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Remembering the Two Black Beatles: Lord Woodbine and Billy Preston #SoundCheck

50 years since the Beatles' famous performance on the Ed Sullivan show and their legacy is more complicated than ever. Were they the greatest song writers of all time, or massively overrated? Were they the band responsible for watering down rock and roll and making it safe for white suburban audiences or were they band responsible for pushing it radical new directions? Can they be all those things? (yes.) Every punk goes through a phase of rejecting the Beatles followed by a…


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A Band called Death: The Documentary [extended track + trailer]

The new documentary A Band Called Death tells the story of Detroit punk pioneers, Death, as they are also recently-reunited. Because they're back out in the spotlight they've generated lots of interest in their music and their story. AND the movie features a 12-minute version of the band’s anthemic “Politicians In My Eyes". Click …


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With Literary Publications like FIRE, Black Artists have been keeping it AFROPUNK since 1926

To Be an Individual and to be Black: FIRE!! And the Younger Negro Artists of the 1920s From the very beginning of an African presence in America, there has been a deluge of propaganda concerning the nature and condition of being black in the American context. In concert with the abolition movements of the nineteenth century, African Americans of this period…


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"What’s Happened In The Trayvon Martin Case Since You Stopped Paying Attention?"

What’s happened in the Trayvon Martin case since we stopped paying attention? recently published an overview, including facts such as "Trayvon Martin would have turned 18 on February 5", "Zimmerman has “spent more than $125,000″ on living expenses -not including security- over the last year", "The trial has been set for June 10", "The defense team acquired Trayvon Martin’s school records". Click …


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'Terra Pesada' Documents The Heavy Metal Scene In Mozambique

Ever wondered what the Heavy metal scene looks like in Mozambique? Check out the 'Terra Pesada' documentary.

From the project's website: “Terra Pesada” is the story of young heavy metal musicians in Mozambique, a former Portuguese slave colony, and their quest to make their voices heard. We follow them at home, at school, hanging out with their friends, talking about music, politics, HIV/AIDS, the wars, what their…


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'Zwarte Piet' Black Face Tradition in The Netherlands: Time To Stop The Madness?

'Zwarte Piet' basically amounts to a Black Face tradition in the Netherlands. Is it time to stop the madness?

Filmmaker Shantrelle P. Lewis wants to document this and ask questions in a documentary. The project's Kickstarter page explains:

"According to folklore, Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands via…


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10 Things about Bob Marley That Don't Include Weed or 'One Love'

Happy Birthday Bob Marley! The rock-steady legend would have been 68 today and we've been Jammin'! (sorry:/). Jammin' so much we were inspired to learn a little bit more than what's common-over-saturated info filling the web. Learn a little bit (more) about the LEGEND!

1. DID YOU KNOW Bob Marley's father…


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Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Don't Be Freaked Out

By Justin Allen

The downtown Manhattan university renowned for its radical approach to education, The New School, has recently implemented gender neutral bathrooms in its facilities. While restrooms segregated by gender are still accessible within the urban campus of clustered buildings, this advancement presents an opportunity to consider the inherent prejudice of gender separation.…


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Self Hate- It's for the birds, so knock it off, so says Yumii

Self-hate is a serious problem and it can’t be ignored any longer. I think that it is one of the most difficult problems to actually confront because there are sooo many factors at play. It doesn’t help that those who do have this outlook refuse to acknowledge it. Even upon reading this many will pick out and argue any little…


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Gun Violence in Chicago being called CHIRAQ

There is a big discussion going on now in American Politics about gun control and how to stop the growing number of mass murders in our country. What is also becoming more apparent is the number of senseless lives we lose to gun violence in our communities everyday. In 2012 the total Chicago body count broke 500, over 400 of that number due to gun…

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