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From Projects to Parties, catch back up with Afro-punk!

So, let's just be honest. Our team is exhausted. But, we really, really couldn't care less because we've recently been bustling in support of youth homeless awareness. Four sick parties, traveling to two big cities, and eight successful volunteer opportunities down, Afro-punk and the Virgin Mobile RE*Generation…

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The Original Gata who?


Usually, I don't speak out about drama & such because really, we should all be placing our energies into positive outlets for ourselves & the betterment of our societies. This situation that I've been going through for years is…

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Nikki Lynette's Coming To Your Town & She Wants To Meet You!

Hip-hop-electro-punk chick Nikki Lynette, aka Ms. Bad-Ass, is getting ready to hit the road for a national road-trip in promotion of her upcoming EP 'The Strong Survive' (which will be released on September 15 via her Bandcamp page). Nikki is taking vlogger Nate Fisher with her to document the trip, and they want to meet you! They'll be visiting 16 cities across the U.S.… Continue

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Death & Rough Francis To Perform Together In Vermont, One-Night Only!

Get ready for a night of garage/punk/rock as legendary band Death (the trio of Hackney brothers) joins Rough Francis (which includes 3 of Bobby Hackney's sons) on stage for one night only in South Burlington, VT on October 7th 2010. It's a family affair and you don't wanna miss it! Click here for show details.

- Lou C-D

Rough Francis'…

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Lets Stay Together - A Film by Joshua Bee Alafia (trailer)

Every once in a while there is a movie that moves me. This is going to be the next one. "Lets Stay Together" is a film on the black experience of family and togetherness. The movie a palette of relationships between black men and the family unit and also uses the sub plot of a the character Parker starting a documentary on why black man aren't there, to propel the movie forward and clarify the director's dichotomy of the concepts of Black male abandonment in the family unit. This all comes to a… Continue

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Big Boi From Outkast On Tour In The US!

Outkast's Big Boi has been an Afro-punk friend for a while now (check out pics of his performance at an AP show at SXSW). He's gonna be hitting cities around the US starting September 2nd in Iowa City. 13 dates have been announced so far (see schedule below), but new dates are being added to on a regular basis. Enjoy!

- Lou…

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Congratulations To The Objex! Best Punk Band at 2010 Vegas Rocks Awards

Bad-ass group The Objex won Best Punk Band at the 2010 Vegas Rocks Awards. You've probably seen them put the stage on fire at numerous Afro-punk events (see performance videos and interview below). Congrats to them!

- L C-D

The Objex' profile on…


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Dorm Room Diary of a Fem Nerd: Ain't I a Senior?

Twyla is back at it again with another video segment of the Dorm Room Diaries of a Femnerd. In this segment, Twyla calls attention to a particular Title IX lawsuit in progress that really has her blood boiling this week. She also drops some knowledge on a shocking military policy. Video after jump.

Dorm Room Diary of a Fem Nerd: Ain't I a Senior?


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Ask a Witch!

It’s the August edition of “Ask a Witch”, one of my favorite parts of the column where you ask me questions and I answer them! Wanna ask me something for a future Ask a Witch? Here are your options: Comment here on this entry with your question, use the Ask a Witch form, or email it to me at It all goes to the same place, my inbox, so feel free to choose. Hey, use a Twitter? Ask me there too… Continue

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Fun-Hater on Board...

YoH! Hate JeJeMoN? Visit

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Afro Punk Classic: Stiffed featuring Santi White

Before she was Santigold (nee Santo-) she was Santi White, front woman of the Philly punk band Stiffed. Watching the band rock out on a frigid New York night some six years ago, trying to summon enough foresight to guess at White’s legacy would have been as fruitless as scrutinizing an embryo ultrasound and trying to guess whether or not the baby would be cute. As Stiffed’s el capitan, Santi White had become the subject of a highly un-likely reality that would have made for great… Continue

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N*E*R*D Promises Surprising New Album This Year

"N*E*R*D have been putting the finishing touches on their latest album, 'Nothing', and they promise some surprises on the new record. We got a chance to sit and chat with Pharrell and Shay of N*E*R*D before their show at Irving Plaza in NYC and asked them to tell us all about the new album! Though the album doesn’t have a solid release date yet, Pharrell & Shay assured us that Nothing will be in stores before the end of the year."

From our partners at…

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If Only Bess Was Queer...

So I just recently watched the whole opera (yes almost three hours!) of Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin. I discovered songs like Summertime and I Loves You Porgy when I was in middle school. Everyone thought I was crazy because I was the only 7th grader listening to the old school jazz renditions of the opera.…

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London needs more Afro-Punk!

I'm a musician in London looking for opportunities to bring my band UNITED VIBRATIONS to the US and play to some Afro-Punk audiences. Please listen to our music and let me know what you think. We fuse Afro-beat with Punk and Rock to create our own style, AFRO-PUNK.


Added by Kareem on August 24, 2010 at 8:43pm — 1 Comment

Got Etiquette!

Got Etiquette! Elaine Swann gives ettiquette tips! …


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Ain't I A Senior?


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Will mainstream attention threaten natural entrepreneurs?

As naturals, we tend to be excited when the ‘mainstream’ picks up on the trends in our community. But what if this attention destroys natural entrepreneurship? I have worked in the beauty industry for the last 11 years as a professional makeup artist. In my retail beauty days, I was often invited to exclusive trainings and launch parties by some of the top tier luxury beauty and hair brands. Over time I noticed something different in the atmosphere; there seemed to be more…

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Shinobi Ninja Shines A Light From Brooklyn To Babylon

You can’t help but move your body to the groove and energy of a new young band, and that’s why you will have no choice but to shake it to Shinobi Ninja. The band hails from Brooklyn New York and has a streamlined sound that is equal parts rock, rap and reggae. The band also has a TON of energy/intensity on stage. As they prepare to release their first full length disc (they have an EP out now) guitarist Maniac Mike and…

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Tamar-Kali: The not so but so Afro-punk poster kid

If I knew Tamar-kali lived right up the street from me, I would have stalked outside her home long before meeting her last week. Before moving to New York and starting my exploration of the black alternative subculture coined the term “Afro-punk,” I became in awe of Tamar from James Spooner’s Afropunk documentary, in which Tamar was one of the women depicted as a person of color who enjoyed real…

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