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NEW MUSIC: Echelon The Seeker Creates An Indie Afrofuturist Fantasia For the 21st Century On His Self-Titled Debut #SoundCheck

Here's a theory: there's literally nothing better than sweeping epic sci-fi concept albums. From the stunningly imagined future of Janelle Monae to the glorious absurdity of George Clinton's universe to the queer optimism of David Bowie, and what the hell I'm feeling generous, the compelling gibberish of Coheed And Cambria. There's something absolutely irresistible when an artist creates a rich world beyond the notes. On his self-titled debut, Echelon The Seeker weaves epic…


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How to unlearn toxic masculinity - Steps to better understanding gender

Context is key. “The medium is the message”. When we talk about social constructs like gender and race, recognizing context is fundamental to understanding why and how these identifiers exist and what they signify in the only two context’s in which they matters—social perception and the subsequent personal experiences that result because of those perceptions.

Women have different experiences, but they are not different beings.

Ultimately, working…


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Brazilian photogropher Luiz Moreira turns the beauty of the Black body into reparations in new editorial 'MIDAS'

In Greek mythology, King Midas ruled the city of Phrygia and had an intense passion for gold. One day, the God of wine, Dionysus, visited the city and granted the king's wish that everything he touch would turn into the valuable metal. The story is a cautionary tale about gluttony that ends tragically, but a new re-imagining by Brazilian photography Luiz Moreira turns the story into a beautiful reparations-inspired message about the inner beauty of Blackness. In the…


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NEW MUSIC: Bloc Party's Kele Okereke shares West African mythology-inspired track, “Yemaya”

Ahead of the release of his first solo acoustic album, Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke shares his new track, “Yemaya”. A mellow, contemplative track that both hypnotic and unease, “Yemaya“ is melodic, story-like richness. “In the west African Yoruba religion, Yemaya is the mother goddess of the ocean, she is kinda the patron saint of pregnant women and fertility," …


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An ode to sisterhood - my best friend was key to my recovery from depression

"He's cheating again," I whispered into the phone, fighting through the brain fog that my newly prescribed depression meds gave me. "He's trying to leave me for another girl after I lost our baby."

It had only been 4 and half months since I'd lost my son, and as I sat staring at pictures of my man smiling and kissing another woman, the reason why he'd become so mean and distant, I began to tremble. In a calm voice, my best friend Keisha said "I'm so sorry,…


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Stream Gorillaz' new album ft. Grace Jones, Danny Brown, De La Soul, Kelela & more

After giving fans anticipation overload with leaked track listings and dropping song after song in the lead up to its release, the wait is finally over for the new Gorillaz album, Humanz!

Humanz is the group's first studio album in nearly 7 years. For fans of the band, the 26 track offering with…


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The hair politics of Black boyhood: how I came to refuse white standards of respectability

I know everyone has a bone to pick with Shea Moisture’s erasure of black womanhood. And I was anxious to dig deep into it until I recognized the company also sells hair products for black men and even a black man was featured briefly in the controversial commercial.

It had me scratching my head, why was the black man’s experience with hair being swept under the rug? The great lie that ‘Everybody gets love’ is a laughable and tearful campaign slogan. The…


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Toronto-based photographer Kibby Kibwana 'Embrace's body positivity in powerful new editorial

When it comes to showcasing all body types and appearances, fashion photography has a major problem. Because beauty is associated with bodies privileged in a white-supremacist, fatphobic, ableist society, models are supposed to fit those ideals. Rather than being a benign example of playing the hand dealt, what magazines and photographers that continually project these images ultimately do is reinforce social acceptance of these oppressive standards, contributing to further…


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Alabama Shakes are coming to a city near you to rock TF out

Good news for fans of Blues-Rock band Alabama Shakes, the group recently announced additional dates for their current tour, adding stops in Albany, NY, Shelburne, VT, Boston, MA, and Portland, ME, this summer. ‘Shakes fans in the rest of the country will still have a chance to catch them this week at two stops in Louisiana, in Pasadena on June 24 at…


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France-based visual artist Léa-Paloma Rydlova celebrates African hair and beauty in vibrant paintings

Get into the colorful paintings of French artist Léa-Paloma RydlovaBut. Paying particular attention to Black hair and Black women's bodies, the artist's work is full of bold colors, creating her distinctive style. In one a piece, a Black woman with a full, golden fro holds the world in her hands, as if to reclaim it. The works are a celebration, but also a powerful challenge to society's white-centric beauty standards. See our favorite pieces, below and follow Rydlova on…


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OP-ED: Black people who don't vote are not stupid, and many vote pushers are anti-Black

For most of my schooling, I was treated as somewhat of a golden child. As an advanced placement student in a majority Black district, where most of the other Black kids weren’t surpassing their white peers scholastically like I was, the fact that I seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of my ivy-league older siblings did not go unnoticed by the approving adults in my life.

Not only did my “achievements” translate materially in the form of scholarship money,…


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Visual artist ActionHankBeard caricaturizes pop culture with expressive illustrations

Check out the playful pop culture-inspired work of artist and illustrator ActionHankBeard. Taking cues from 90s animation and pop art history, more broadly, AHB’s illustrations perfectly, using geometric shapes to caricaturize and capture the personalities and auras of iconic black figures, like the cast of ‘Martin’ and ‘The Fresh Prince’, to characters from the anime and beyond. As well as the everyday folk he does commissions for. See some of our favorite pieces done by…


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Black French journalist Audrey Pulvar suspended for signing anti-Marine Le Pen petition

After signing a petition against racist/xenophobic/Islamophobic/Holocaust-denier adjacent French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, French TV host Audrey Pulvar has been suspended from her job until after the election. Pulvar, who hosts the CNews show “The Grand…


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NEW MUSIC: Queer hip-hop artist Christopher Lovell is one to watch with his mixtape “GATEKEEPERS”

With soundscapes that reflect the diversity of his creative endeavors, the playwright and actor who graduated from the Harvard University/American Repertory Theatre graduate acting program, hip-hop artist Christopher Lovell’s “GATEKEEPERS” is an eclectic mix of energetic and soulful melodies.

The religious themes are heavy, though, causing the collection to veer into the realm of gospel in the same ways that keeps me from enjoying artists like Chance The Rapper,…


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Solidarity with other POC shouldn't result in the erasure of Black people's specific issues

Merriam-Webster defines solidarity as "unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards." The term is often used in social justice spaces to highlight the necessity of a mass movement–a coalition across diverse communities to combat the interlocking systems of oppressive violence against marginalized people.



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Black existentialism is explored through the lens of technology in thought provoking short film ‘Inertia’

Brandon Markell Holmes’ short film ‘Inertia’ is a visceral and imaginative exploration of black existentialism as viewed through the lens of technology and narcissism. The interdisciplinary visual project uses vintage footage of black American iconography and culture, from advertising to the church to Malcolm X.

‘Inertia’ confronts the self, identity on a metaphysical level, as well as a social. Taking on themes of religion, binary codes, and digital space for…


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Anderson .Paak is working with Nile Rodgers, Bruno Mars & Disclosure on NxWorries project

Via Instagram, ‘Malibu’ singer Anderson. Paak hinted at an upcoming collaboration with tourmate Bruno Mars, Nile Rodgers (Hitmaker in hand) and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure. While the video features no new music itself, the clip itself shows sequences of studio footage that was captured at Abbey Road Studios by touring photographer Felix Dickinson and…


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PREMIERE: Folk-rock singer Andy Palmer pays tribute to Harriet Tubman in powerful new single "Black Moses"

Denver-based Andy Palmer has the type of timeless voice you'll never forget. Weighty and full of emotion, the folk-rock singer's music has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, hypnotic in its ability to be both full of strength and vulnerability simultaneously.

A former New York City public defender, the artist describes his work as "struggling with contradiction," something he views as inherent to the practice of law. His third and latest…

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Body positive photographer Rochelle Brock wants a bigger, rounder, Blacker movement

ution and journey of self-love. Others feel it is a watered-down version of fat acceptance, and yet others feel it leaves entire communities behind altogether. I say if you have a body that is devalued and uncelebrated in today’s society, this movement should serve you — plain and simple.

This is the motivation behind this weekly series, an intersectional look at body positivity that includes perspectives of different people living life in a marginalized body. We kick… Continue

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Hey SheaMoisture, without Black women there would be no natural hair business

Back in fall of 2010, I remembered feeling like myself after a lifetime of conformity weighed on my shoulders. One Friday night in a crowded Black-owned beauty salon, I watched strand after strand of my relaxed hair fall to the ground, revealing nothing but close-cropped, tight coils that laid close to my scalp. The entire salon was silent, and I couldn’t help but beam. At 17, I had completed one of the most monumental moments in my life: I had big-chopped and begun my…


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