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AP Quickie: Ninjasonik Announces Tons Of New Tour Dates

Whether you're in the U.S., France, or the Czech Republic, please be warned: Ninjasonik is coming your way! They've just announced tons of new tour dates. And if you haven't done so, download their mix CD 'When Anxiety Attacks!!' featuring M.I.A., Lil' B,… Continue

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Rocky Business: "People Don't Dance No More"

If music is going to change, I can only cross my fingers and hope that people who know what they're doing are going to lead the way. Bless the gods of the stereo for Rocky Business. I saw them by accident nearly a year ago and I still haven't gotten over it. The foursome-of-rad have punky drums with poppy melodies, all brought together with fun rap verses. I'm normally the one to hate something like this, but… Continue

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Afro-punk Celebrates Black History Month: The Father of Techno, Kevin Saunderson

There’s no Big Bang for techno; it didn’t simply appear out of nowhere. The music’s DNA carries traces of countless forebears, from Motown to Kraftwerk. Nevertheless, like all great cultures, techno comes with its own creation myth: the Belleville Three, the trio of three African American kids from the suburbs who gave the music its initial form. For all intents and purposes, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin… Continue

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My Roommate Was a Jewish Multi-racial Nazi Skin

After getting robbed on my block by a pack of 13 year olds I decided to say “So long” to my leaky Bed-Stuy terror basement and move into a grown-up apartment in swinging Greenpoint. The guy I moved in with makes his living playing gypsy jazz guitar at upscale nightspots and so far my precious comic book collection hasn’t been destroyed in a flood, so it’s a pretty great situation for me.


My Roommate was a Jewish…


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His Words May Make You Uncomfortable, but Cipher Pushes for Lyrical Liberation

There are probably more black and multi-ethnic bands making punk sounds now than ever before. Bands are adopting punk’s DIY creed to hammer out their own unrepentant lyrics about love, life, politics and race. I spoke to Moe Mitchell, songwriter and front man of the band Cipher to get some insight into the mind of an awesome young black writer and performer, about what lyrical liberation means… Continue

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DUKE COTTONHEAD interviewed; talks about his lo-fi RWANDA-BILLY group "WASTED CONVERSATION".

JOURNALIST: do you have a "diktat" in the group, imposed rules?

DUKE: yes, we have to wear a "WASTED CONVERSATION" t-shirt to every rehearsal.

JOURNALIST: how did you meet and is there a leader, a sort of guru?

DUKE: we met at an "african dance party" function where i was the "official photographer"( i still haven't been paid-valery!) and ROCKETT 808(my drummer-we are a power-duo) was doing the security. he's hard you know! we found that we had a mutual interests in…


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If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Piel Is Contagious

Bad-ass and charismatic lead singer: check. Catchy tunes that will stick in your head and make you shake your thang: check. Quality music and great band chemistry: checccck. OK, you get the point, just check out Piel's music already! Based in downtown Los Angeles, the band is conquering the world one fan at a time, one show at a time. Their music speaks for itself, an original mix of dance, rock, and anything they… Continue

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Skunk Anansie Cover The Stooges For Sucker Punch

Have you seen that creepy trailer for the movie Sucker Punch coming out in March?  You know, the one where that adorable little blonde with the two pigtails gets tossed into the insane asylum by her evil step-father.  Well, the high energy "thriller's" soundtrack is actually pretty darn good, with the Skunk Anansie crew covering two songs which you… Continue

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Life in Technicolor: Meet Slim aka Tat2Slim

Continuing the photo essays, "Life in Technicolor," by photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho's, this week she featured Afro-punk community member, Slim, other wise known as Tat2slim.  Slim, a tattoo artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York is an avid AP supporter and could be spotted at the 2010 Afro-punk festival promoting the local tattoo studio he works at in Fort Greene.  Find out what makes him a rebel, why he supports Afro-punk, and his one wish for the… Continue

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LISTEN: TV On The Radio's New Single 'Will Do'

It was about tiiiiime... TV On The Radio just released the first single from their upcoming album 'Nine Types Of Light', due out April 12th. We told you so! :-P The new track, 'Will Do', is on the down-tempo side and will satisfy your sweet tooth while you wait for the album. Check it out! - L C-D…


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Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a old Black Witch Wordpress post from December, read the new BW series post: Fandom and the Fan. As for the "Travelin Light: Lasers Giveaway", the winner is Janae W.!

For any Witch, diviner or psychic that decides to do some social good, the ethics of confidentiality is always a big subject. Who do you tell, how much do you tell and how big of a mouth do you have…


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Afro-punk Celebrates Black History Month: Bob Marley, better known as, just Bob

Before Bob Marley was Bob Marley he was just Bob. Before he blew your mind. Before I caught myself even naming a favorite Bob Marley song, I realized I didn't even know what Bob Marley looked like sans dreadlocks. He had a whole life and career before he ever thought about saying "get up, stand up" and every other song people these days might break out at a karaoke lounge. It's still Black History Month and I know all of you guys have forgotten! This is a final reminder, before…


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"Sistas In The Pit" Dive in Without Fear

No.  Good music isn't really as dead as people keep saying it is.  Every once in a while you'll come across a band that makes you think a little bit about doing something energy pumping and sweet love making in the same album.  Meet Sistas in the Pit, a three piece female band who describes their sound as "Jimi Hendrix and Sade's baby if they had a one night stand,"  and make us say, okay,… Continue

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AP Quickie: Be In J*DaVeY's Next Video!

"Set up your cam, blast 'Quicksand', dance ur heart out, go to, click 'submit' ". Those are the instructions from funky/pop/experimental band J*DaVeY if you want to be featured in their upcoming video. Film yourself dancing to their track 'Quicksand' (listen below) and click HERE to submit your video. While you're at it, check out… Continue

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PREVIEW: Sabatta's Upcoming Album 'Yinka Music Vol 1: Sex Power Death'

Some goodies from UK rock band Sabatta: preview their upcoming album 'Yinka Music Vol 1: Sex Power Death', to be released May 16th. Three of the tracks in the player below can also be downloaded for free! The band has a series of shows coming up in London (dates below) and should be in the U.S. later this year for some Live dates. Stay tuned...

Preview (includes free downloads of 'Living…

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Patti Smith Instigates The Weight of the "Rock n' Roll Nigger'

“Nigger no invented for color it was MADE FOR THE PLAGUE the word (art) must be redefined-all mutants and the new babes born sans eyebrow and tonsil-outside logic-beyond mathematics poli-tricks baptism and motion sickness-any man who extends beyond the classic for is a nigger-one sans fear and despair-one who rises like rimbaud beating hard gold rhythm outta soft solid shit-tongue light is coiling serpent is steaming spinal avec ray gun hissing scanning copper head w/… Continue

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Bad Rabbits and The Bots Confirmed for the Vans Warped Tour

If you didn't plan to hit the Vans Warped Tour when they arrive in your city, maybe you might want to think about shelling out the 60 bucks (New York general admission price; 350 bucks for VIP treatment) just to check out two new additions to the tour line up; The Bots rock duo from California and… Continue

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Sending Good Vibes To X-Ray Spex' Poly Styrene, Who Announced She Has Cancer

Classic punk band X-Ray Spex front woman Poly Styrene announced she has breast cancer. Sending her good vibes and well wishes. Poly has been releasing music lately, in anticipation of her album 'Generation Indigo' (see our article here), set for release in March 2011.… Continue

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