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Black Witch: "Black Magick, White Magick"

Any decent book on witchcraft will tell you that despite what popular media say, there's no such thing as black or white magick, just intent. But still, even among witches the term "black magick" is used in reference to hexes and jinxes, and is partly accepted. We as witches understand that magick itself is not evil - it's just utilizing the natural energies of the universe to bring about change. But the colorizing of different types of magick (white magick, green magick,…


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AP History: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The origins of rock and roll are hazy at best. Seemingly every year someone steps up with a new claimant to the title “first rock and roll record.” The fact is that musical genres are more convergent phenomena than inventions, though it's hard to resist the urge to point at one recording and declare: “This is where it began!” (Just look at how easy it is to spark a heated argument about the origin of punk rock...aaaaaaand GO.). Nevertheless, in a genre infamous for it's “boy's…


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Rockstar In Training: Being a Tortured Artist

I’ve been working hard on solidifying the songs for my first solo album, “The Awesomest of Them All.” I’ve been drawing concept art, re-writing songs, starting new songs. I have been thinking about props, stage setups and costumes. I’ve even been thinking ahead to the creative concept for my next album. I am stressed the fuck out, y’all.

Words by Pam Newman

I try not to… Continue

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Black Witch: "Dreamin' of Something"

Dreams are very weird things. Anything can happen in them and they're not always easy to interpret, because the human mind is really complex. As a dream interpreter, I find dreams amazing because the mental landscape is vast and expresses way more than the physical landscape ever could. Dreams may be complicated but with a grasp of how they (and the brain and the mind) work, they're pretty interesting and helpful.

I have a set list of protocol that I've developed when… Continue

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'Romeo And Juliet' Explained By Kenyan Punk Kid Djae Aroni! :-P

Artist statement: "I'm here to write about how craptcular this world is and how amazingly shitty we all are, yes, all of us, each and every single human being out there. Can I describe this blog? Not really, you can read it and analyze it from your point of view and maybe shed some light on what the hell I'm blabbing about. I'm just a bored kid with nothing better to do." With that said...

"Romeo and Juliet."…


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OPINION: Christian Terrorist in America

For at least the last decade we have been inundated with news casts, headlines, images and propaganda about radical Islam and the terror network hell bent on killing Americans and destroying this country. I normally try to hold my tongue when I hear someone regurgitating messages of hate towards anyone and or anybody. But in a recent argument with a close friend of mine, who is an ordained pastor in the Christian faith, I asked him a question I could not get a straight answer too.… Continue

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Who Should Play The Afro-Punk Festival This Year, Uh?!

Alright AP fam, it's time to get things going for the yearly stage-rocking, crowd-surfing, mosh-pitting :-P AP extravaganza. It will take place August 27th & 28th in New York (ATL and Chicago dates to be announced later). Of course, the main question is: who should be rocking that stage and surfing that crowd right? So you tell us! Who are your favorite bands from the AP community? Post links in the comments section below.

If you're in a band, please post a link to your…


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Lonely Afro-punk

Is loneliness a part of the afro-punk experience? Or is being an afro-punk a part of the lonely experience? These are two of the many questions that come to mind on a day to day basis. I've become so used to being the oddball in most situations that I tend to shy away from highly social environments.

Lonely Afropunk

Words by…


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"You Say Hipster R&B, I Say Nappy-Headed Pop. Either Way, It's Offensive."

Hey guys, here's an interesting article written by Jozen Cummings for The Awl. Let us know what you think: "Two new projects are sparking a lot of discussion right now about the current state of R&B. The first is by The Weeknd, a mysterious singer (or group?) who has enjoyed a quick rise to critical-darling status since releasing the free debut album House of Balloons last week. The second is by Frank Ocean, the lone singer in… Continue

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Black Witch: Important BW Announcement/Nice To Know Ya

I am very sorry to announce that this is the last Black Witch column. It’s been a wonderful run, nearly at the one year mark too. I am truly happy and enchanted by all the wonderful people that I have met and the places I’ve gone. It’s totally world changing to me, I am very happy to see how this column/blog have influenced more people than I originally thought and how widespread it became in such short time. It’s really amazing and I’m very happy to see that there is a stronger… Continue

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