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Spotlight On Funky Lady Andy Allo (Prince Collaborator, Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player)

Today we're putting the spotlight on Ms. Andy Allo. This funky lady is a Cameroonian singer, songwriter and guitar player who has toured extensively with Prince. She also released a solo album in 2009 and has a new project coming this summer. Scroll down to check out some of her music, footage of her on stage with Prince and more. How dope is this? - Lou C-D…


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Omar Live at Weeksville with Taylor McFerrin June 2 (NY)

This FREE concert presents emerging, mid-career, and legacy Jazz artists that represent revolutionary talent and artistry. In the tradition of the Free Form jazz movement we are interested in ways that artist are challenging the boundaries of their practice and the jazz genre by interrogating conventions in areas such as collaboration, harmonic structures, experimental improvisation, interdisciplinary work, and instrumentation.  Past artists have included Billy Bang, Olu Dara,…


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#SoundCheck – Body Language's Sexy New Single 'You Can'

DIY electro quartet Body Language unveiled their new video for the sexy new single 'You Can.' The track, from their 2011 Social Studies EP, shines with a wobbly analog synth line that would make Chromeo jealous. The ethereal three part boy-girl harmonies of singers Angelica Bass, Matt Young, and Grant Wheeler hover over a reverb drenched 808 beat. The song is an ode to the bad decisions made in the name of lust. "And you can stop / but you wont," they tease on the…


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Tha Original Gata in issue 10 of Diabolique Magazine

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It's Here! Azealia Banks' New EP '1991' + TOUR DATES

While you wait for Azealia Banks' debut LP 'Broke With Expensive Taste' (coming in September) and her mixtape 'Fantastic' (due out July 4 - get a free track here), here's her brand-new 4-track EP '1991'. It includes '212', the song that made her an Internet…


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STONE VENGEANCE and DigiTech! Click here-

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Rock/Soul Songbirds of Najuah Set To Release Debut EP

Rocking and rolling, often soulful and bluesy, Toronto-based band Najuah’s upcoming debut EP 'Misery & Love' "is a reflection on personal relationships chronicling the triumphs and pitfalls of romance". Stream a few tracks below to let us know what you think. As a bonus, some behind-the-scenes footage and the video for disenchanted single 'Devil'.

Devil by Najuah…


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#SoundCheck: Light Asylum's Self-Titled Debut Will Kick Your Ass

Dark wave duo Light Asylum open their self-titled debut full length with the epic 'Hour Fortress.' The song is built around a few simple repeating elements: an 8-bit bassline, a harsh dance beat, and a modulated synth lead. The instrumental may be minimal, but it creates a perfect backdrop for singer Shannon Funchess' super-human contra-alto to soar and crush. Her death-defying vocals shift from a low rumble to a scream in the blink of an eye. Synth player Bruno Coviello's…


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Conventions, Mosquitoes, and Relationships

Hello again! I’m back to spill the details of my life which aren’t really scandalous in the least and my idle thoughts about stuff that come to my mind as I journey on in this thing we call life. Sit back and enjoy:


Yesterday and Today I attended my second Anime Convention the Florida Anime Experience. I had a great time and enjoyed myself. I won’t be giving more details as I have to write two articles about my 2 day attendance for Toonari Post. Being a member of…


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Geeking Out With Music Live Podcast Tonight @ 9:30pm EST

My friend (@geekwholanded) and I do a live podcast where we talk about geeky stuff (comics, anime, etc) and we play music and take song requests from the listeners. Listeners can chat and call in to discuss what ever topic we're talking about. The show is unscripted and we're new to doing this (especially me) so come join the fun!

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Tha Original Gata on the Cooking Channel tonight!!

Hey guys!!

Just letting you know that I will be on the cooking show tonight on the Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia. Its a crazy fun new cooking show. 

Comes on at 11:30pm est. If you get the chance, check it out.

Added by THA TRUE ORIGINAL GATA™ on May 25, 2012 at 9:21pm — 2 Comments

Tha Original Gata in Fangoria Magazine

Hey guys. 

I hope everyone is blessed and well. I woke up today, so that counts as a MAJOR blessing.

Anywho, I just wanted to share with you guys that I'm in fangoria magazine this month issue #314 with the Beautiful Debbie Rochon on the cover. 

Its just a runner, but its there and I'm proud.

Thank you guys for reading…


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Donna Summer: The Original Dance-Punk

From 1974's Love To Love You Baby until 1983's She Works Hard For The Money Donna Summer was an unstoppable force on the pop landscape. Spawning 14 Top 10 singles in her decade long collaboration with producer Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer's soulful coo has had a profound influence on nearly every female pop vocalist from the last 3 decades. In memory of her tragic death from lung cancer last week, we're looking at her slightly less celebrated legacy as the…


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Black Witch: "Okay, Mr. Illuminati: Redux"

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you most likely saw my first (and only?) mention of secret societies on BW: “Okay, Mr. Illuminati” (Afro-Punk's Version). I still think that is among one of my favorite posts. This is a revisit…


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Tattoo Of The Week: THA ORIGINAL GATA™, Feline Of All Trades

Meet THA ORIGINAL GATA™, self-proclaimed "feline of all trades", a vocalist, actress, comic book model. Sporting 17 tattoos, she takes her ink seriously. Don't forget to send us pictures of your tattoos and your answers to the questionnaire below to to be featured as our tattoo of the week.

Who are you?

Tha Musician

I'm the lead vocalist for a balls to the wall band called Negro Childe. "Negro Childe is a fusion…


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#SoundCheck: Blood Sugar X returns from a 7 year hiatus with The Dead Dumb Happy Life - Volume 1

It's been seven years since we last heard from Blood Sugar X (formerly known as Blood Sugar). I assume the name change is like when a pre-Wolverine Logan was known Weapon X and has something to do with the addition of Adamantium.) After a near-fatal car accident, fed up with the commercial music industry Singer Xavier Dphrepaulezz took a hiatus. He decided to test the waters again after seeing how his newborn son responded to his music. The end result is the frequently awesome…


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Black Yale Students Take A Field Trip To... Cuba, Get A Taste Of "Revolution"

Director Robin J. Hayes is sharing his 'Black and Cuba' project with the Afro-punk community. Hayes says: "It shows how communities of color work together to overcome obstacles and create change." "At Yale ten years ago, I started the journey of making 'Black and Cuba' with a vibrant, brilliant group of friends. Feeling like misfits at this elite institution, we banded together and adventured to Cuba to see how revolution lives. During our journey, we discovered how love will…


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STREAM: New Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Track 'Bey'

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) revealed a really clever new track via It was released as a tribute to Notorious B.I.G.'s and Malcom X's birthdays, and consists of Bey's take on Lil' Wayne's 'John'. It's the second track off his 'Top 40 Underdog' project (the first one being 'N****s In Poorest'): “The tradition, taking someone's song and making your version of out of it, is not new…


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THA ORIGINAL GATA on the cover of another comic called; THE VENGEANCE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW

Coming comicbook called 

 graphic novel cover artwork, in progress. Graphite and digital painting 2011- 2012. Artwork by Bobby Ray Akers Jr. and Dennis M Willman.
  Features  With …

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