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NEW MUSIC: Lo-fi synth artist Willis Earl Beal aka Nobody puts on a mesmerizing show with new album ”Turn“

After making his mark with 2012's acclaimed Acousmatic Sorcery, Willis Earl Beal has spent the ensuing years gradually dismantling his music, and finally himself, walking away first from his deal with XL Recordings, eventually from his name, and even the idea of names at all. Willis Earl Beal is now Nobody. Despite his new nom de rien, the singer-songwriter's latest album Turn, may be his rawest and emotional album to date.

Opener “Stroll” sets the stage:…

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NEW MUSIC: London-based soul singer Melisa Whiskey gives a taste of the "Sweetest Cake" in playful new single

When London soul singer Melisa Whiskey dropped her first track "Played" in January, it was quickly picked up as a BBC Introducing Track of the Week, and BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Twin B also made it his Track of the Week. Her natural soul sound mixed with R&B and Gospel influences were immediately recognized as giving her an undeniable inventiveness, reminiscent of Anderson. Paak.

By Hari Ziyad*, AFROPUNK…


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Bullying Black Nerds for being "different" is a form of anti-blackness

When black kids bully other black kids who don’t conform to a normalized model of blackness, what is it about seeing someone who diverges from what they’re told that they must be, that triggers a negative reaction? Making fun of people, going out of the way to be cruel or rude to others, on its face, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe you’re just an asshole. But when you take aim at people who, at least, look like you and are members of your cultural community, what might…


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Sampha teams up with Kahlil Joseph for stunning short film "Process"

This morning, British singer and songwriter Sampha released "Process", a 36-minute short film serving as a companion piece to his album of the same name that dropped in February. Having contributed to the music of some of the biggest stars in the industry already–including Solange, Kanye West, Drake, and Frank Ocean–"Process" the album was expected to be critically acclaimed and did not disappoint. The film is no less stunning.…


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Opioid crisis in white suburbia gets compassion while POC get mass incarceration

It’s cute that politicians across the country are taking up the very real and very serious opioid addiction epidemic that’s taking place in rural and suburban white communities, but I can’t help but feel confused and overlooked by the fact black communities have been suffering because of drug abuse for decades.

Over the weekend, I heard a white politician from somewhere refer to drug addiction as “drug misuse”. My jaw almost hit the floor. Drug…misuse. “Oops, I’m…


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Why TF did tweeting "#BlackLivesMatter" get this cop in trouble?

Officer Gwendolyn Bishop, a Brooklyn cop who is Black, was recently hit with departmental charges for "inappropriately" writing on the 76th Precinct Twitter page when she replied to a post about a gun arrest in her precinct by an NYPD Special Ops team. The issue? Her reply included the hashtag "Blacklivesmatter."

According to the…


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Documentary about Afro-Italians actors celebrates '100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema'

New York-based Afro-Italian filmmaker and activist Fred "Kudjo" Kuwornu is taking on the media's issues with race and stereotypes in a new documentary, "Blaxploitalian 100 Years of Black in Italian Cinema." Born and raised in Italy, Kudjo began exploring race and identity at an early age under an Jewish-Italian mother and Ghanaian father. He previously produced and directed the Award-winning documentary "Inside Buffalo" about Black veterans who fought in Italy during World…


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PREMIERE: Belgium-based hip-hop artist Baloji serves Black excellence in video for "Capture"

Gearing up for his AFROPUNK Paris 2017 performance, Congolese-born, Belgium-based hip-hop artist Baloji's recently released his brand-new EP 64 Bits & Malachite, along with the recut video for the track "Capture." Baloji’s music blends traditional African music, hip-hop, French folk, soul, funk, jazz and electronic to create his distinct, compelling sound.

This version of "Capture"…


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Meet the Black female scientist breaking barriers in France and protecting our sky

Fatoumata Kebe is a 29-year-old astronomer who is one of 18 scientists recognized by Space Girls Space Women, a project dedicated to highlighting the achievements of women in space-related science professions. The French organization was founded by the European Space Agency in partnership with Sipa Press.

Kebe became fascinated with space when she was just 8-years-old after…


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Photo essay recognizes the identity struggles of women of color

Late for work and in a rush, my mother (who is Eritrean) changed lanes, ‘cutting off’ a man that was driving alongside of her lane. The man, who was Caucasian, then signaled and asked her to pull over to the side. My mother pulled over as he asked, and before she could even get out of the car, the man rushed out and started yelling at her for cutting him off. This was normal road rage behaviour; it was when he started shouting racial slurs, banging on her window,…


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Laura Mvula filming documentary on anxiety and depression with BBC

British singer/songwriter, two-time Mercury Prize nominee and two-time MOBO award winner Laura Mvula has a lot on her plate nowadays. In addition to joining us for AFROPUNK Paris 2017, the Birmingham-born star just wrapped filming on a documentary with BBC's Woman's Hour about struggling with anxiety and depression.…


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Mental health: setting boundaries in a relationship is a matter of survival

Identifying and setting personal boundaries, in any type of relationship, is a healthy and necessary measure of self-care. Boundaries that set your limitations or mark your standards for treatment and communication with others. In my experience, many of us don’t know how to set boundaries until these boundaries have been crossed. Survivors of abuse, like myself, can thrive in healthy future relationships by being in touch with the behaviors and red flags that are…


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Black patriarchy isn't pro-black, you're just trying to control Black women

Many pro-black groups are turning into Men’s Rights Activists. Rather than spreading good knowledge on forgotten African kingdoms, I see more and more black conscious people discussing their fantasies of a black patriarchy. The conscious community’s support is for a black nation that has its own businesses, government and code of conduct. In theory, half of the ideas seem to be…


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Black nerds: being bullied by your peers as a kid is not an excuse for anti-blackness

You probably won't meet too many Black "Hari"s. You most certainly won't ever meet another Black "Hari-Gaura Bilal Das Ziyad". I was raised by a Black Hare Krsna (which is a branch of Hinduism) mother and a Black Muslim father in the majority Black city of Cleveland, OH. "Normal" has always been as foreign a concept to me as my Hindu and Arabic names have been to my peers.

It didn't help that my parents decided to home-school me until freshman year of high…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Indie-electro band The Digital Wild preach self-acceptance on their dreamy new single, “They Say”

“They Say” is the latest release from Austin-based indie-electro rockers, The Digital Wild’s forthcoming EP, ‘Tall As Trees’, out April 14th. A perfect balance of dream-pop and synth-electronica, “They Say” is a whimsical soundscape of audioable comfort and hopefulness. Lyrically, the band takes an introspective look at relationships, with others and with yourself. “They Say” presents a profound narrative that reminds listeners that they are not their mistakes, to forgive…


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Protests erupt ahead of cuts to education in Puerto Rico economic crisis to be worsened under Trump budget

Photo credit: Vice News

Thousands of students at the University of Puerto Rico began a one-week strike yesterday, protesting imminent multimillion-dollar cuts amidst a severe economic crisis. The… Continue

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Black feminist punk icon Poly Styrene’s fascinating life inspires documentary

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of X-Ray Spex’s game-changing album ‘Germfree Adolescents’, the life and times of legendary punk Queen and X-Ray Spex founder, Poly Styrene is being told in a feature length documentary, ‘Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché’. Co-written and narrated by Poly’s daughter Celeste Bell, "This…


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French Black entrepreneur launches new website to celebrate Black millennials

Tell. Inspire. Celebrate. That's the motto of an emerging French media website celebrating the untold stories of a Black millenials. Launched in 2010 by Chayet Chiénin, Nothing But The Wax was the first French specialized blog for African fashion. Concerned with the negative or lack of depictions of Black millennials, Chiénin decided to turn the blog into a full journalistic publication…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: PBDY x BUCHANAN's “I Was A Boy” Is An Eclectic Hip-Hop Gem #SoundCheck

Pairing time-worn drum samples with fluttering violins and an off-kilter rhythm, PBDY and BUCHANAN's “I Was A Boy” is unlike anything else. The 17 year old MC's vocals flit over the shifting beat, making his delivery insistent, almost jarring in its urgency. The lines don't so much flow as they intrude on each other as thoughts jump down a rabbit hole always returning to the reminder “I Was A Boy.” The song comes from the forthcoming Blender Ep out April 3rd. …


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Black Italian boxer’s erased history resurfaces in new documentary

Leone Jacovacci was a Congo-born African-Italian boxer who shook up the sport after his 1928 European middleweight title win over the heavily favored (by fascist leaders) white Italian boxer, Mario Bosisio. Enraged by Jacovacci’s achievement, Mussolini ordered his win—which signified the delegitimization of racist claims of inferiority held by the Fascists—to be erased from the record books. But a new documentary, “The Duce’s Boxer”, produced by Istituto Luce…


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