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Shani Crowe's braiding live performance in New Orleans was lit

Chicago-based braiding artist Shani Crowe participated in a live braiding performance and intimate conversation at Saint Heron’s ‘Roll Back, Say That’ event in New Orleans this past weekend. Crowe, who is known for her epic ‘Braids’ photo series and creating the gorgeous headpiece Solange wore during her recent appearance on SNL, uses braiding to honor black heritage and celebrate the beauty of black femininity. Check out some gorgeous photos from the event down…


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Major Lyft investors support Trump, are even worse than Uber CEO

In the shitstorm that has characterized the President Agent Orange’s first two weeks in office, nothing created the level of protest that the travel ban on Muslim immigrants and refugees. While many American citizens, legal residents, and green card holders were being detained at airports across the nation, allegedly Uber tried to break the blockade of NYC Taxi drivers protesting at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, NY. As a result of this, as well as the…


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PREMIERE: Trip hop duo Magna Carda floats effortlessly with Blood Orange singer Ava Raiin on ethereal single “I’m Alive”

Imagine a floating through a chamber of sweet smoke, mellow lighting, and cloudy eyes. Now imagine being suspended in that room by velvet wings and hearing potent poetry by a gritty, yet silken voiced songstress. Well open your eyes and press play on trip hop duo Magna Carda’s newest single with Blood Orange singer Ava Raiin, “I’m Alive.” The ethereal soundscape crafted by Dougie Do creates fertile ground for the raspiness of Megz Kelli’s voice to inject some texture, while… Continue

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First Black Woman elected Harvard Law Review President

Black women are doing the damn thing. I know you’re thinking, “Duh, since the beginning of time,” but hol’ up! We gotta acknowledge Black girl magic when we can! And the Harvard Law Review’s newest president Imelme Umana is the definition! The Nigerian student is the first Black woman to be elected to this position and is studying how stereotypes about Black women are perpetuated in political discourse. So, you know, just some light work for someone so young, gifted and… Continue

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White terrorist: the only suspect in fatal Quebec mosque attack

After being wrongly described as a “Moroccan Muslim”, news came that the terrorist shooting at a Quebec City mosque that left 6 people dead was allegedly committed by far-right radical, Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old white Trump and Marine Le Pen supporter. After the shooting, Eric Debroise called the police and told them Bissonnette is “very right and (an) ultra-nationalist white supremacist,” …


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Seattle rocker Ayron Jones is urging us to be positive in new video for “Love Is The Answer”

Seattle’s Ayron Jones has something to say but it wasn’t always as clear or plain as “Love Is The Answer,” the lead single off his forthcoming project ‘Audio Pant Job.’ Thinking back on it, Jones says, "When my first album dropped it was literally trial by fire. I had gone from playing solo in the corner of some Seattle dive bar, to opening for B.B. King in a matter 4 months. All of a sudden I had a name and a voice and nothing to say. However, over time as I settled… Continue

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Bigotry loves company: when Black Church folks side with Trump

There are folks who believe the Sunkist POTUS isn’t racist, bigoted, xenophobic or sexist. An alarming number of those folks believe that Tangerine Trump is not only a good man, but that he’s a Christian man, a follower of Jesus Christ, the child of an unwed mother who was seeking refuge that no one would offer who would grow up to receive undue amounts of persecution that would eventually lead to his death. They would rather ignore the parallels between Jesus' story…


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Quick thoughts from this weekend's resistance against Trump’s fascist Muslim and refugee ban

Even amidst the raging, un-extinguishable dumpster-fire that’s been the opening week of Donald Trump’s presidency, Friday’s executive order banning Muslims and refugees of seven nations from entering the U.S. was a high-reaching flame that looked to leave singe marks on the Constitution and some basic (if hardly equally enacted) American self-beliefs.

The executive order banned the residents of (and, importantly, legal U.S. Green Card holders from) seven nations…


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French muralist Seth uses the world around him to bring magic to his pieces

When the art is larger than life, the persona behind them must be too, right? For Parisian artist Julien Mallan, he assumes the pseudonym “Seth” to create these majestic murals, incorporating the surrounding flora and natural world. Born in Paris in 1972, Seth draws inspiration from hip hop and radical art, making political statements within the beauty of his work. Take a peek at these masterpieces and see more… Continue

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“Nice & Rough” film project is highlighting and celebrating Black Women in Rock

Black women rock. In the most figurative interpretation of this phrase, I’m sure you’re thinking duh, Black women are the diamonds in the rough, the crown jewels, the jeweler and the crown. But in the most literal sense, Black women literally are showstoppers and rock with the best, and new indie film “Nice & Rough” is paying homage to the women of the 50s and 60s that helped birth rock n’ roll for generations to come. Director Sheila Dianne Jackson has proclaimed 2017… Continue

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My run-in with the police helped me find my purpose as an artist of color

Last summer the police arrested me. Well, at least they went through the motions. They put me in a room with three police officers, they catalogued my tatoos, they took mugshots, they swabbed my DNA. They refused me a lawyer; they threatened me with the potential of a criminal record. All of this happened without my permission, yet I was compliant (albeit hysterical), and when I stated I do not know my rights, the police officer swiftly replied, “All you need to know is…


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Boycott their ass: Uber CEO advising Trump, let him know how you really feel

Uber, Uber, Uber. How you’ve changed our worlds in such little time, no one could have guessed. You’ve even made your mark in popular culture, wiggling your way into our vernacular in songs and conversation, successfully fashioning yourself into a verb much like Google. But your time is done. In the words of the urban prophet DJ Khaled, you’ve played yourself. During the NYC Taxi drivers show of solidarity with those affected by the travel ban inflicted by our current… Continue

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Taraji P. Henson in SAG speech: "They are hidden figures no more!"

”Hidden Figures,” the film about Black women working at NASA preparing for John Glenn’s launch into orbit. At the SAG-AFTRA awards this weekend, they won the most coveted award of “Best Ensemble,” with Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Butler, and Janelle Monae at the helm. As she accepted the award, Taraji expressed her gratitude and the brilliance of the women they portrayed exclaiming, “They are hidden figures no more!” This story, although not told perfectly, is still a story… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Bloom's 'SINSES EP' Is An Otherworldly Ode To Longing #SoundCheck

There's something otherworldly about Bloom's SINSES EP. Sounding something like a transmission of Grace Jones reflected back off the moons of Jupiter, her ethereal voice jumps from a contralto moan to starry heights in the span of a single word. Songs like “XCHXO!” and “Raindrops” glimmer with stardust and longing, while Dylan Brady' production drapes everything in a veil of reverb and beats just out of earshot. Bloom is a master of the slow build, with album highlight…


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New webcomic ‘Provider” Jambalaya Mixtape draws inspiration from NERD’s In Search Of album

Webcomics seem to be all the rage these days but Jambalaya Mixtape’s Provider is a stone cold stunner and a standout among the hordes. Corey Davis, visual artist and co-owner of Atlanta’s City of Ink, has received unprecedented acclaim for his artistry both on and off the page and his comic debut, ‘Provider’, continues to grasp the illustriousness of his artwork as we follow protagonist Lucky Laserhorn through a post-apocalyptic clash best served with a side of revenge. With… Continue

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Black resistance goes global in Brazilian photo series “Dudu Olorun”

”Dudu Olorun” means Black resistance and resistance is mission and vision for this Brazilian photo project. Creator Elias Neto says, “The project is also about to resist, fight and win, the black community is ridiculed by its color, clothes, hair and culture, and this is ridiculous, the project shows that in addition to the clothes, and colors (the media insists on appropriating black culture) the black movement goes beyond [...]” So more than simply a photo project filled… Continue

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Kenyan artist and sculptor Wangechi Mutu’s new exhibit makes the mythical majestic

Wangechi Mutu is a genius and it’s never been more apparent than in her new exhibit at Gladstone Gallery “Ndoro Na Miti.” The Kenyan-born, Brooklyn-based artist and sculptor is most well known for her collages of hybrid forms from folklore, pop culture and art history, she’s pushing boundaries in her work to offer inquiry into the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Transforming the gallery space into an experiential space, using dirt and brush to create… Continue

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Netflix buys Jessica Williams’ Sundance comedy 'The Incredible Jessica James'

Netflix has just acquired the rights to Jessica Williams’ Sundance film, 'The Incredible Jessica James'. Chosen as the festival’s closer, 'Jessica James', is a modern comedy that centers around Williams, a New York playwright struggling to get over a failed relationship and recently divorced Chris O’Dowd as “they discover how to make it through the tough times in a social media obsessed post-relationship universe.“ ‘Jessica James’ co-stars Lakeith Stanfield and Noël Wells and… Continue

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Visit the Black Cowboy exhibit at Harlem’s Studio Museum

When you hear the word “cowboy,” it’s likely that your mind goes to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or perhaps another Black and white film whose presence would be fit for AMC. But the “Black Cowboy” exhibition at Harlem’s Studio Museum is flipping that notion on its head. The historical omission of African American communities from our relationship to keeping, training, and tending horses is a travesty, and those traditions are being kept in modern times. While it…


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Voting Rights are under attack: Trump's "civil rights" guy supports voter ID laws

President Trump has spent most of his first week in office in denial of many facts. Opting instead to believe whatever he’d like to tell himself. One of the more blatant rejections of information being in his claim 3-5 million people committed criminal acts of voter fraud. His paranoia now launching an investigation into events that have no evidence or history of happening. Outside of being a waste of time, this bizarre claim means that voter rights is probably something…


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