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Fight For Your Right To Rock AND Wear What You Like: FREE Download of SPIT AT IT at/Slutwalk NYC!






































I am donating FREE downloads of my…


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Free Download: Static People Tackle Mental Disorders, Pharmaceutical Drugs With "Toxic Overload"

Dmitra, lead singer of alt rock band Static People, hit us up to offer their new track 'Toxic Overload' as a free download to the AP community, and to share some of her opinions about pharmaceutical drugs and their use to treat kids with mental disorders. She said:

"A bit of background on the song 'Toxic Overload': apart from being a musician I am also a mother and an autism and special needs activist.…

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Can You Handle All This Trash Talk?!

Bam! Hardcore punk band Trash Talk dropped a new video, to their fans' delight. Skate, rock and trouble are on the menu. All you lucky bastards in the UK, they just announced a tour + a couple of US dates (see schedule below).

But enough talking, here's their 'Awake' video. The track is from their upcoming EP, to be released October 11th.

- L C-D…


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Kissey Reveals Haunting New Tracks + Free Download

You know we're all about showcasing the incredible and diverse talent in the AP community. New York-based Swedish singer/songwriter/producer Kissey shared a set of new tracks and snippets, freely expressing her creativity and taking the listener to deep, and sometimes dark places.

"I was listening to a lot of oldschool/acid house like Mr Fingers, Frankie Knuckles and old 80's songs like Peter Gabriel's…

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Movie Alert: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

"Footage documenting the Black Power Movement in the United States, shot by a group of Swedish journalists"? Just what the doctor ordered! Don't miss The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (currently in theaters and festivals around the world; click here to find out when it's playing in your city). Featuring many of the leaders of the Black Power… Continue

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Tha Original Gata Monique Dupree to attend the Fashion is Art festival in Newak, NJ

Tha Original Gata Monique Dupree to attend the Fashion is Art festival in Newak, NJ


Newark Native and Scream Queen Tha Original Gata™ Monique Dupree will be attending the Fashion is Art Festival.Gata has done over 70 films and television projects including: Law & Order, Lean On Me, Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of The Damned, Royal Pains and many can see more here

Tha Original Gata™ (also referred to as…


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Only for the Nasteee! You've seen the video (and if you haven't check it out here:

Now peep the T-Shirt!


Available through…


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Afro-punk Festival 2011 will NOT be Rescheduled

You’ve been waiting to know… so here’s the scoop:

We want to THANK YOU for your solid support over the last month while we worked to figure out how to reschedule the Afro-punk Festival 2011. We got your tweets, e-mails and Facebook messages expressing how you felt; totally bummed out, in some cases outraged, at how the biggest Afro-punk festival yet got canned by Hurricane…

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Interview: Iyadede Shares Music To Teach and Learn + Free Download

Iyadede and her free drawn sound are an eclectic illustration of Afro-punk. On her projects "Talking to God" and "The Demo" the beats and melodies are heavily spiced with electro-dancey African flavors, mixed with old-school digital pop influence. Sometimes it slows down a bit so you can really hear her. With two self written albums complete, and more music in progress Iyadede shares some of her journey with… Continue

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“I’m on my way home… I left three days ago, but no one seems to know I’m gone/ home is where the hatred is/ home is filled with pain/ and it might not be such a bad idea if I never… never went home again”

Gil Scott-Heron, “Home is Where the Hatred Is”


I drove down to Northwest Indiana from Detroit early Friday afternoon. My high school graduating class was having a 20th anniversary…


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Bullying has just gotten way out of control. Mostly (to me) because for the longest time, it wasn't really taken seriously. I grew up thniking something was wrong with me and/or I was strange because of being bullied from grade 3 and up. Everyone wasn't on the internet,so the bullying was more face to face and physical. I was thrown in lockers, constantly talked down to, picked with, food thrown at me and…


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Interview with Joey Belladonna

Check out my interview with Anthrax lead singer Joey Bellasonna.

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Horrorcore Extravaganza With Peanut Butter Mech

AP members Peanut Butter Mech say they are are "all about individualism, spirituality (positive and negative) and sticking it to the man. (...) Member [and leader?] Little Boy Satan is a Horrorcore rapper and people compare his style to Tyler, The Creator a lot (though Tyler doesn't claim Horrorcore)". They created the first video below to introduce the crew to the Afro-punk community. Some say they're… Continue

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Comix and Rock & Roll: How I Created My Own Superheroes Of Color

A ten year old black boy sits in his room, huddled over an uneven stack of plain xerox paper slowly draws the form of an outstretched arm with his newly sharpened pencil. Beside him is an opened trade paperback comic. Static, issue number one, opened and primed for studying. This is his fourth time reading this particular comic and now he’s moved onto analyzing the actual line art by recreating the dynamic anatomy of the characters with his trusty number two pencil. I…


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'White Wash' Documentary Putting The Spotlight On Black Surfers

Where are our AP surfers at? We want to let you guys know about the 'White Wash' documentary (in NY, the movie is opening this Friday, September 23rd at Quad Cinema). "Examining the history of “black consciousness” as it triumphs and evolves into the minds of black surfers, we learn the power of transcending race as a constructive phenomenon. The story is narrated by the legendary, Grammy Award winner Ben Harper (...)… Continue

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AP Quickie: Kele Fired From Bloc Party?

WTF is going on? :-P Kele Okereke told that his bandmates from Bloc Party went into the recording studio without inviting him or letting him know about it. "I hope I haven't been fired. I don't really know what's going on, because we haven't really spoken recently and I'm a bit too scared to ask", he reportedly said. Whether he's fired or not, it must be strange to be in a band that doesn't let you clearly know if you're still a member, dontcha… Continue

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Kendrick Lamar: Conscious Lyricist With A 'Fuck You' Attitude

Kendrick Lamar's album Section 80 is the biggest sound to come from West Coast hip-hop since Dr. Dre. Backed by gifted up-and-coming producers like THC and Sounwave, Kendrick rhymes and flows the way a rapper is suppose to. His voice effortlessly flows over the beats like a saxophone in a jazz song. On Overly Dedicated, Kendrick proved that he was the most talented out of all of the up-and-coming rappers of Generation Y; he pushes himself further as a lyricist on… Continue

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