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Brazilian designer Isaac Silva partners with maven Magá Moura for vibrant & inclusive fashion show

Brazilian designer Isaac Silva has long been influenced by feminist, Black and LGBTQ activism, and his latest work is no exception. During the fashion event Casa de Criadores in São Paulo on May 11, Silva debuted his winter 2017 collection in partnership with Magá Moura, and the two worked closely to exemplify the importance of representation in the medium. The show featured models of various gender identities and body types, including trans models, displaying more fully…


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Social justice buzzwords can be annoying, but they reflect the urgent reality of marginalized experiences

I get it. The crowd that loves to show off their social justice chops and lecture people on what's right and wrong always has some fancy new lingo we're all supposed to fall in line with every other day, and it's exhausting. When it comes to gender and sexuality especially, there seems to be an unlimited amount of experiences to describe, and a million letters after the LGBTQ. (Remember when there wasn't even the "Q"?! The good ol' days... Wait, actually…


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Nairobi photographer Brian Otieno centers African heritage through portraiture

Check out the work of Nairobi-based art director and photographer Brian Otieno. With a body of work centered around body forms and portraiture, Otieno hopes that his photographs act as a nod to African culture and the unspoken histories and hidden heritages of the continent. Moreover, he hopes that these pieces act as a conversation catalysts around these subjects.

See some of Otieno’s photos, below, and more on …


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French Guianese illustration/fashion design student Vaëll V shows off graceful line work

“Understated” and "minimal" are some the word that comes to mind when looking at French Guiana illustration and fashion design student Vaëll V’s airy renderings. The simplicity of her digital drawings really highlights her meticulous attention to detail and the each character's personality, pushing her work into the realm of character studies and storyboarding sketches. Her minimalist and soft line work imply whimsical movements fit for an animated film.



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Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of KOKOKO! #SoundCheck

Holy shit. Congolese performance collective KOKOKO! is electrifying. Though their only published media online is a single promo video, the band introduces themselves so perfectly, emerging fully formed from each frame. They take DIY to new heights, fashioning the tools for electronic music out of found objects and Congolese instruments. “Survival fuels creativity,” one member explains in the video. This is more than survival. This is genius.…


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Non-binary & unapologetic: rapper Ash León tackles misogynoir, homophobia, transphobia & hypermasculinity

Memphis-born Ash León is a non-binary Hip-Hop artist currently based in New York. León blends activism with a quirky and flowery aesthetic, giving a new face and sound to conscious rap that does not rely on outdated ideas of hypermasculinity. The artist tells AFROPUNK: "When I close my eyes and think about who I am, I don't really see gender". "It's statements like that, my peers call me an 'Alien' for. They say I fell from another planet, but the reality is that I feel…


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Photo series pays tribute to androgynous Grace Jones box-cut haircut, celebrating Black beauty

Inspired by the inner beauty black women possess and Grace Jones’ signature aesthetic, Brazilian photographer Luiz Moreira editorializes the Greek mythology of Midas. Model Regina Ferreira poses in a Grace-esque box cut fade as she adorns her body with gold. “Through this re-imagining, Luiz Moreira transforms the story into a beautiful message inspired by and building upon on the inner beauty of Blackness, where a black woman uses the Midas touch on her body.…


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Skyler McCurine as Saint Sugar Hill by Alanna Airitam

Inspired by the Dutch realism Golden Age of painting, the California Grown self-taught fine art photographer wants to push the narrative of us as works of art.

“I started the Golden Age out of a…


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AFROPUNK Atlanta: Carnival of Consciousness 2017 Line-Up

We are back this year with our 2nd edition of AFROPUNK Presents the Carnival of Consciousness Atlanta! Meet us at 787 Windsor on Oct 14/15 to celebrate contemporary expression and youthful black consciousness with a weekend-long retreat of music, art, film, salons, and lectures.

Joining us this year will be Solange, Willow Smith, Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Young Fathers, Algiers, Moses Sumney, Sam Dew, Kevin Abstract, Princess Nokia, Jamila Woods, Loaf…


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Supporting sex workers is as feminist an issue as any

There is a lot of misguided squeamishness around sex work in feminist circles. A common source of reluctance is the fear or confusion that sex work is the exploitation of women’s bodies and/or sexuality. But that’s a misnomer and the people who say such things tend not to point out that football players, day laborers, businesspersons with exceptionally stressful jobs, firefighters, and so on, are also exploiters of their bodies. In reality, using your body in to make money,…


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Lauryn Hill and Nas are going on tour together

Giving more reason to believe speculations that he is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, Nas is gearing fans up with the announcement of a national tour alongside "If I Ruled The World" collaborator and close friend Lauryn Hill. As reported by Billboard, select tour stops will also feature comedian Hannibal Buress and reggae star… Continue

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Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop reimagines historical moments of Black protest in new photo series

Senegalese fine arts and fashion photographer Omar Victor Diop describes his latest series, "Liberty," as "a reinvented narrative of the history of the black people." The powerful portraits tastefully showcase international moments of Black resistance spanning generations, including Bloody Sunday and…


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Puerto Rico-based street photographer Phoenix Robles captures the beauty of everyday faces and spaces

Through gritty photographs, Puertro Rican photog Phoenix Robles captures the places and faces of everyday people. Phoenix primarily shoots in black and white which giving her photos a documentary-type of feel and perspective.

“I'd like to consider myself a sociological photographer,” Robles says. “My photography seeks to discover the inner workings of places and people, that would normally go over-looked. Frequenting the urban places similar to the…


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Off-duty customs officer kills Black teen, shoots another, claiming self-defense

An Arcadia, CA community is enraged after a Black 15-year-old was killed and his cousin hospitalized Friday when an off-duty Customs and Border Protection officer shot them in what he claims was self-defense. Authorities allege the two boys, along with another child, tried to beat and rob the officer after they all got off at the same train stop. Officials had originally falsely reported the assailants were men.

Deputies did not release the identity of the…


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WTF: French officials threatened to cancel afro-feminist festival because they say it's anti-white

After drawing attention from the far right National Front in France, MWASI’s NYANSAPO Festival faced cancellation due to white discomfort. Organized with an objective to build “Afro-feminist strategies to end racial, patriarchal, colonial and capitalist violence,” the MWAAi collective billed three of the four even venues as being exclusive for black women and women and…


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Humanitarian crisis for Black people in Colombia: "They have taken away so much from us, even the fear"

The Afro Colombians are people with ancestral heritage of resistance and resilience but eternally condemned to the exile of our territories because of structurally racist policies, the armed conflict, and the abandonment of the Colombian state. We are the hen of the golden eggs of this country but we are treated like cockroaches. It is ridiculous that in the middle of 2017 we must be stripping for potable water or for the continuity of the electric power service. It is…


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Non-Black POC: stop asking "where is Black Lives Matter?" every time your community is under attack

Stop asking black folks for anything. At all. But particularly, don’t ask black people to re-focus their liberation “powers” and history of organizing on your community when it's under attack.

After the 2016 election, loads of white people called for Michelle Obama to run for President in 2020. Run to save them from the disaster that they had created. And while Michelle is undoubtedly brilliant and wildly capable, the projection of the responsibility of saving…


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Alternative rock/soul band Blame The Youth challenges ideas about the taboo in debut EP "The Hourglass"

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Blame The Youth is a new band with a star on the rise. Made up entirely of musicians of color, the quartet is all about breaking down boundaries, including boundaries of genre. Naming Erykah Badu, Haitus Kaiyote, The Contortionist, Animals as Leaders and James Blake among their influences, Blame The Youth describes themselves as "an eclectic mix of alternative and soulful sounds with a little rock and jazz," but their distinctive sound can't…


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BOOK: 'Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies' dispels myths to shed light on the true origins of rock #SoundCheck

By the mid 60's, rock had been so thoroughly gentrified, that a young Rick James declared himself the black Mick Jagger, despite Mick Jagger himself being just a white Chuck Berry who can't play guitar (though in fairness, Keith Richards can't play guitar either). Elvis is lionized as the King of Rock and Roll, despite the hit-making era of his career lasting barely 2 years. His crown was given by a white audience to erase the black origins of the music he played. Delving…


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This single father created a workshop for dads to learn to do their daughters' hair!

Being a single parent is difficult already, but being a single dad is its own trial in a society that is still catching up to the idea of men doing domestic tasks, and thus doesn't prepare them for it. Hunstville, Alabama-based Darious Bland, who has been a single father for seven years, is well aware of the steep learning curve fathers face having been forced to learn many things he never thought he would have to do, like how to do his daughter's hair.

"When I…


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