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FEATURE: Trinidadian-Canadian artist Ishmil Waterman creates ode to famous fashion photographer Herb Ritts

Feast your eyes on this sumptuous black and white editorial series by photographer Ishmil Waterman, a Toronto-based artist of Trinidadian heritage. The series is an ode to famous fashion photographer Herb Ritts and features costumes designed by Huis Van Suri for Toronto's Caribbean festival in Caribana. Waterman’s gorgeous images were also featured in Vogue Italia. Check ‘em out down below!

By Erin White, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Cape Town-based art student Nicolas Van Graan and model Sanele Junior Xaba promote self-love with conceptual series

Nicolas Van Graan is a third year graphic design student from Cape Town. The conceptual photo series down below is a collaboration between Van Graan and friend and model Sanele Junior Xaba was developed around the concept of self-love in the face of a society that tells us that are natural existence isn’t good enough. A society that conditions us to second-guess ourselves and shame us for anything considered to be undesirable. “Loving ourselves is probably one of the most…


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I followed you in your dreams.

To see, la peine jamais vu.

I couldn't believe it at first sight.

I refused to at the second.

The struggle too real to be true....

Awhile it is nature.

The screensavers, files and behaviour,

qui sont presque jamais vu.

The misbelief and the make believe, to what is.

I hope you don't mind.

Mind you, I…


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INTERVIEW: SATE Speaks On Her Inner Warrior And Why She Will Continue To Fight For Her Voice To Be Heard

Hailing from Toronto, CA, blues-rock singer SATE is busy preparing for the release of her forthcoming album, RedBlack&Blue, out next month. SATE (formerly known as Saidah Baba Talibah) is known for her impassioned spirit, unapologetically fierce sexuality and high energy performances. On August 27th, the phenomenal funkstress will be taking to the AFROPUNK Fest stage to rock the crowds. speaks to SATE about her musical journey. …


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FEATURE: São Paulo’s Mercado Negra project enables Afro-Brazilian female entrepreneurs with fair wage and business ownership opportunities

Mercado Negra is an initiative that has created by Dara Ribeiro, Ketty Valencio and Mariana Mári, as a spaces that encourages black women to create, produce and sell their products which as strengthened economic relations within the black community in São Paulo. The project operates as a fair trade-like model where the only cost to exhibit their products is a symbolic price for the space maintained. The rest of the earnings are theirs.

In Brazil, black people…


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FEATURE: Visual artist Daniela Yohannes explores the metaphysical on the road to self-discovery

Before we are born expectations are immediately assumed for us and individuality is often times not promoted. In the case of British artist Daniela Yohannes, she has found refuge, enlightenment, and guidance through her wondrous paintings of surrealism & abstraction. Life experiences have enabled her to break free of the artifices society has created. She has used art to help redefine not only herself but also provide a perspective for others to the same. Daniela inputs…


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FEATURE: French-Congolese fashion designer Natty Kongo mixes punk style with ancient African iconography

Natty Kongo is a French-Congolese fashion designer and musician who draws much of his design inspiration from rock-n-roll culture, abstract neo-expressionist artist like Basquiat, and African iconography and symbols. “During a trip to Kinshasa, an ancestral vision was revealed to me by elder Mangongele, which inspired the creation of an artistic concept and clothing line, as a tribute to our African heritage,” Kongo told us. Check out Natty Kongo’s most recent collection,…


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NEW MUSIC: Rocker Andy Miles releases DIY punk-rock track 'Constitution Hill' under newly launched Limited Space Records

As most budding/struggling/starving artist know, the wait for world-wide success, or, at the very least, steady opportunities for exposure and money-making can take a lifetime. That’s why multi-talented artist like Milan-born rocker Andy Miles are taking matters into their own hands. Now based in London, Miles and collaborator Danny Bradshaw are known as the punk-rock duo, The Connectors. As a solo artist, Miles has begun releasing DIY, self-produced tunes under the banner…


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FEATURE: Bi-costal visual artist Jabari Jacobs shows off some serious editorial photography chops

Jabari Jacobs is a seriously talented, multi-purpose bi-costal photographer. Jacobs excels at everything from live musical performance photography, commercial and experimental editorial. His work has been commissioned by the likes of Interview Magazine, Paper, NY Times, BET, MTV, Wilhelmina, The Fader, Paper Mag, Pitchfork, and way, way more. You may have seen his photography as the cover art for some of our favorite records, like The Internet’s ‘Ego Death’.…


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NEW MUSIC: Ill Fated Natives 'Savages EP' Draws Solidarity Among Indigenous People The World Over With Their Powerful Blues Stomp #SoundCheck

With a murky blues stomp and spiritually ecstatic vocals and instrumental work, Philly's Ill Fated Natives achieve the seemingly impossible with their debut EP: they conjure the feel of getting lost in a damn good live performance on record. There's an honest musical chemistry between the members that helps the members trace the line between songwriting and jams, and the interplay between guitarist Otheni Thompson and Joseph Pointer is intoxicating, as on the epic coda to…


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OP-ED | To Black Women: No, Azealia Banks is not the reason why "no one wants to work with us"

I heard of Azealia Banks in early 2012, while still in high school, still living in Germantown, Maryland. This was around the same that I discovered Mykki Blanco, Cakes da Killa, LE1F, and Junglepussy. This was the new exciting sound coming out New York’s queer, inclusive, underground arts scene—I use the term “inclusive” loosely, as it’s only as inclusive as New Yorkers ever could be. Around this time, there were a lot of underground musicians on the West Coast…


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FEATURE: Get a first glimpse of Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe and Octavia Spencer in Fox 2000’s NASA Drama “Hidden Figures”

Official initial stills for Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe, and Octavia Spencer’s NASA drama, 'Hidden Figures' were recently released by the New York Times. The Fox 2000 film centers around three black female mathematicians who were involved in NASA’s Friendship 7 mission—an endeavor that resulted in astronaut John Glenn…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Paris-based songstress NORAA heads to tropical Jamaica in Patrice-directed video ‘By You’

Our first premiere of the day comes from Paris-based German-Chadian singer/songwriter NORAA. 'By You', which is directed by Sierra Leonean-German producer and reggae musician Patrice, finds the songstress amongst the tropical Jamaican landscape, shrouded in an ethereal, dream-like glow. “’By you’ came a long way. First idea was recorded in a bathroom somewhere in Europe while being on tour. Then later produced in Paris and now visualized in Jamaica by Patrice,” NORAA tells…


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Mixed media piece "Coincide" depicts an image of Queen Nanny of the Maroons. She has in her hand an abeng horn and is communicating to Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Nanny was born around 1686 and became leader of the Jamaican Maroons alongside her "brothers", Accompong, Cudjoe, Johnny and Quao…


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NEW VIDEO: Brazilian rapper Rincon Sapiência releases empowering tribute video for Brazil’s Slavery Abolishment Day

The Brazilian rapper Rincon Sapiência launched the music video for his new single on the Brazilian Slavery Abolishment Day and remembers: if the things are looking black, the things are looking good.

"A coisa tá preta (things are looking black)”, title of this new single, is an expression often used in Brazil to say that something is too hard, bad, ugly. It is one of many expressions used in Brazil that carry a legacy of the slavery times in that country. Always…

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NEW MUSIC: Willow and Michael Cera collaborate for dreamy lullaby-of-a-track ‘twentyfortyeight2.0’

A few days ago Willow and DJ Michael Cera (???) released a music-like track called ‘twentyfortyeight2.0’. The spoken word release runs only 1:47 minutes long and is set to an ambient, kind of numinous soundscape that meanders somewhere above the clouds and between Mars. The whole thing is very cinematic and it would be interesting to hear an expanded version in the future.…


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FEATURE: Indianapolis’ White Moms make us swoon with captivating mix of punk rock and electronic weirdness

Their band name alone is enough to make you swoon, Indianapolis’ own White Moms has a dizzying and captivating body of work. Rock-n-roll at their core, White Moms mix punk rock with electronic ambience and dreamy shoegaze. Their newest release, ‘White Wine’ (listen below) is raw with garage rock riffs and lo-fi static and elements of the psychedelic. Very cool, unique, and refreshing. Check ‘em out down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: London-based photographer Ade Okelarin presents dynamic juxtaposition of remarkable attributes in ‘Skin’ project

Scarfication isn’t for the faint of heart, but even if you’re not bold/brave enough or interested in marking your body with raised scars, boy oh boy, do they look neat. Photographer Ade Okelarin’s (aka àsìkò) ‘Skin’ project presents a dynamic juxtaposition of remarkable traits; including a pair of freckle-kissed black gingers. The London-based artist is known for his highly conceptualized and stirring editorials that linger in your mind long after viewing them. Check ‘Skin’…


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FEATURE: 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits." …


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FEATURE: Salvador-based photographer Tamires Allmeida uses artistic representation as a form of protest with AFROdivasedivos

AFROdivasedivos is a photographic project from Salvador-based artist, Tamires Allmeida. “The project is not only a photo shoot, it is a form of protest. A form of repositioning blackness within our universe.” A quote from poet Jonatas Cesario from whom Allmeida drew inspiration from in creating this representational project. The vastness of AFROdivasedivos is impressive on its own and the images themselves are certainly compelling to look at. They range in style…


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