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just getting out !

We have taken this journey before in other times and spaces in which we we're not familar with how we got here ,now as our final destination closes upon us what more should we say, do, and feel ?


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Petite Noir 'Noirse" Deptford Goth REMIX

We recently share Noirse from South African artist Petite Noir. The fun loving romance of a song has gotten remix with a slowed down, aethereal creation from Deptford GothWe'll show you our secrets, all right! Take a listen on this fresh new take on this already killer song!…


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CX KiDTRONiK's 'Krak Attack 2: Ballad of Elli Skiff' is noisy, overwhelming, and kind of genius. #SoundCheck

I was laid up in a hospital bed hooked up to a morphine drip the first time I ever heard Death Grips. Though Exmilitary has maintained a regular position on my playlist, it's taken a year and a half for someone to match that feeling of exhilaration, confusion, and total sensory overload. Brooklyn's…


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Video Premiere: Meet Badass UK Songstress Harleighblu

You guys got really excited when we introduced you to Harleighblu's music last month, and today we're premiering a mini-documentary about this badass UK-based singer/songwriter. While we wait for her debut album to be released September 23rd on Tru Thoughts Records, Harleighblu shares a few…


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Sheila and are are seeing other people and doing our own thing.

Sheila is the name I gave my phone.

Living out in the country is what I mean when I say that my phone have started seeing other people. I think it's good for us, but my phone isn't handling it too well. My phone has decided to eat all the pictures on my memory card. Actually it has made the card inaccessible. I think it's being childish, but what can I say? Obviously I would feel that way. 

sidebar: As I'm writing this I have…


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Lord of the Flies a.k.a my misadventures with a composting toilet

Spring had sprung and brough with it hundreds of baby flies.

I think I did something wrong. UGH

OK, as with all things BIG JOY, I have been learning as I go.

The Sun-Mar is a a dream. It is coast guard approved...blah di blah... but I still have flies.

I think I'm doing something incorrectly, and now I'm trying to find the cure.

I've looked at the trouble shooting guide and it says…


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Selections of poetry from The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess College Days of Future Past Volume One

Selections of poetry from The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess College Days of Future Past Volume One written by Talisha Harrison Copyright 2006


It’s what two people have in common

It’s the make-up of an object

It’s a…


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A Poem I wrote: No Justice No Peace

No Justice No Peace

By Talisha Harrison Copyright 3/26/12

When they were captured, sold, and brought over in chains to be auctioned off as property

They cried “No Justice No Peace.”

When they were strange fruit, hanging in the trees

They cried “No…


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Fellow AFROS!!!

I would just like to say that I really appreciate a site/organization like this for existing.  It's not often that you see something put together by a group of forward thinkers that is continually growing. I hope to meet you at some of the events.  #love

Added by Michael A Moss on May 30, 2013 at 4:57pm — 1 Comment

Students Protest School Closings in Philadelphia

By: Lindsey Rand, AFROPUNK Contributor 

On May 17th thousands of Philadelphia area students walked out in protest of the large budget cuts that are cutting many extra curricular programs from schools across the board and completely shutting down 23 others. This, though, is not…


Added by The Establishment on May 30, 2013 at 1:59pm — 1 Comment

Mermaid body found ( please read need feedback)

So I've been researching the new evidence of the mermaids I honestly believe they exist its so much in the world that we can't explain but it's evidence it's their look it up its live footage give me feed back and opinions? Is it something the government wants us to believe?

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Drive by

" music loud" pullin up at that red light yiu stop and you looking over to your right " eyes lock" shades on they got there's on to all you see is the face view you like dannnnnnggggg they cute they checking you out they busy a head nod you lean to get a closer look but try to play it off cuz they seem fly " lean In............ Smdh naw I'm good " green light" smash on the gas errrrrrrrrrr! Lmao ( random but true

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A mans game

F= female M= male f:Who is she? M: who her? Oh I don't know? F: hmmm you was looking at her? M: oh thought I seen her before. F: you say that every time lol come on for real m: mane they was looking at me f: smdh alright then (you ever been on this scenario lol

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Your lady

If she's your lady love her past her body love her soul her mind show her that she is beautiful and her beauty is no need to bind though all men want several girls show her why she is the chosen one show her if she is your lady that love can be fun if she is your lady don't comment on every lady you see but compliment her on the easy she is to makes you feel of she is your lady don't constantly tell her what she needs to change be for whatever makes her better but if its not change love her the… Continue

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Mourning The Death of God

It wont be too soon that I'll forget these past few months. This age of 23, leaving behind my teen-hood, and entering the obscurity of illusory "adulthood". Never before has life been so unpredictable, yet so banal in the same sequence. I will not forget the day a decade ago when I gave my life to Christ, in the efforts of saving my soul. The…

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"Black Chefs in the White House" in Denver

"Since George Washington took his slave chef, Hercules, to the nation's first capital in Philadelphia, African-Americans have worked in presidential kitchens, cooking for the first families as well as world leaders.

Hear their stories on…


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Tatts by Tee: British Model, Daniel Specta was afraid of needles. Now he's on his 65th tat and counting [interview]

Daniel Specta is a 25 year old model from London, England, who got his first tattoo at 19. His first tattoo, which he admits was a little pointless but necessary, was his DOB and initials on his chest. Terrified of needles Daniel felt like his first tattoo was a right of passage, a sort of coming of age. " I woke up saying…


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AFROPUNK FEST alum, and South Carolina singer/producer Toro y Moi has been remixed by some of the greats, as he has already proven time and time again, especially most recently with "So Many Details" featuring Odd future's Hodgy Beats. Now Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL has done quite a number on Chaz's "Rose Quartz" and it's another notch in both of their "look how dope I…


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Exclusive Interview - In Conversation with: Comedian Trevor Noah

Go see “Born A Crime” at The Culture Project in SOHO, now. It’s a new show by Trevor Noah—South African born comic with a unique perspective on being biracial and a kid during the apartheid--that is unabashedly funny and asks some hard-hitting questions about the boxes we allow ourselves to be put in. Noah speaks with AFROPUNK to debunk the myths about what his comedy is all about, discussing the hilarity of racist pasts to what he finds funny…


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UK's Electronic/Funk/Punk Spektrum is keeping the soul of disco alive on “Ambush in Istanbul.” #SoundCheck

The 2000's was a decade full of “disco.” The omni-present quasi-ironic finger quotes made a generation of kids raised on the anti-disco of bands like Nirvana able to appreciate the unabashedly cheesy pop of 70's disco. But over the past few years the ironic finger quotes have evaporated leaving behind just disco. Regular old disco. Not ironic. Fun, funky, and as sexy as ever. And British band Spektrum are definitely keeping that spirit of old-school Donna Summer…


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