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NEW MUSIC: Seattle-based post-punk/grunge rocker Danny Denial shares emotionally honest a-sides ‘$ell Me Out’/’Gross’

Check out Seattle-based post-punk grunge rocker Danny Denial’s emotionally honest two-piece release ‘$ell Me Out’/’Gross’. Channelling the most iconic sounds to ever come out of his city, over lo-fi punk-rock, Denial laments about the pressure to sell out in the music business, struggling to reach goals and depression. Quite listenable, if not a bit dreary. Worth a listen—check ‘$ell Me Out’/’Gross’ down below.…


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FEATURE: Smooth Bumps - A Powerful Photo Series on the Darkness of Self-Harm

Sometimes there are times when people are exceptionally hard on themselves.

They're frustration over their imperfections and insecurity becomes so toxic, the darkness that takes over them and turns their mind against their soul.

Sometimes I feel like my mind is my enemy. Sometimes she spews such vile things over and over my soul is saturated with sadness and feelings of worthlessness. Sometimes it is like two angels one of them good and one of them evil…


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Chance the Rapper inspires the celebration of black boy happiness and creation of #BlackBoyJoy

After his easy going playfulness graced the VMAs this past weekend, Chicago hip-hop sweetheart Chance the Rapper re-tweeted the original article celebrating his #BlackBoyJoy. The hashtag itself was created by The Root writer Danielle Young in an article about the rapper’s (and others) unabashed display of happiness…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: The Seshen Finds Beauty In Pain On The Captivating “Distant Heart” #SoundCheck

It's always cause for celebration when there's new music from The Seshen, the Oakland-based future-soul septet. Their latest single, “Distant Heart,” trades out their trademark massively complex polyrhythmic instrumental section for an equally massively complex synth suite. Singer Lalin St. Juste, as always, delivers her winding melodies somehow both…


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OP-ED: Why be mad at Colin Kaepernick? America was already failing the veterans they "love" so much

I'm really baffled at the outrage people have on Colin Kaepernick but not the underlying issues we have in America. Racial injustices are a real issue but something else is also real key to add to this story. A lot of people are so angry because they feel not standing up for the flag means you're disrespecting veterans. Well America hasn't exactly been taking care of them. 22 veterans commit suicide every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Oh and don't let me get started on…


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NEW MUSIC: AFROPUNK alum KAMAU collaborates with Manchester-based hip-hop artist salute for ‘Forever (Pearls)’

A vivacious, but easy-going track armed with razor sharp flows that bounce from bar to bar, ‘Forever (Pearls)’ by Manchester-based hip-hop artist salute pushes the boundaries of the genre with danceable, avant garde flare and the help of AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2016 alum KAMAU. "Forever with KAMAU is probably my favorite piece of music I've ever made. I'm really happy with how it came together - I come from a childhood of drum & bass, hence the upbeat-ness and general weirdness.… Continue

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Dynamic sibling duo Willow and Jaden Smith go post-apocalyptic-chic for Interview Magazine’s September issue

Dressed in all black perfection, Willow and Jaden grace the cover of Interview Magazine’s September issue. The magnificent spread, shot by Steven Klein, captures the multi-talented youngsters doing what they do best—being themselves—everything from the defiantly perched peacock locs, unshakeable air of self-confidence, and that trademark quiet coolness that seems to follow them everywhere. The editorial is accompanied by an interview with Pharrell Williams, to boot. Check…


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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: Ghanian-American Clarissa Bannor fuses compassionate eating with afro-centric consciousness and culture for This Afropolitan Life

Clarissa Bannor is a passionate Ghanian-American afropolitan who credits motherhood, "the big chop", and veganism for guiding her mission to curate a liberated life that weaves African culture, black consciousness, and a compassionate palate with everyday life & style. …


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L.A.-based photographer Celeste Talbott-Rivera visualizes lavender-toned intergalactic badassery in ‘Afro futurism’ editorial

L.A.-based photographer Celeste Talbott-Rivera visualizes lavender-toned intergalactic badassery in ‘Afro futurism’ editorial. The futurist-themed project features model (and Celeste’s mother!) Ladawn Talbott, who is decked out in chrome-like, warrior-esque costume and gorgeous white-violet braids by Gloria Diggs. Check out the fun cosplay shoot below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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OP-ED: Letter from a suicide survivor: I want you to keep living

To whom this may concern,

I want you to stay alive. Better yet I NEED you stay alive no matter what has occurred in your life. I know what the pain feels like. I know how the pages of life can turn. Right now you may feel nothing but darkness and you can't seem to find the light. You may feel like you want to end it all because you no longer have the strength to fight. You're just tired of being sick and tired. That doesn't make you weak.

I know some…


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‘Skank’ comic book co-creator Bobby Joseph returns with black cop graphic novel project ‘Scotland Yardie’

Best known for his cult publication, Britain’s first satirical black culture comic book ‘Skank’, Bobby Joseph has recently collaborated with illustrator Joseph Samuels for a new graphic novel project called ‘Scotland Yardie’. The project follows an aggressive, drug-abusing, “Jamacian-styled” cop, out in the streets, doing whatever it takes to enforce his screwed up sense of justice. ‘Scotland Yardie’ comes out Oct. 6 via Knockabout Comics, and you can pre-order it…


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Students from South Africa’s Pretoria High School for Girls take powerful stance against white policing of black hair

The students from South Africa’s Pretoria High School for Girls are making a powerful stance against the institutionalized white supremacist policies embedded into South Africa’s formerly segregated “Model C” system and the white policing of black hair. This past Saturday, during the school’s annual Spring Fair, students peacefully and silently marched in protest of the policies until teachers and parent volunteers threatened to call the police to have the girls…


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Nate Parker finally starts taking responsibility for past misogynistic & homophobic ways

Several weeks after past accusations of the rape of a college classmate resurfaced, director/actor Nate Parker spoke to Ebony in a candid interview about his 19-year-old self, toxic masculinity, male privilege and a whole lot more.
 Littered with blunt and troubling statements about his former views, Parker verbalizes the troubling perspective many men suffer from as the result of taught hyper-masculinity and misogyny.

Early on, Parker describes his past…


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Dominican artist and Moro Studio co-founder Welinthon Nommo makes waves with colorful character illustrations

Welinthon Nommo is a Barahona-based Dominican artist and illustrator. Nommo is an alumni of the Graduate School of Arts of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, co-founder of a sequential art and illustrations company called MORO STUDIO, and has worked as an illustrator and colorist for Susaeta publishing art director at the Izone-Education. The award-winning artists creates everything from sumptuous landscapes and scenarios to quirky character illustrations that are…


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The rise of Punk and the fall of Afro, By S. Eric Blackwell

While the names of artists performing have gotten bigger, the community’s stake has gotten smaller. Somebody took the Afro out of Punk and replaced it with greed. I’m a life-long resident of the Fort Greene, Clinton Hill Brooklyn area and I’m writing this to express my complete displeasure in the shutting down of Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, New York for (3) three days to the general public for the privately run “Afro Punk Music Festival.” This does not include the days the park is used… Continue

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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Florisval Neto beautifully emphasizes the necessity of nature in latest series 'Ohun Adayeba'

In times of cultural strife, it is wise and rejuvenating to ground oneself; to return to the earth and reflect. In the illuminated social climate of Brazil, its nesting creatives are heeding the call for release and grounding- creating works of art that not only inspire hope and pride, but recognize the cruciality of nature.

In photographer …


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FEATURE: Metal In Madagascar! Stream the First Two Tracks From Toamasina Band Behind The Mask

With lead guitar runs that would make Paganini jealous and a barrage of earth shaking beats, Behind The Mask marries metalcore feel with an almost neo-classical sense of melody. Their first two singles “The Message” and “Who's The Evil One” are laden with political and social commentary. “The Message” deals with corruption and starvation in Madagascar, while “Who's The Evil One” asks whether the band's image and sound make them more evil than the people they're…


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FEATURE: Willow Smith poses for Bruce Weber in electric CR Fashion Book editorial

Armed with her trademark effortless cool, the Chanel brand ambassadress Willow Smith posed for an edgy editorial for CR Fashion Book shot by their legendary Bruce Weber. NBD. Also true to form, Willow’s unique brand of eccentricity and Weber’s warm, theatricality shine through in this dynamic collaboration. Check it out below!

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at(AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits."



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