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Sly’s Stone-Cold Genius in 10 Late, Great Songs

Sly’s Stone-Cold Genius in 10 Late, Great Songs


by Michael A. Gonzales

Along with the Velvet Underground, Nina Simone, Jimmie Rodgers, and more, Sly Stone finally received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammys last week. It seemed an appropriate time to recognize his influence: back in the late ’60s, Sly and the Family Stone was the epitome of…


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Rincon Sapiência stirs up the Brazilian rap scene with awesome new hit “Ponta de Lança”

Having been released a month ago, the Rincon Sapiência’s new single “Ponta de Lança” has became a hit in Brazil, being one of the most played songs in Brazilian music apps. The single tries to restore the importance of the MC culture questioning why nowadays a big part of the rap audience praises more the rappers than the rap culture itself.

As always, Sapiência brings in his music a lot of African sonorities and African pride. Ponta de Lança throws a lot of free…


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Comic series follows Chicago teen possessed by the spirit of Shaka Zulu

Created and written by Alverne Ball, ‘Zulu’ follows the life of Lazarus Jones, a 16-year-old boy who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa with his father. Back home in Chicago, Lazarus finds himself navigating through the turbulent streets of Chicago with friends when he discovers that a big corporation is behind the endless gang violence and disintegration of his neighborhood.

“‘Zulu’ is a story that blends a…


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Removing bigotry from equestrian sport - a call to action

It is time for us to remove all forms of bigotry, prejudice and intolerance from the face of our beloved sport.

Two years ago, while covering the prestigious FEI World Cup Finals (Jumping and Dressage) in Las Vegas, I had an "interesting" encounter with a middle-aged white woman in the Press Room of the Thomas & Mack Center.

Staged annually in various international…


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INTERVIEW: Black trans artist Lucas Charlie Rose on his trans-only mixtape

“Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?”—Professor Oak, Pokémon

My gender-identity crisis started young, and the only reason I choose to call it a “crisis” and not a “transition” has everything to do with how gender (“norms”) and sexuality are viewed and received within the Black Community, and when presented on a broader spectrum.

One of the greatest difficulties I’ve experienced on my journey of coming out as Pansexual in regards to my sexuality, and…

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Hidden Figures: Janet Bragg, first African-American woman to hold a commercial pilot license

The rapper Jim Jones once said, “We fly high, no lie,” and it is said that the inspiration for that line was Janet Bragg, the first African-American woman to hold a commercial pilot license. Now, we’re not sure if that was his actual muse, or if it’s just the wishful thinking of our contributor, but now that we’ve got your attention, let’s dive into Janet Bragg’s life story. Born in 1907, seventh to a family of African and Cherokee heritage, the Griffin, Georgia native… Continue

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Grabbing pussies, sexual harassment, racism: straight white men still get celebrated

What do you have to do as a white man to be prevented from living life to the fullest? Nothing. It seems that sexual harassment, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, or any other unspeakable isn’t enough to tarnish white patriarchy or supremacy. Want proof? Look no further than the 45th President of the United States, or in more recent news, Casey Affleck, the recipient of a boatload of awards for his role in ‘Manchester By The Sea’ and the man accused of…


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Photo series tackles the psychological trauma inflicted on Black men by white supremacy

‘Abolished’ is a photography project by artist Ejatu Shaw that examines the ways in which black men cope with the psychological trauma they experience from living in a predominately white society that frequently sees the mistreatment of people of color. Shaw theorizes that when many black men have trouble processing these traumatic images of racism and violence, they turn inward and self-isolate, instead of seeking help or talking to people close to them about what they’re…


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PREMIERE: R&B singer Lorine Chia ends Black History Month with a banger for ladies in “Black Girl Magic”

As Black History Month comes to a close, it seems like we need another anthem to celebrate Blackness and womanhood in its many manifestations. Lorine Chia agreed and her new jam “Black Girl Magic” is the perfect close to this bittersweet holiday. Lorine said, ”To honor this last day of Black History Month, I'm premiering my new single "Black Girl Magic" as a special tribute to black women everywhere. Throughout history, we have been under-appreciated and taken countless…


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Thomas Jefferson raped Sally Hemings: she wasn't his "mistress"

The definition of a relationship according to Webster’s Dictionary is, “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” In simpler terms, it’s the primary way in which two things relate to one another. Many have romanticized how Thomas Jefferson related to Sally Hemings, using words like “mistress” or “affair” to describe their relationship. This is inaccurate and erases the violence of this power dynamic. Sally…


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Black-owned dapper shoe brand Uptown Yardie has the flyest footwear around

Need to up your shoe game? Look no further than Uptown Yardie, the Black-owned dapper shoe brand supplying all of your dandy needs. The British cobbler has its roots in Jamaican culture, with the name of the brand inspired by a Bob Marley quotation 'me ah bring downtown uptown.' The meaning behind the phrase is “bring the man dem from the ghetto to where he was living uptown at the time, and the original uptown yardie is someone who comes from the more affluent parts of…


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NEW MUSIC: Neo Soul Legend Omar Returns On The Instant-Classic 'Love In Beats' #SoundCheck

For 30 years now, Omar has lurked just below the surface as the king of underground soul. His releases have gained him acolytes from Stevie Wonder to Erykah Badu, with Omar's impeccable voice ringing out eternal. His latest, Love In Beats adds a number of high profile guest features (most notably Robert Glasper and Floacist), but the heart is unmistakably Omar's.

Electronic undercurrents flow through the album's veins, courtesy of Omar Lyefook's brother Scratch…


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Nate Parker is held accountable but Casey Affleck gets a pass?

Nate Parker’s fall from grace was swift and decisive. The 37 year old actor, producer and director was all but a shoe-in to run the table this awards season with his film Birth of a Nation, but a decades-old sexual assault charge came back to haunt him at arguably the most inopportune time of his life. Since then, Birth of a Nation and Nate Parker have gone silent, little discussion surrounded them til the Oscars this week. Why? Because Casey Affleck, the younger brother of…


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First openly gay Division I football recruit My-King Johnson is breaking barriers

My-King Johnson is a division 1 football player breaking down barriers as the first openly gay recruit. Johnson, known by friends as King, told University of Arizona defensive line coach Vincent Amey he was gay during the recruitment process, to which Amey replied: “We want you to be a Wildcat.” Amey went on to admit that having an openly gay player on the team was “new” to him, but expressed support for King and stressed that this message will be echoed in the locker room,…


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Cosplay photo series ‘Dope Queens of Black History’ celebrates Black women’s achievements

What’s better than cosplay? Nothing. Nothing is better than cosplay, but some of the best cosplay is educational and celebrates the accomplishments of Black women. Enter ‘Dope Queens of Black History,’ twin sisters AlysshaRose and Stephanie Kara Black history month project remaking historic photos of the badass Black women who have made their contributions to the history books. From Bessie Coleman the first Black female pilot, to Ann Lowe one of the first Black fashion…


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Viola Davis gives the best damn acceptance speeches

Many people would probably opt for Morgan Freeman to narrate their life, but I think Viola Davis’ voice would lend itself better to the scores of Black women she speaks for, especially in her acceptance speeches. Most follow a dry, weathered script for acceptance speeches: they thank god, their families, and whatever body is honoring them, followed by a couple of empty phrases, but never for Viola. Every time she steps up to the stage, and lately that has been often, the…


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Why are "hoteps" forming alliances with "alt-right" to support Trump?

So-called “hoteps” and alt-right white nationalists of the internet have been, uh, getting friendly after discovering each other’s mutual and oppressive views in support of the patriarchy, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia. In essence, the “hoteps” of Twitter have made themselves the white nationalists of the black community, using their perceived “alpha…


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Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' leads weekend box office, grossing $30.5 million

Black filmmakers are winning in more ways than one as of late. While news of ‘Moonlight’ getting Best Picture at the Oscars was mired in controversy of the announcement brought, the numbers from Jordan Peele’s horror film ‘Get Out’ are speaking for themselves. Leading this weekend in the box office with $30.5 million dollars, ‘Get Out’ is getting moviegoers off the couch and into the theater in a way that hasn’t been seen since another Black film, ‘Hidden Figures.’ With an…


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'Moonlight' can't be denied: even white Hollywood had to (reluctantly) agree

In the history of the Oscars, there has never been a Black film--a film whose director and cast are Black and storyline centers Blackness--to win Best Picture. And last night, we thought that that trend would hold true, that another mediocre movie about whitewashed jazz in Los Angeles would win, and that was what happened, but only for a moment. Last night, the producers of the Oscars made a huge blunder, giving Warren Beatty the wrong envelope to read from during the awards,… Continue

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New documentary short explores the complexities of the black gay experience

c r e a t i n g s p a c e is the new documentary project by htx people project creator B. Lauren and creative partner Morganne Nikole. This visual project explores the intersections of black identities through the voice of six… Continue

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