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New member from Miami

Good day folks. New member hailing out of Miami, Florida.

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Tried to go to spanish class at a new school today. It was an EPIC undertaking.

First, I went thru the toll booth by accident, cause I went into the wrong lane and panicked. One really, really, really should not panic on highways. It leads to stuff like a $100 fine. yahoo directions told me to turn right when I should have turned left, So I spent 1/2 hr looking for the school and getting further and further away from it. Finally stopped by a church, and asked directions. Got in late to… Continue

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"good" girls, craigslist and student loans

I'm watching the Dr. Phil episode on craigslist hookers. One girl says she's doing it because her student loans are $80,000 and 9-5 isn't cutting it.

And Dr. Phil couldn't be more of a douchebag to her.

Honestly. A 9-5 never cuts it and now they're calling it an "epidemic" of good girls going bad- meaning white soccer moms and white college age girls- it's not an epidemic if it's poor white girls or asian whores. That's fine but when it starts affecting our precious soccer… Continue

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taken to heart

"No man is worth your tears, and the one who is will never make you cry."


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another day in quicksand

Goddamn it, I just lost a whole blog worth of stuff I was typing up. This is another reason why I hate technology. You type up something a paragraph or two long and it gets deleted by the piece of shit computer. My written journal pages in my notebook don't delete themselves like this fucking system does to my online entries. I also had a whole essay-worth of stuff written in my notebook for midnigght this morning that I forgot to take with it to this morning's psychiatry appointment. I wrote… Continue

Added by Peter B. on March 30, 2009 at 11:47am — 2 Comments

Whew! I thought it was me...

Dear Lyn,

In all the years I've been a professional

astrologer, there's one thing that seems to be

at the root of all my clients biggest problems.

The planet Saturn...

They come to me - often in tears - saying

that they don't understand why nothing seems to

be going right for them...

Their man just broke up with them.

Or they haven't been able to find a good guy

who they like or who actually stuck around… Continue

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society, people, religion, and me

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with me... maybe im just as "normal" and as imperfect and flawed as everyone, but im okay. Maybe im seeing things the right way and im not just "imagining" it all in my head.

'ThEsE PeOpLe' ive surrounded myself with because of fear, THEY are the screwed up ones. They got me believing that they are pure and saintly when really theyre the biggest bunch of liars and deceivers with "masks" covering there true faces. They are no different than the rest of… Continue

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Sunday cleaning of the soul and perception

Right this second, I'm listening to Subzero- Lionhearted----again. Now every time I get online I have to play that. usually I'm listen to a LOT of metal, but I'm beginning to love the lyrics that come from hardcore music. It's waaay more positive, like "you can do it" or "you can get back up from getting down" or "when all fails- diy!" My favorite lyrics are "don't compromise your life for any single one, you never know when your time is gonna come." I immediate have started to smile upon… Continue

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I wish being fat was IN Cuz Diets Suck!!!

I repeat I wish being fat was IN Cuz Diets Suck!! A day in the life of a recording artist... lions and tigers and diets, Oh my!!!!!

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Always Odd Ball Out

How do i always end up the only Rock/Soul Act in an All RnB roster.

I just performed with Tina Marie, Jon B, Eric Benet, Guy (Teddy Rielly, Aaron Hall, and brother) last wednesday night in Hollywood. Of course I crushed it and the audience love it, but my sets always seems like the needle in the haystack or the lone tattoo on an untatted body (lol, i don't even get that one). On a good note, its good to get the stigma out of our heads that rock is only for white dudes, but on the… Continue

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I just can't say.

I'll just pass on what the universe said to me today.

Warming planet - check.

Species on brink of extinction - check.

Ice caps melting - check.

Economies in chaos - check.

Lyn "in the house" - the one and only.

Grab a seat. We're about to witness the most exciting comeback in history.

How do you always get these leading roles?

The… Continue

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thefiveone x bob marley - Waiting in Vain

Image and video hosting by TinyPic New Deuce Burger TheFiveOne x Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain .
. In 2009 The Five One will release 51 remixes.... one every Thursday and these will be your weekly Deuce Burgers.…

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Afro-Punk & Bronx Underground Present: EPIC/SMASH 3/31

New Monthly Show in New York!

Congratulations to AP Member Paula Amram for coming up with the name of our new monthly all-ages show, "EPIC". Paula wins free entry to this event for LIFE!

Afro-Punk & Bronx Underground Present:


New Monthly Show In New York!

Tuesday, March 31st 2009

All Ages Show: EPIC - Doors at 5:30pm

Late Show: SMASH… Continue

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who knows if today will be good.....

but I smiled so I'm trying.

Added by lyfenlyn on March 25, 2009 at 8:30am — 3 Comments

Tuesday more or less.

I call this one waking life.

I saw my cuz last night and we stood and talked about the future. She sees me on design shows getting down and dirty with the best of them. She knows what I can do. She has seen me rock a look here and there. She said my pics on Facebook were great. I am really looking like momz circa 1975 with this hair I got. It looks just like hers did back in the day. She would trip out for sure if she saw me right… Continue

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My essay

“If the 50 foot woman were real I’d want to dress her.” Me, Vogue Magazine Spring 2012.

I know that sounds cliché’, but it’s the clearest example of the type of person I want to accommodate with my ideas. Someone who wants to tear stuff up so to speak.

I became fascinated with Vogue magazine the summer after 8th grade. My grandmother had always had them around her house but I thought it was something ‘old ladies’ read. Until my cousin Laurie came to visit one summer from… Continue

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how to put yourself together after getting fucked over.

Man, what a ride. I feel I'm healing somewhat. I've spent too much time laying around my apartment, but I feel like I'm piecing myself together bit by bit. I feel more "together," and I'm not betraying myself like I always feel like I am. I'm not caring as much about what some bitch thinks of me, whether I'm too fat, or too black, or too white, or too fucked up, or too soft. I've kind of built up my own world in there. I've been consistently trying to motivate myself into doing stuff after I… Continue

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AQUA ISLAND "2:01" (1 minute 2 late)

A Big, Fat, Happy, WHAT'S UP? to all our fellow Afro Punks! Our group Aqua Island's new music video for

"2:01" (1 minute 2 late) LITERALLY shows you what a relationship looks like when it runs out of time. Let us know what you think. Peace & Love.

-Aqua… Continue

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The Paw Notes **SHI**

Hey guess what? I'm dying... Seriously It's killing me!

The hardest thing this old beast has to do is swallow his pride.

That's what I've been doing since January - hiding in the shadows and silencing myself.

I mean if I can't live the way I wanna live then why should I live it?

Well no more - This old beast is now best friends with the shadows now the light must become his friend as well.


I fucking deserve it - after all the shit I've been through I can't… Continue

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