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VIDEO PREMIERE: AfrotroniX calls for a united Africa in 'Sinon Le Pays Va Tomber'

As we're gearing up for AFROPUNK Paris 2016, we're premiering the brand-new video from AfrotroniX, who will perform at the event on June 3rd. An afrofuturistic extravaganza, an ode pan-africanism directed by Seif Abdelkerim and Mat Rich.

Afrotronix tells us: "The tittle of the song 'Sinon Le Pays Va Tomber' means 'Or Else The Country Is Going Down'. In this song I say…

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NEW MUSIC: Step into ZULUZULUU electro-soul, darkly ambient track ‘Fades’

Steps into the dark, intergalactic universe of ZULUZULUU’s ‘Fades’—a dark ambient, electro-soul track buzzing with sensual energy. Politely packed with spaced-out synths and soothing R&B melodies and vocals. “‘Fades’ is a great introduction into the ZULUZULUU philosophy; let’s fade away the novelty and save the day for prophecy. We waste so much time attempting to please each other with small talk. Can we hold some authentic conversation and challenge each other…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Sydney-based afro-beat fusion band True Vibenation drops eclectic single ‘The World Is Ours’

One of our premieres today comes from Sydney-based afro-beat jazz band True Vibenation and their single ‘The World Is Ours’. The enthusiastic Afro-Australian trio prides themselves of on DIY process that enables them to fuse an array of soundscapes inspired by Latin-beats, house music, synths, live instrumentation, and even hip-hop. “'The World Is Ours' is about our passion for what unifies us all as human beings and the beat is in a style we like to call 'Afro-Bounce'…


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Hi! I'm VYBZ

My name's Hassan Omari, but most people call me VYBZ. I'm from New Orleans, La and I'm an artist, producer, songwriter, and photographer. My passion is simply ART. It's my entire reason for living (that and food lol). I was always considered the "weird cool kid" all my life. Some people like me because I'm always being myself no matter what. Others... eh. They don't like it as much. But anyway, my dream is to make it big as an artist. I wanna create, bring my dreams to life. I plan on making a… Continue

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Tainted Saint author, AL Bey, on Genesis Radio

Yours truly, AL Bey, shares his views on "Tainted Saint" Anti-hero Origins, Urban Politics, & Afrofuturism.

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State of Black Science Fiction Convention - June 11-12, 2016, ATL, GA

Thanks Timothy Obialo for forwarding this event info!!!


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16 semi-finalists announced for AFROPUNK Brooklyn Battle Of The Bands 2016!

Congratulations to the 16 semi-finalists of AFROPUNK Brooklyn Battle Of The Bands 2016!

They will battle it out on June 21-24, 2016 in New York. The finals will be July 8th. Stay tuned for more info.

The winner will play at AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2016!

Rock on!…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Muthoni The Drummer Queen stops by to share her Narobi-set video ‘Make It Right’ feat. The Rambling Wheels

‘Make It Right’ feat. The Rambling Wheels takes Muthoni The Drummer Queen back in time in brand new music video directed by 8278A. The retro-inspired song is the product of a collaboration between the effortlessly powerful soulstress and producers HOOK and GR and its video is filled with ancient Egyptian and Nubian imagery and shot on location in Nairobi, the local artist plays reincarnated personifications of shame, guilt and love; all of which are in a perpetual…


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You will remember R&B trio Rough Copy, from The X Factor in 2013, where they reached the semi-finals, finishing fourth - a feat that garnered the band a major record deal with Epic…


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Look up, smile, crop, color...

Look up, smile, crop, color...

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Check out the Jamil Honesty Fan Page!

Baltimore emcee, Jamil Honesty is just that honest in his content. Songs of life's ups and downs and God stitch together his story. Check out the Jamil Honesty Fan Page on Facebook at …


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Macabeats x Cool FD - Pardon My French

Jamil Honesty aka Macabeats emcee/producer (Baltimore, MD) and Cool FD (Orleans, FR) release their first common album, "Pardon My French", 100% produced by the French beatmaker, Cool FD. The 15 track album features Dirt Platoon, Don Streat, S.O.N., Jigsaw, Mic Handz, Slum…

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PREMIERE: Filmmaker ETA creates diversity in mumblecore, coming-of-age genres with understated feature film 'Stockton 2 Malone'

Filmmaker and fine artist ETA inserts intersectional, diverse identities into the mumblecore genre with coming-of-age feature film 'Stockton 2 Malone'. As a 1st generation Vietnamese-American, and the son of refugees, ETA uses his perspective to challenge and explore themes of nature vs. nurture, free-will and determinism, and the subtleties and fluidity of social structures. The film itself, which is part two of a triptych, centers around a group of…


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FEATURE: The sacred lake of the Venda tribe inspires Johannesburg-based fashion label Fundudzi’s AW2016 collection

Fundudzi is a Johannesburg fashion label created by designer Craig Jacobs. Drawing inspiration from the sacred lake of the Venda tribe, found in South Africa, Jacobs takes a naturalistic approach, color palette wise, by using colors reflected in the local landscape and wildlife. The mystical aura and traditional fabrics of their culture flavor the aesthetic of Fundudzi’s AW16 collection, as well as the scenic backdrop of the lookbook. See the AW16 collection,…


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'NEW MUSIC: Brooklynite Moxiie stands up for herself in experimental R&B track 'FVRS'

Today’s first feature comes from Brooklyn-born Haitian-American singer/songwriter, Moxiie. We’ve featured this R&B goddess a few times, so I’m excited to share her latest single 'FVRS' (pronounced ‘Favors’) with you guys today. ‘FVRS’ is a heady arrangement of R&B and ambience that was produced by Fredro “Fredrik” Odesjo which Moxiie uses to explore the concept of protecting one’s autonomy. “It’s about owning what I want and who I am, good and bad,” the singer…


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NEW MUSIC: "Post-metalgaze" rock band Cult of the Lost Cause Redefine Epicness on The Heavy 'Contritions' #SoundCheck

It's almost a shame listening to Cult of the Lost Causes's Contritions that the most epic thing most of us do on a day-to-day basis is conquer a massive burrito. This is music for traversing the Sahara solo on rhino-back. This is music for waiting for hours for the signal; your last arrow drawn and at the ready. At the very least, it's music for building a motorcycle from spare parts before riding it off into the sunset. Through 8 heavy heavy instrumental tracks, the…


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FEATURE: Brazilian DIY punk-rocker Moah shares video from self-produced EP’s lead single, ‘Alerta’

In São Paulo, Brazilian musician Moah released his first EP "Desivo" alongside a music video and a zine that explains the production of his music—a full-out package. Having done stints with the underground bands No More Lies and Life To Live, São Paulo, the 25 years-old launched into a solo career, as well as managing other projects.

The EP "Desvio", with four songs, crosses reflections on social and political crises with existential questions. Influenced by the…


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NEW MUSIC: DC-Based G.U.M.P. (Give Us More Power) Blends Post-Rock an Hip-Hop On 'Unusual' #SoundCheck

With a backing band that slides seamlessly between spaced-out jazzy jams and a heavy chorus, DC-based G.U.M.P. may be the first hip-hop group to seriously blend post-rock into their music. Lead vocalist Uno Hype's flow is halfway between sung and rapped so when he kicks in for that 2nd verse, it hits like a ton of bricks. On their latest single, “Unusual,” the band takes a page from Yasiin Bey's massively underrated Black Jack Johnson for a song about a dissolving…


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NEW MUSIC: South London singer/songwriter Jorja Smith releases summertime-ready ambient-soul track ‘Where Did I Go?“

I’ve been waiting for new music from South London singer/songwriter Jorja Smith for a few months now and I’m quite pleased to say that her newest track ‘Where Did I Go?’ is a worthy follow up to the stellar ‘Blue Lights’ and 'A Prince'. ‘Where Did I Go?’ Smith’s buttery vocals once again make me…


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NEW MUSIC: NYC-based MC Kemba dismantles over-simplification and respectability politics in “The New Black Theory”

‘The New Black Theory’ is the newest release, and clever analysis of anti-black culture, by MC Kemba. The powerful track borrows it’s name from that one time Pharrell Williams tried to over-simplify systematic racism and anti-blackness in America by saying "The New Black doesn't blame other races for our issues. The New Black dreams and realizes that it's not a pigmentation; it's a mentality." Through the song, Kemba picks apart the hollow statement, and similar ones, that…


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