavy metal heads who aren't so into the sacrilegious aspect that tends to trail closely behind the music and culture, check out The Crimson Armada, who kick off their 32-day U.S. tour this week as part of the The Monument Tour. The Ohio band formed in 2007 and says they go beyond just playing metal by "paying tribute to various forms of the heavy style combining…

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Muslims Crash Punks in new movie, “The Taqwacores"

Islam and punk rock. The counter culture obviously exist, but how many movies do we get to watch- fiction based or not- on the unseen lifestyle of this underground movement. Welcome, "The Taqwacores," the newly released film based on a novel by Michael Muhammad Knight about a Muslim punk scene in the U.S. The main… Continue

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ShingoSays: The CMJ Roundup: CMJ is no joke

I’m bleeding exhausted. Those of you who were in New York City this past weekend, there’s probably a 100% chance you were CMJing. I too willfully and eagerly ran my body into the ground during CMJ, the College Music Journal’s music marathon/festival/4 day shit-show of every band you’ve ever wanted to see, back to back, and in a row all over the city. To do CMJ efficiently it requires a detailed schedule, cooperation from your friends who don’t want to go to rock shows, and…

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Shawn Brown Spills the Beans on Dag Nasty

To some, Shawn Brown is a legend of hardcore. A one-off. A voice who injected real anger and passion into a genre renowned for crybabies and tough-guy posers. As the original vocalist in Dag Nasty he helped Brian Baker exorcise his post-Minor Threat demons before getting unceremoniously booted out for his trouble. With Swiz, he wrote the book on how progressive hardcore could still retain its aggression and confidence while…

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PREVIEW: Bad Brains Bassist Darryl Jenifer Releases Solo Album

Bad Brains bassist and composer Darryl Jenifer is set to release his solo album 'In Search of Black Judas' tomorrow! Expect "an experimental take on dub, Rub-A-Dub and reggae", combining hardcore influences with more down-tempo sounds. And it's coming out on Reach Out International Records (ROIR), the label that released Bad Brains' debut album. Preview some of the tracks below and click here to order the album.


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The Objex Announce New Album! Listen To New Track Here

Oh we like news like this: punk rabble-rousers The Objex just announced that their new album will be out globally by the end of the year! Now if you don't know Felony Melony and her band mates, you definitely need to check out the music below, including new song "Social Disease", available exclusively on If you were wondering, the title of the album is "Reservations for Debauchery", and we wouldn't expect… Continue

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Outdated labels

I was just going through some paper work I have to fill out for Human Resources and I stumbled upon this lil description of an African

American. I'm supposed to check a box that says its ok to be called a

"Negro" ???

Black or African American – a person having origins in any of…

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