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My Roommate Was a Jewish Multi-racial Nazi Skin

After getting robbed on my block by a pack of 13 year olds I decided to say “So long” to my leaky Bed-Stuy terror basement and move into a grown-up apartment in swinging Greenpoint. The guy I moved in with makes his living playing gypsy jazz guitar at upscale nightspots and so far my precious comic book collection hasn’t been destroyed in a flood, so it’s a pretty great situation for me.


My Roommate was a Jewish…


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Life in Technicolor: Meet Slim aka Tat2Slim

Continuing the photo essays, "Life in Technicolor," by photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho's, this week she featured Afro-punk community member, Slim, other wise known as Tat2slim.  Slim, a tattoo artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York is an avid AP supporter and could be spotted at the 2010 Afro-punk festival promoting the local tattoo studio he works at in Fort Greene.  Find out what makes him a rebel, why he supports Afro-punk, and his one wish for the… Continue

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Patti Smith Instigates The Weight of the "Rock n' Roll Nigger'

“Nigger no invented for color it was MADE FOR THE PLAGUE the word (art) must be redefined-all mutants and the new babes born sans eyebrow and tonsil-outside logic-beyond mathematics poli-tricks baptism and motion sickness-any man who extends beyond the classic for is a nigger-one sans fear and despair-one who rises like rimbaud beating hard gold rhythm outta soft solid shit-tongue light is coiling serpent is steaming spinal avec ray gun hissing scanning copper head w/… Continue

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Grace Jones is punk as hell! Watch some of her best Live performances

So it's Black History Month. Most media outlets are busy honoring the usual historical figures of African descent, as they should. But this is Afro-punk, and it's time to take a minute to acknowledge the ultimate counter-culture soldier, Ms. Bad-Ass herself, singer/songwriter/performer/model/actress Grace Jones. I don't care how old you are, you need to know that Grace owns this shit, the timeless talent, the "fuck you" attitude, the outrageous fashion, the political lyrics.…


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William Duvall Chats About His New Documentary on Neon Christ and the Atlanta Punk Scene

You may know William DuVall as the lead vocalist for the resurrected Alice In Chains, but what you may not know is that William DuVall cut his musical teeth in the 80’s punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta. DuVall played guitar in the underground band Neon Christ during the 80’s and the band was a mainstay in the punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta. DuVall has gotten together with director Edgar Johnson to not only do a documentary on his old band but to also shine the light on… Continue

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Rockstar In Training: Who’s The Shit?

A new month is about to start and I am kinda thinking about shows for next 90 days. I actually need to sit on booking new shows for a minute because I’ve got a lot going on. Stuff like writing new material, finding a band and getting new promotional pictures done takes precedence over performing.  Wah, wah. Sad trombone.


Rockstar In Training:  Who’s The Shit?

The Chronicles of an Artist…


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Black Witch: Love Potion No. 9

Ah, oui, l’amour. Such a wonderful thing love is. Whether you get it from your kitty, your fish, your kids or your loved ones, love is a pretty nice thing. The world would probably be a happier place if the nasty people in it got a hug once in a while (some of them, preferably from a strait jacket). Everyone wants it and works hard to get it: go to the gyms, ask advice columnists what went wrong, wonder what that special gal or guy is like and will they ever meet The One.… Continue

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Life in Technicolor: Meet the Yogi, Khay

Model, DJ, yogi, and long time Afro-punk supporter, Khay, makes everything she puts her hands on look flawless- with her undeniable beauty and effortless fashion.  Continuing New York photographer, Ijeoma Iheanacho's photo essays of everyday people who identify with the AP community, this week she featured Khay, a 20-something fashionista and world traveler, who lives, parties, and works in the budding Brooklyn hipster… Continue

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A Valentine's Day Treat, Monique Casts Love Potion 214

Don't worry. If you waited until to the last minute to get your loved one a gift for Valentine's Day, or you didn't plan on getting one, but now you feel bad at your initial stance, help has just arrived from young entrepreneur, Monique Kiera. Monique has recently released her own holiday specialty drink, called Love Potion 214, which promises to elevate your mood "with soothing hints of vanilla, rose essence, splashed… Continue

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Afro-punk Celebrates Black History in Our Own Way

Black History month is a special time for our generation to celebrate the differences within our community and reflect on the brave visionaries who continue to inspire us. For the Afro-punk staff, being a punk does not rest on your wardrobe, your music knowledge, or attempting to be different just for the sake of it. Being punk is rebelling against the fear of failure and overcoming people's perception of what you can or can not accomplish. During the month of…


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Christopher Dowd Describes His Roller Coaster Ride With Fishbone

If you were in the alternative rock scene in LA during the 80’s then you had to know the music of Fishbone. The all Black, eclectic six-piece got their start in their hometown of South Central Los Angeles as a five piece. They met their sixth member when they got bussed to the valley for high school. The band played a heady mix of rock, funk, punk, ska, metal and soul and during their teen years they scored a record contract and became (along with Jane’s Addiction and The Red… Continue

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Fun with White Friends During Black History Month

February: the shortest month of the year dedicated to America's 2nd largest marginalized minority; black folk. I've come to find that black people of all walks of life, have varying opinions of BHM, some finding the month to be an uplifting and empowering time, and others simply finding it to be patronizing. Black people are justified in whatever opinion they chose, because it's a month directed and targeted to---> black people. White people on the other hand, not so…


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Life in Technicolor: Meet Moe

Meet Moe.  An avid Afro-punk supporter, Moe comes out to almost all of our events, volunteer functions, and almost always shows up with a smile.  As part of New York photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho's, photo essay for Afro-punk, "Living Life in Technicolor," Ijeoma wanted to feature normal people who identified with the AP community for Black History Month and reveal their personalities beyond just their faces and… Continue

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Black Witch: More Than Your Sun Sign

I've mentioned in my earlier wordpress column Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! that I'm a bit of an astrologer - as in, I study astrology, its functions, astronomy and the background of why things are the way they are. (Also, I would like to plug the free Android app Google Sky Map for all your astronomy needs!) Now, I love astrology, even if… Continue

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Keep Your February, I'm So Over It

Honestly, this month is ridiculous to me. I’m freaking American, not some weird hyphenated sub category version of American, I’m just as American as our slave owning fore(skin) fathers and personally you can keep the coldest shortest month to yourself and just include my (our) story in American History, which by the way is not a simple sad tale of Africans brought against their will, MLK blvds and ‘by any means neccesary’ speeches. The first string of Africans ‘came to America… Continue

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Life in "Technicolor" Photo Series, the Artist at Work.

Throughout history, photography has been one of the most accurate sources for documenting events and culture. Whether photography is looked at as an art or a form of journalism, there is no denying it's ability to capture time in freeze frame moments for people to reference for years to come. New York photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho, is using her love of photography to capture social issues from her perspective,…


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