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Afro-punk Festival 2011 will NOT be Rescheduled

You’ve been waiting to know… so here’s the scoop:

We want to THANK YOU for your solid support over the last month while we worked to figure out how to reschedule the Afro-punk Festival 2011. We got your tweets, e-mails and Facebook messages expressing how you felt; totally bummed out, in some cases outraged, at how the biggest Afro-punk festival yet got canned by Hurricane…

Added by AFROPUNK on September 26, 2011 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Comix and Rock & Roll: How I Created My Own Superheroes Of Color

A ten year old black boy sits in his room, huddled over an uneven stack of plain xerox paper slowly draws the form of an outstretched arm with his newly sharpened pencil. Beside him is an opened trade paperback comic. Static, issue number one, opened and primed for studying. This is his fourth time reading this particular comic and now he’s moved onto analyzing the actual line art by recreating the dynamic anatomy of the characters with his trusty number two pencil. I…


Added by Eye Candy on September 23, 2011 at 10:42am — 7 Comments

DIY Fashion: Spiked Friendship Bracelet

This is by far one of my favorite DIYs (1) because you can totally make it your own, (2) because I thought it was nearly impossible to do when I first started the pattern, but it got so easy towards the end, and (3) because I've seen these sold in Soho for $50 each... craziness... mine cost $3.00. After spotting this DIY inspiration on OutsaPop, I decided to DIY it… Continue

Added by Safety Pins on September 14, 2011 at 11:30am — 6 Comments

Color Me Goth: Acceptance

Being part of a subculture, I know all too well that there are people out there that will not accept you based on who you associate with or how you talk or how you look; way before they get to know you. Being a goth of color just adds to how people perceive you. Most, if not all, Goths can tell you a story of a rude encounter with someone outside of the sub culture who hassled them for being goth. Some younger goths can tell you of their struggle to prove themselves as non poseurs… Continue

Added by The Establishment on September 12, 2011 at 7:00pm — 12 Comments

DIY Fashion: Make Your Own Spiked Knucklebuster Ring

I own too much jewelry. I have it in all corners of my apartment and I rarely wear any of it. A few days ago, I spotted a ring I made last year on boyfriend's dresser that he stole. Lord knows how long he had it. And just like the good pack rat I am, I took it away from him, felt bad, and then decided to make him one of his own. I got the idea from this Luv Aj ring. It's no longer sold in stores but… Continue

Added by Safety Pins on September 7, 2011 at 2:30pm — 6 Comments

Black Witch: "I Dun Wanna Die!"

What’s a fairly common question I get when doing divination? Death. “Am I gonna die?”, “When am I gonna die?”, “Can you see when my death is?” Seriously wanna make you speed up the process while doing Darwinism a favor. First and foremost: Yes, you’re going to die. Everyone is. It’s a terrible fact of life that is not easy to come to grips with but everyone you know and love, including yourself, is going to kick the bucket hardcore one day. It’s not a fun fact but a true fact.… Continue

Added by The Establishment on September 7, 2011 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

AP History: Delta Blues Great Robert Johnson

There are some musicians whose legend overshadows their work itself. Artists whose massive volume of work is worthy of legend are often reduced to small anecdotes: Van Gogh cut off his ear, Ozzy bit the head off a bat, Brian Wilson befriended serial killers and could only write in a sandbox. In the case of delta blues great Robert Johnson, who in his lifetime only recorded a meager 29 songs, the legend of him selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads for guitar ability is so… Continue

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Afro-punk & Virgin Mobile Live Team Up For Events in DC Sep. 6th-7th!

Hey Afro-punk Fam!

We are doing some fun stuff with our friends at Virgin Mobile Live, a company that has been really supportive of Afro-Punk. We want to let you guys know about their dope radio station, check it out: Virgin Mobile Live (click through and ‘Like’ it!).

You know we’re into collabos with friends of the Afro Punk community, so mark your calendar if you’ll be in the DMV area next week because we’re…


Added by AFROPUNK on September 1, 2011 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

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