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The F Word???

Good googs, I'm talking bout faith. Started a group, would loooooooove your company and your 3 cents and your topic for discussion and your home address so I can come raid your pantry. I loooooooove a well stocked pantry. Man, mmmm. anywhoozzers, hope to hear from you. Obama fo-yo Mama! Lots of Love from La Leezy! Sterlzzz

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A High Thought: Obama's DNC Speech

As a Black man, the toughest thing about supporting Barack Obama is the sickening feeling that he might actually be making you proud of your country(gasp!). Where any other politicians speech would be drowned out by the chorus of reminders in my brain of everything that is and has been wrong about America, I listen. With conventions of years past, i'd catch the highlights on CNN. But with this one i sparked a bowl and wrote a blog.

I've never completely been able to be proud of being… Continue

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i dont think your ready for this jelly.

after quite a bit of in depth thinking.

and years of personal experience.

ive finally come to terms with the fact that.

most humans.

struggle with physical acceptance.


most, if not all.

this to include as well.

the male species of course.

men worry about how ripped or not ripped.

how long their wang hangs.

hair teeth eyes butt


and yet.

in all my life.

the many men who have disrobed in front of my… Continue

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Where to find Black rock


Last week, a woman named Akua found Her question was simple:

A question for you: do you have any suggestions for finding people who are into black rock to talk to and hang out with or bands to go see? I'm in the Boston area.

So what follows is an expansion…


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Obama is Afro-Punk®

Buy Now!

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i wanna know what love is

Nothing is like this. Not movies, not people.

Everyone is (it seems) a variation of this:…


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I have started my year in college and I feel like I am adapting well. I get along with my roommate blah,blah,blah,blah. My classes started today. Nothing really major just some art courses, history, english and french. I must say though It must be true that the grass is greener on the other side...because they surely keep this damn grass green and pretty over here ^_^

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the mist

my head is cloudy.

clogged and i cant think.

i cant move things around or

form sentences that make sense.

i am sick.

i feel like a zombie.

walking dead among the doomed.

i cant imagine.

the rest of today.


what to do.

what to say.

"oh yeah that cool"


"wow, i know right. You too?"

how many awkward situations must i be in.

how many time must i drink my way into conversations.

how many time must i fade… Continue

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V.V.Brown! is Crying Blood! Amy is crying for booze.

You know who I'm talking about in the headline, "dat ol' hat" Amy "Any Booze in the house?" Winehouse. What she did at Glastonbury's music festival was nuts. No notes no sense. No idea where she is. Ok enough with the laughs but with such great talent what went wrong. Unlike Amy however V.V.Brown is'nt the pun to her own joke. Also from the LDN, london for you not in the know, V.V. has steadly been making moves all over her home town to the… Continue

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Swivel Go Ga-Ga at the Go-Go

Tai called it the Whisky a Ga-Ga, but it's actually called the Whisky a Go-Go. I love Go-Go music. I even like the Go-Gos. But if you like rock as much as I do, you'll want to come see us this Thursday night at the Whisky. I know we need to put some pictures and video up of our gigs in Iceland, but until then, come check us out and we can tell you live and in person. 9pm. 8901 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.… Continue

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Ebony Bones @ McCarren Park Pool and Comics Stuff

Kaos Blac clued me into Ebony Bones the other day and so I caught up with her this past Sunday in Williamsburg.

In addition to being a talented & musical lady, she is also deep into comics (yay).

Below are links to some video and info on Ebony Bones:

- Performance footage of Ebony Bones at… Continue

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twenty something life crisis

last night.

for the first time.

i felt old.

set in my ways.

i felt uncomplelled.

these things like nature.

like nothing else to do.

we eat dinner.

and watch tv.

i clear the table.

i smoke.

he waits.

we brush our teeth.

i crawl into bed.

the clock strikes ten.

and i am tired to the bone.

i drink my tea.

he reads his book.

we make small talk about tomorrow

and the weather.

it rains.

i open the… Continue

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Dirty~Licious Talk Radio Show

Listen to Dirty~licious Talk Radio! on internet talk radio

Hello All,

In order to avoid having my Dirty~Licious Talk Radio Show deleted by the site host, I had to change the name of my radio station.

So, to all of you who have posted links or banners on your blogs or websites of my radio show, you will need to update it with the following link, as the old URL is no longer valid.

The New URL for my show… Continue

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I hate Pennsyltucky

I don't know what it is about a lot of white, blue-collar folks. Is it the possible election of a black president? Is it the scapegoating of minorities of all their problems? Whatever it is, many of white, blue-collar people, at least around here in York County, are releasing their intolerance of non-white people overtly lately. There have been a rise in hate crimes recently, including an ethnic intimidation-based defacing of a local, affluent, predominantly black development community entrance… Continue

Added by Peter B. on August 25, 2008 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

REVIEW: Another moment of truth--J*Davey @ SOB's--8/20/08

Jack Davey, hand to head

Jack Davey, Brook D'Leau and their band more than live up to the hype.

I admit my skepticism going in. I'd heard all the hype: Y'know, people losing their minds and saying J*Davey was the bom-diggy. And based on this, I'd downloaded their double CD from iTunes, The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the…


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idle hands are the devils work.

im waiting.


still here.

im just going to sit here and wait for you.

for this.

ive got nothing to do

my hands are free.

i know this is wrong

to let this linger in the air.

to allow this to mist among us.

i know.

there are things that should be said.

between us.

in daylight.

with out closed doors.

with out whispers.

sudden movements.

no shadows on the wall.

you are a horrible person.

with bad… Continue

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Senor's Y Senorita's.....El malito.

Check out the new artist i'm working with:

Yeah Thats El malito and the beatles...ya seen it. What about this one part of Menace II Society that went looked over...…


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let's clarify some stuff about who I am

I am tired of the misconceptions spinning around in the air about African Americans. We are not all the same. Not all of us eat chicken or soul food or play basketball or listen to hip hop or dress thug. Not all of us are Christian or Muslim. Not all of us can fit into a small box or be generalized into a one-size-fits-all stereotype. And people just fall in line and believe that all African Americans are all the same are just fucked up and should learn a thing or two about… Continue

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baby momma drama

is it me?

am i crazy.

why is the new trend for women between 20-25

to get knocked up and locked up?

im in love,


but love for me doesnt equal

giz inside

new surprise.

is there something in the water.

its like everyone i know.

minus a few.

has given up their free reign to the ball and chain.

and im not saying that this isnt a good idea.

procreate, thats great.

but why so young, and why so fast.

with all the… Continue

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