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FEATURE: Electronic R&B tracks from PHNK provide listeners with a true, passion-filled experience

For Seattle- based singer/songwriter PHNK, the line between emotion and expression melds into one- allowing his audience to gather his full experience. Beginning most of his tracks with a catchy, multilayered beat, the singer then approaches his listeners head on, granting them line after line of meaningful lyric and musical progression. Self-producing all of his original pieces, PHNK's personality greets listeners right off the bat, and his passionate talk-singing-…


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FEATURE: Chicago-based photographer Darryl Terrell challenges toxic masculinity with floral portrait series

Inspired by the #MasculinitySoFragile tag, Chicago-based photographer Darryl Terrell created a visual representation of the dualities that make up so-called “masculinity”, called ‘Hive Tete’. “Masculinity”, a word used most commonly (and incorrectly) as an attribute of man/male identities. It describes physical and mental toughness, machismo, manliness blah blah, but for too many men, these tropes snowball into the realm of toxic masculinity instead. Where male…


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FEATURE: Comedian Jessica Williams goes her own way, leaving The Daily Show to star in her own Comedy Central show

Jessica Williams, best known for her work on The Daily Show is taking the wheel, ready to star in her own Comedy Central production. Williams, 26, continuously held the audience's attention with to her satirically dry delivery and unapologetic cultural commentary. Working on the show for more than four years, her presence did more than just entertain, it served as a platform for the black female point of view to be properly heard. As Williams tackled the most…


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RAD CREATIVE OF TTHE DAY: Lawrence Jackson's new project on gentrification illuminates thriving, resistant counter-culture

To residents of inner-cities, the wave of gentrification is almost inevitable. For Lawrence Jackson though, the owner of The Vintage Vandalism Photography & Creative Works, it serves as an opportunity for expression. For his latest project: 'No Vacancy', Jackson focuses on the imminent and definite gentrification of Detroit, Michigan; a city saturated with the realities of working-class people of color, gradually turning into a haven for juice bars and a brewing…


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FEATURE: Jesse Williams understands his "light-skinned" privilege & uses it to speak up

Ever since Jesse Williams stole the BET Awards with his incredibly profound and powerful acceptance speech (watch) for their 2016 Humanitarian Award, folks of the internet have raised some questions about light-skinned privilege playing a role in the virality of Williams’ speech and the…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Gonjasufi wrestles with the cost of the creative process & announces forthcoming album, 'Callus', in mini-video

Vocalist/producer/DJ Gonjasufi's preview for his upcoming album 'Callus' is an almost intergalactic soundscape of distorted, distant, unidentifiable comings and goings of, what sounds like, planes in mid-take off. These turbulent moments melt off in the distance, perhaps accompanied by the sound of distorted sirens that contribute to the ominous sense of dread and discomfort that’s palpable throughout this short preview. "It’s about pain," Gonjasufi tells AFROPUNK. So it…


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FEATURE: East London digital artist Abigail Adeoti mixes cartoon and realism to add new interpretations of black beauty

East London has produced yet another stellar artist in digital illustrator and graphic portaitist Abigail Adeoti. In her most recent photo series, her main focus is to capture the natural beauty of the black woman. With her meticulously crafted graphic representations, Adeoti's work illuminates the essence the modern 'black girl' aesthetic and maintaining the raw nuances of the black female culture. In her own words: 'I feel like the universe captures the essence of these…


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FEATURE: Multifaceted artist and photographer Naporje grants a new perspective on gender in beautiful photo series

As her art grows, artist, photographer, and jeweler Naporje navigates through her personal definitions of beauty while granting her audiences access to her individual portrayals. While she releases her most expressive emotions throughout her work, Naporje shares her creatively progressive point of views. The concept of art is given a deeper meaning in her latest photo series; which focuses- futuristically- on the balance between masculine and feminine. The codependency of…


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NEW MUSIC: Blood Orange Turns His Latest Album 'Freetown Sound' Into A Haunting Album-Length Discussion of Race, Religion, Sexuality, and Gender #SoundCheck

Kicking off with a clip of Ashlee Haze's inspired poem “For Colored Girls (The Missy Elliot Poem),” Dev Hynes launches into an album-length discussion of race, religion, sexuality, and gender. His latest album as Blood Orange, the haunting and captivating Freetown Sound, takes its name from the capital of Sierra Leone, the birthplace of Hynes' father. Throughout tracks like lead single “Augustine,” and the Carly Rae Jepsen-assisted “Better Than Me,” Hynes looks at…


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OP-ED: Know Your Black History - Funding Freedom: The Power of Black Philanthropy In The Fight For Freedom

Black philanthropists are rarely mentioned in American history. Yet the power of black philanthropy was an essential element in toppling slavery in the U.S.

The power of black philanthropy emerged from the entrepreneurship and initiative of both enslaved and free African Americans. The first American slaves attained their freedom using entrepreneurship and initiative long before America was a nation. Many of the first black slaves were able to purchase…


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FEATURE: South African based Pilgrim Clothing alluringly tests the boundaries of fashion with 17th century-inspired collection

Usually, the connotations that accompany the Pilgrims, are not ones of beauty or grace- and certainly not fashion sense. Yet for South African based fashion brand 'Pilgrim Clothing', it's appealing combination of raw material and form-flattering designs, create a new, avant garde interpretation of the 17th century lifestyle. Their latest look book reaches the pinnacle of its inspiration; pulling its influence from the 'spiritual migration of The Chosen'- the incorporation…


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NEW MUSIC: Virginia-based singer OPAL transfixes with ambient electro-cool single ‘France’

Check out up-and-coming Virginia-based electronica singer OPAL and her newest single ‘France’—a futuristic track that hypnotizes with its eerily calm ambience. Although now based in Norfolk, the 25-year-old was born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles. But no France. Yet there’s a haunting, almost surreal yearning for the West Europe country throughout. "So France is kind of like a mind state, or mentality. It’s like a feeling. It’s symbol of a lot of different things—it’s…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Funk pioneer Betty Davis’ unreleased, Miles Davis-produced 1968-69 tracks resurface

Rare vinyl lovers and funk n soul aficionados rejoice the news of the unearthing of cult figure Betty Davis’ (then wife of Miles Davis) 1968-1969 recordings for Columbia Records, years before her Just Sunshine and Island days. Until now, these historic tracks have never been released, largely remaining in obscurity.

The remastered collection features 9 tracks that were produced by Miles himself alongside Ted Macero and recorded at Columbia’s 52nd Street Studios…


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NEW MUSIC: Reason To Rebel's 'This Gun Is Human' Is A Call To Arms #SoundCheck

Sounding a bit like the missing link between At The Drive In and Rage Against The Machine, Southern California based Reason to Rebel peppers their songs with calls to arms and scathing social commentary. Their latest record This Gun Is Human seems like an attempt to live up to their name and literally list the varied reasons to rebel. Over 11 blistering tracks that take post-hardcore riffs and meld them with hip-hop and the occasional proggy diversion, the band delivers a…


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Feature: Artist Amani Holbert's womanist expression meets cultural pride in her fascinatingly compelling series

For visual artist Amani Holbert, capturing the essence of cultural beauty and recognition is a number one priority. As she herself navigates through the modern societal realities of African American beauty and interpretation, Holbert takes the initiative by writing her own. Her chilling, potent pieces serve to directly empower women of color and to promote social activism- aiming to strengthen the Black community with her art and message. While thoroughly understanding the…


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FEATURE: BLACK VEGANS ROCK - Family man Phillip talks losing a live-saving 160lbs

Before I became vegan, I weighed 350 pounds and I didn't really exercise or take my health all that seriously. I played video games and slept a lot. I'm not trying to say that all people who are 350 pounds have my experience or are 'lazy' (especially because of the body positive movement that's happening today), I am only speaking from my own standpoint. I felt like I was being a bad role model to my children because I was teaching them that exercise and eating a nutritious…


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New Music: Parlor Social combines time periods with its electrifying new single 'It's Complicated(Let Go)'

Defining their genre as #Speakeasy soul and #Neo-Ragtime, Dessy Di Lauro and Ric'key Pageot of Parlor Social definitely live up to their titles. The infectious old-timey, Bebop rhythms, meshing smoothly with an accompanying R'n'B style backbone, transport the listener back in time while also maintaining a modern groove. Their most recent track 'It's Complicated(Let Go)' falls directly under this description; its multilayered composition leaves the listener forced to…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Photographer and documentarian Carlos Rodriguez uses privilege and talent for LGBTQIA rights awareness

Today’s RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY is a bold photographer named Carlos Rodriguez who is one of the few artists, activists, and politicians leading the charge for progressive social change and LGBTQIA rights and representation in the Dominican Republic. Through his photography Rodriquez, who has shot at NYC Fashion Week and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, aims to de-stigmatize queer identities and raise awareness for the discrimination, abuse, and violence such groups…


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Feature: Brainwash, the new self-reflective D.I.Y blog puts the modern reliance on the media into perspective

 In this media-consumed society, there seems to be little escape from the constant input of 30 second wisdom and fast-paced lifestyle. For founder and editor in chief of Brainwash, Ayanna McNeil, this reality is a debilitating one; as she recounts her own reliance to the media and how it often stands in the way of substantial creation and movement. Brainwash works as an advocate for the necessity of real communication- one that elicits thought and…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Electro-soul duo TECHNOIR marry nature and electronica in ‘NeMui Vol. 2’ EP

'NeMui', an acronym for "New ecosystem Musically improved", is a nature-inspired soundscape that aims to fuse organic cues with technology and electronic music. Conceptually, 'NeMui' is a conversation between the artists and their audiences. A stream of consciousness that takes place on a musical level that demonstrates playful, uninhibited experimentation with purpose that’s looking forward towards the future of electronic music. Each hardcopy of 'NeMui Vol. 2' comes with…


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