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Rockstar In Training: Motherlodge Like A Mother!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me! I am finishing up the songs for my solo album, “The Awesomest of Them All,” and I was asked to participate in a live & rockin’ performance for an event called Motherlodge! The selection of songs we performed were from Sly and the Family Stone’s Stand! and Dio’s Holy Diver. Extremely awesome! I was asked to be involved by a guy named Ray Rizzo. Ray is a totally awesome dude. He’s also a drummer extraordinaire and spectacular human being… Continue

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Who's On Top? - New Home Page Feature

As you all know, isn't just a news site, it's above all an interactive online community. There's a new spot on the home page dedicated to celebrating just that. It's called 'Who's On Top?' and will feature AP members who contribute to the website and whose content get feedback from other members (successful forum threads, most viewed pictures, videos, blog posts, etc.). For the first edition,… Continue

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A Quest to London Finds Rastamouse

On a recent trip to London, one of our contributors came across Rastamouse, a British animated entertainment series that features a reggae band who are mice dressed up in colorful outfits, rocking dreadlocks with Jamaican accents, well sort of Jamaican accents.  Since the discovery of Rastamouse, we've been debating whether this children's animated television show, which started airing on the UK BBC channel on… Continue

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Lois Lane Attempts Being Black For A Day

The 70s.  Oh, the 70s.  That interesting time in U.S. history when white people and black people were legally segregated and everyone hated everyone.  But what the 70s did spawn was inspiration for several things aside from just The Civil Rights Movement and the afro.  Out of the 70s came this Superman comic, when Lois Lane wanted to see what it would be like to be black for a day.  As the story goes, Lois attempts to speak to people on the black side of town, but no one will… Continue

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Black Witch: "Can You Keep A Secret?"

This is an old Black Witch Wordpress post from December, read the new BW series post: Fandom and the Fan. As for the "Travelin Light: Lasers Giveaway", the winner is Janae W.!  For any Witch, diviner or psychic that decides to do some social good, the ethics of confidentiality is always a big subject. Who do you tell, how much do you tell and how big of a mouth do… Continue

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Where the Bois Are: Bklyn Boihood is the Future

In order to truly understand the momentousness of New York’s Bklyn Boihood and the impact it stands to make on our community, first you need to get with this rapidly-growing “queer collective” concept.  See, New York City is a pretty gay city with a lot of gay players, but you’ll find a lot of lesbians whining that the only thing for lesbians to do here — or anywhere — is drink beer. We have the resources and the population here, but many still feel we lack…


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Fashion Photo Essay- ROBOTHUGS 2025

It was really cool to see some faces we're familiar with in this month's Vice fashion issue.  New York photographer, Aliya Naumoff, photographed a series called Robothugs 2025 using models Ibrahim Yaqut (who was a featured painter at the 2009 and 2010 Afro-punk Festival), model, Shaun Ross and the beautiful and tattooed, Omahyra, who we just can't get…


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Top 10 Black Cartoons Of All-Time

There have been many 70s cartoons, 80s cartoons, 90s cartoons and present day cartoons with African American cartoon characters. But very few have had the main character(s) be African American. Here are the best Black cartoons from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and today.

Top 10 Black Cartoons Of All-Time



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Daniel Chavis and The Veldt Show Us How It’s Done…Again

Chapel Hill, North Carolina was the site of a vibrant, alternative music scene in the late 80’s/early 90’s. While many of the bands had a unique sound and style, one band set themselves apart with regards to their own style, sound and look. The Veldt was a (predominantly) Black rock band whose sound lent itself to a three way tug of war between Prince, Echo and the Bunnymen and Jimi Hendrix. The band amassed a… Continue

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Rockstar in Training: Stop! GRAMMY time!

A year ago in the 2nd week of February I was playing my first out of town show with The Revenge of Ricky Williams and releasing our first independent EP, Past the Legal Limit a week later. Our first radio airplay followed a week after that. This year, I’m attended the 53rd annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles!  Okay, you’re surely like… what the hell is going on? How’d she manage that? Isn’t Pam still, “In traning?”  Let me start at the… Continue

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Film Photo Essay: Birth 0f a Hero with Musician, Jesse Boykins iii + Muse, Melissa Lyde

Aside from his smooth voice, up-and-coming singer, Jesse Boykins iii has impeccable style and this ferocious crown of hair.  I found Jesse while browsing through some images on Facebook (you know how you get lost looking through random people's albums), and knew I had to photograph him for this film project I've been working on for the last two months.  When I finally met with Jesse, it turns out that he's been on the…


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From Bussing to Dragons with Roderick Palmer

Take two Black rock veterans from Los Angeles and put them in one explosive band, and not only do you have a Black History Month celebration I might attend, but you also have a great underground indie band NOT from Echo Park or Silverlake! Roderick B. Palmer and original Fishbone soldier Walter A. Kibby II (aka Dirty Walt) are the masterminds behind… Continue

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Black Witch: Break it Down + Lupe Fiasco Giveaway Bottom of Post

When I was at the Baltimore Book Festival a couple weekends ago, I had a lovely discussion with the people at the Muslims for Peace table (I hope I have gotten their name right!) explaining Paganism and discussing how it differs or can relate to Islam. I was down with a very bad cold that weekend so I couldn’t talk very much but somewhat in that I had figured out a way to talk about my religion beyond the “nature-based… Continue

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Che' Guevara a Racist? A Glimpse Into His Diary

He's one of the poster children of revolutionaries.  He's on t-shirts, posters, coasters, the works.  But I have to ask myself, why would any self respecting black person, African American, person of color, self proclaimed nigger, revolutionist or whatever deem themselves, honor or respect Che’ Guevara, after reading the following passage from his diary?


Che' Guevara a Racist?  A Glimpse Into His…


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Hairstylist, Spikey Love, Blends Form and Function

Spikey Love--It has a ring to it doesn't it? When I first heard the name, I didn't know what to think but it stuck with me, which is rare. I booked an interview without hesitation wondering a number of things; who exactly is this Spikey person? What does she look like? Why Spikey Love? It was like a mystery waiting to be solved. Several weeks later I got the opportunity to find out. On a sunny afternoon post… Continue

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