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My Thoughts: Misunderstandings within the Human Race.

NOTE: There are misspellings and punctuation errors in this note but these are my random thoughts that I just put down. This note is more like an informal journal.

I have done so many research (well not really classified as "research") and have found that different cultures, just people in general, seem to have misconceptions about the other( that's a "no duh" statement, i know). They generalize based on what they "feel" is…


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'Dark Girls' Doc Tackles Colorism In The Black Community

Is 'colorism' still an issue today? This is 2011, and yet we live in a world where some dark skin people still feel looked down on and belittled. 'Dark Girls' is a documentary set for release later this year, featuring interviews with women about their experiences, not only in the world at large, but also within the Black community.

Check out some excerpts below. What's your take on this, and what has been your experience? - Lou C-D…


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Jehovah's Witness could have gotten shot today.

Some woman stopped her car next to me while I was waiting for the bus after walking Emily to work. I almost pulled my weapon and drew down on her. Foolish lady. She was quite nice, offering me some Jehovah's witness pamphlet. I politely declined and she politely accepted my refusal. Don't pull your car over next to someone if it's not on fire, it's not kosher to your health and well-being.

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Post Your Favorite Gil Scott-Heron Pieces

You heard the news guys, groundbreaking poet/spoken-word artist/activist Gil Scott-Heron passed away. What better way to celebrate his legacy than to share your favorite pieces? His often political work set the stage for numerous artists, musicians and MCs. Please post the ones you love and your memories in the comments.

For those of you who are not familiar with his work, here are a few of his…

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Nigeria 70


A great collection of music from 1970s Lagos, Nigeria.

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Geek Manifesto from Nerdista

May 25th was chosen as Geek Pride Day because it’s the date the first Star Wars film A New Hope premiered in 1977.

1st published in the Spanish paper El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno in 2006, the Geek Manifesto outlines the basic rights and responsibilities of geeks.

Geek Manifesto


    The right to be even geekier.

    The right to not leave your house.

    The right to not like football or any other sport.

    The right to associate with other… Continue

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indignation camps

 Living in Bayonne close to Spanish border in the Basque country; we naturally support our people in Spain, north Africa and middle est.

There are many camps everywhere on earth,…


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PREVIEW: Elevator Fight Reveal Trippy Songs From Upcoming Album

AP members Elevator Fight (with front woman Zoe Kravitz) revealed new tracks from their upcoming album 'Post Empire', and we have them right here for ya. Maybe you've seen them rock the Afro-punk Festival a couple of years ago (see pics below), in which case you know what to expect: daring, guitar-heavy rock and pop songs. Punchy at times ('New Pussy'), trippy ('500 Birds'), check them… Continue

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Ask Black Witch

Firstly, I have some very good news: Black Witch has been nominated for a Black Weblog Award in the Faith Category! That means I have been invited to L.A. for the first ever live BWA ceremony. Help me win though, I still need votes. Here's the ballot (faith blogs are the 6th category) and remember, one vote… Continue

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Ask Black Witch

Firstly, I have some very good news I have learned recently. Black Witch has been nominated for a Black Weblog Award in the Faith Category! That means I have been invited to L.A. for the first ever live BWA ceremony. Enable to win though, I still need votes. Here's the ballot (faith blogs are the 6th category) and remember,…


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5/25 Playlist Urban Rock Radio Show WHFR.FM

7 * 5:13 O(+> Prince & The New Power Generation 

She's Always In My Hair 6:31 The B-Sides Prince 

While My Guitar Gently Weeps 6:23 RnR Hall of Fame Prince, Tom Petty, Dhani Harrison, J… 

First I Look At The Purse 2:57 The In Crowd (disc 4) The Contours 

Can You Jerk Like Me 2:26 The In Crowd (disc 3) The Contours 

Black Cat * 4:51 Janet Jackson 

Young Gunz * 3:27 Elle Songs 

Stronger * 5:42 Amanda Ray Amanda Ray - 

Body Of Gold * 4:59 Amanda Ray Amanda… Continue

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Did you know that there is a such thing as Cyborg Anthropology? Are you aware that you are maintaining two lives? Right now someone is on your Facebook wall. Right now someone is tweeting you and you are not physically there!


Seven City Art Society presents The Art of Social Media. This is an introduction to social media for artists, parents, educators, businesses and community! Are you managing your social media or is social media managing you?



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AP Quickie: Unreleased Tracks From The Weeknd Leaked

Buzzing Toronto-based R&B act The Weeknd used to be in production team The Noise. Tracks he produced during that time surfaced online, as shared by Pigeons And Planes. Watchu think?

Unreleased The Weeknd by…

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I feel invincible

So I have been dealing with money problems lately and I never thought I would be. I ha 700 dollars saved in my account once upon a time and things started to dwindle, just like the hours I was getting at work. On top of that I finally really started buckling down on my spending, even though I didn't even spend that much to begin with) and started taking charge. I discontinued magazines that were trying to take my money, and on top of that AT&T are a bunch of liars and put my account into…


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INTERVIEW: Graveshift, A Family Affair

I had the pleasure to speak with Graveshift, a young band from the Bronx. It’s a family band that consists of four unique siblings. The eldest is the bassist, Erica (21), then the lead guitarist Alexis (18), the drummer Joshua (15) and Jonas the lead vocalist (14). Starting out six years ago, the band’s name stems from the family last name, Grave, melded with the term “graveyard shift” because on their first gig, they were the very last act to go on, and the last shift of the work… Continue

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What does a line do?


Hello, Hello, Hello to you, if you're reading this. My name's Errick, but you can call me "Pach" (as in Patch Atomz). I'm not really much of a blogger fact I don’t think I've ever blogged before. Well ..mmmmmaybe once, but you get the idea. Yes, I guess you could call me a baby blogger. Hmmmhp ...what is a new blogger called anyways? ..."Frogger" LOL! Since it's considered a first time (-:~

...Anyways I just wanted to officially introduce myself to you all, here on AP.…


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So I have been watching AFRO-Punk from youtube for the past 4 years now and never really thought about applying to this wonderful community. I am really happy that I decided to make an account here so I can feel closer to, well, you could say roots. :) I hope I can meet really cool people and discover more amazing music on here.

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Upon Seeing Bob Kaufman, I saw Gunther Jackson

...You fought, you tried, you failed, you died.  Then, you were born when you saw the sun and it's fading light and sat all through a storm that never came -- instead you were left alone, with your dignity and determination to live to the end of a promise which you did not make and therefore could not break.  It was written that in dreams begin responsibilities – but the hard part is taking the dream into the afternoon sun…and watching it fade with the sinister cover of a five o’clock… Continue

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BBQ For Boobs June 26th 2011

@ The Joint

8771 West Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90035-2212

(310) 275-2619





dead end amelia

multitude of girls

brain dead burockracy

little esther

rhythm natives

wise intelligent

the Bots




in association w/

urban X awards

piddle productions



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Free Download: Toro Y Moi's Mixtape For Modular People

A freebie from a band playing this year's Afro-punk Festival? Sure! Click HERE to download the mix Toro Y Moi just did for the Modular People website, described as "a whimsical,… Continue

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