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Featured Blog Posts – February 2016 Archive (150)

NEW MUSIC: NYC-based electro pop-rock band Blak Emoji releases playful first single "Sapiosexual"

New music from a new band, Blak Emoji—an electro pop-rock band created by NYC-based vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kelsey. His first single ”Sapiosexual“ is an anthem for all of us pretentious folk who find intellect to be the most sexually attractive trait. As one would hope, "Sapiosexual" opens up with a sexed-up electro thumps and thuds (hello, NIN’s "Closer") before rolling into a smooth,…


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FEATURE: Check out The Gibbs Sisters’ forthcoming steampunk comic adventure "The Invention of E.J. Whitaker"

L.A. based Shawnee´ Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs(The Gibbs Sisters) are the ridiculously talented creative team behind the forethcoming steampunk comic adventure "The Invention of E.J. Whitaker". The duo has created award-winning multimedia stories and content, including the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame inductee "Ravishing Raspberry", their Tribeca-funded short "Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks", and their individual work include Producing credits for Emmy-Award winning…


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FEATURE: Trinidadian-Canadian photographer Ishmil Waterman presents thought-provoking portrait series "Activated Melanin"

"Activated Melanin" is an imaginative portrait series by Trinidadian-Canadian self-described "light catcher" Ishmil Waterman. The spooky, thought-provoking series serves as the visual representation for a conscious awakening of black minds into a higher state of being. "I created this portrait series to showcase all shades of…


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NEW MUSIC: L.A.-based, ATL-bred singer Tanerélle does catchy experimental RandB right on debut single “Siren”

I’m reluctant to put L.A.-based, ATL-bred singer Tanerélle in a category—she’s many things at once, including dark, electronic, and experimental RandB. Her first single "Siren" is just that: an irresistible call towards her undeniably catchy genre-bending sound and first single. Like what you hear? Tanerélle is running a…


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NEW MUSIC: Cletus Brings Back That Old School Hard Rock Swagger #SoundCheck

Raleigh-based multi-instrumentalist Christopher Wells has made a name for himself as a touring bassist (most notably for Ms. Lauryn Hill), and a composer for TV and film. The versatile musician's latest project is the hard rock project Cletus. Living somewhere between early Filter and Living Colour, his music has an old-school attitude and posture. The menacing vocal delivery on the grandiose “So....” is a definite highlight of his new set. Wells describes the urgency behind the… Continue

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FEATURE: Writer Sulma Arzu-Brown pens charming bilingual children’s book "Bad Hair Does Not Exist/Pelo Malo No Existe"

Saying that hair in the black community is a sensitive subject is a bit of an understatement. Especially in American society where nappy/kinky/coily/ziggly/corse hair is scarcely represented in the already limited representation of black people in the media, where creamy crack and weaves are staples of (what is sometimes) forced assimilation into mainstream (read: white) culture and where there are …


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EDITORIAL: Ethiopian-Canadian fashion model Senait Gidey stunned in this colorful editorial series by photographer Sebastian Mader

Check out this short and sweet editorial which featured Ethiopian-Canadian high-fashion model Senait Gidey shot by photographer Sebastian Mader for Glamour Magazine (US). Bright, candy paint colors and a melanin-rich babe? Recipe for perfection.…


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[FR] INSPIRATION: Exposition virtuelle sur les luttes des femmes immigrées en France et des femmes françaises Noires

This virtual exhibition was created by the Google Cultural Institute and Génériques, a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the history of immigration in France. This exhibition looks back at the intersectional struggles that immigrant women lead in France against racism, sexism and classism from 1970 to 1996.

Génériques est une association qui promeut l’histoire de l’immigration en France…


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NEW MUSIC: Anxiety Has Never Sounded So Good On Ganser's 'Audrey EP' #SoundCheck

The beauty of post-punk is the way it translates anxieties and fears into something compelling. On Ganser's latest EP, the band makes anxiety their art form. 3 songs; tied together by that most-modern-of anxieties: the fear of missing out. Both the title track and “Battery” plum the depths of anxiety in search of beauty. Co-lead singers Nadia Garofalo and Alicia Gaines sing with a disaffected moan that's somehow inexplicably passionate in its disaffection. The final track…


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NEW MUSIC: Experimental jazz singer Hadassah drops lovely little single, "Rain"

Hadassah is a Long Island-based experimental jazz musician who, ironically, makes rainy-day soul music. Her new song "Rain" is an easily accessible blend of soothing vocals, relatable lyricism, and jazz melodies that loosely mimic the sound of raindrops on a tin roof. Take a listen to this sweet song and…


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EDITORIAL: Take a look at this gorgeous editorial series starring models Maria Borges, Francine James, Jasmine Tookes and more

Vogue España features the powerful beauty of black models in their "Tendencias" shot by photographer Greg Kadel for their March 2016 issue. The editorial features models Herieth Paul, Kai Newman, Jasmine Tookes, Ysaunny Brito, Maria Borges, Francine James, and Riley Montana. Check out some of our favorite looks below and see the entire spread right …


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Haitian American jazz-folk singer-songwriter Leyla McCalla shares "A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey"

Leyla McCalla is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist Haitian-American jazz and folk singer-songwriter from NYC/New Jersey. Formerly the celist of Grammy-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops, McCalla…


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FEATURE: Check out the work of Dallas-based photographer VHSplus

Check out the work of Dallas-based photographer VHSplus. Much of McGrady’s work employees the use of black models which he shows off by juxtaposing them against bright and pastel backdrops. See some examples down below and follow him on Instagram.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Meet Bronx born and raised figurative painter Irvin Rodriguez

Painter Irvin Rodriguez is a fine artist born and raised in the Bronx. He simultaneously studied illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Grand Central Academy of Art with a focus in academic drawing, earning a B.A. in 2010. Rodriquez’s work has been acknowledge as the Golden Brush Award winner for the…


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INTERVIEW: Brazilian Black feminist philosopher Djamila Ribeiro on intersectionality and the Black feminist movement

Brazil has seen a huge rise of the black feminist movement in the last years. Black women have reached spaces that before were only occupied by white people. Brazilian philosopher Djamila Ribeiro, Master in Political Philosophy - Federal University of São Paulo - is a great example of that. She’s woman, she’s black and she has brought inside the academy the struggles of black girls who won’t take back down.

Portuguese and English translations…


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NEW MUSIC: 23-year-old Brit Jordan Max release soulful second single "Let Me Lay Down"

Check out 23-year-old Brit Jordan Max's second single "Let Me Lay Down". "Let Me Lay Down" doesn’t waste time with pleasantries, but instead lurches into a rough and impassioned vocal sermon, seemingly about the commonplace nature of random acts of ultra-violence. Dark, yes, but there’s something beautiful about the tonality of his Max’s…


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FEATURE: Amsterdam-based visual artist AiRich shares colorful afrofuturism portrait series "ANCESTRY IN PROGRESS"

This series of eight portraits is based upon the energies of the ancestors of the African Diaspora and the return/pass-over of their knowledge and guidelines to the new age. It’s about a spiritual trip or trance of embracing the energies that carried and protected our African ancestors.

I felt the urge to capture and rapture a fragment of the energies and personalize them in a way that exists in the visible world. It’s not a new story, but this is my…


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FEATURE: Afro-Cuban/Dominican womanist and writer Juliana Pache starts #BlackLatinXHistory hashtag

Juliana Pache is the Afro-Cuban/Dominican singer and womanist writer behind the #BlackLatinXHistory hashtag that emerged on Twitter to include the stories and accomplishments of Afro-Latinx people. “Latinx”, pronounced La-teen-ex, is a gender-neutral term meant to include people who don’t necessarily fit the gender binary. “On the morning of February 1, I saw posts about Black History Month, and out of curiosity, I looked at the social media accounts of a few Latinx…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: L.A.-based Rock'n'Soul band Sugar Fly pack gritty, retro punch on self-titled debut EP

The L.A.-based Rock'n'Soul band Sugar Fly unveil their self-titled debut EP. The five-track feature is certainly remarkable for it’s live performance sound and A+ instrumentation. From the crescendoing guitar licks and piercing organ on “Blind”, “Sugar Fly” offers an unrelenting whirl of retro rock and…


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MOVIE PREMIERE: Watch Georgina Warner and Imraan Christian’s short film “Jas Boude”, a day-in-the-life portrait of Cape Flats skateboarding collective 20sk8

"Jas Boude" is a documentary short film by filmmakers Georgina Warner and Imraan Christian that chronicles a day in the life of Cape Flats skateboarding collective, …


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