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Aaron Abraham Gives The Dirt on Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread are a punk rock group coming straight out of Duval County, Florida. The trio has been making their brand of loud, aggressive punk rock since 2002. They have one ep, two full length discs and they have hit both the Warped Tour and the Afro-Punk festival. Frontman Aaron Abraham let me pick his brain on many aspects of the band including favorite festivals they have played, their… Continue

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Huffington Post Partners with BET co-founder for new section

The Huffington Post and BET co-founder Sheila Johnson are launching a HuffPost section devoted to African-Americans. The section, “HuffPost GlobalBlack,” is expected to debut in early March. The Huffington Post is set to make an official announcement about the new platform Thursday. “Our goal is to cover more stories of importance to the black community,” says Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief…


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Rock Star in Training: Nice to Meetcha

My name is Pam Newman, and I'm standing on the third rung of an incredibly tall career stepladder. A funky ladder crafted from superficial bullshit, subjective reviews of progress, parties, and lies, lies, lies. No, I’m not running for office. I am hand-crafting an awesome and kickass solo career in Rock-Stardom! This blog is going to put you in the shotgun seat on that… Continue

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Black Witch: My Book of Shadows

Just about every Witch and Wiccan I know has a Book of Shadows (BOS) – or grimoire as they’re sometimes called. It’s a collection of spells, personal experiences and metaphysical learnings every practitioner is supposed to have and refer to. Since Paganism celebrates life and personal growth, the BOS is considered very important as it is meant for recording and reflecting experiences. There’s also an electronic version called the Disk of Shadows (DOS) where it is a folder…


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Corporate Model Call to Cater to Ethnic Hair, Good or Bad?

The fact that big corporate companies are finally peaking interest in making products for ethnic hair is great, right?  For a long time, many people with thick coarse hair have complained that their were no products on the shelves that catered to their hair textures.  Overtime, smaller name companies like Karen's Body Beautiful, Koils by Nature, Carrol's Daughter, and Bee Mine popped up specifically catering to… Continue

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Check out These Books Authored By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy MLK Day, Afro-punks.  Today we celebrate not only one of the greatest orators and leaders recognized in the Civil Rights era, but we also celebrate those who supported and believed in the movement enough to effectively organize and risk their lives for change.  Check out these books recommended by journalist, Roland Martin for Newsone, on Martin Luther King's best writings. 



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Not sure how to take this interview, funny or ignorant?

Okay, okay, okay.  We admit it.  We dish our fair share of ignorant content and commentary on, from fucking off Santa at our Christmas party to our continuous support of our quirky Black witch blogger, but give us a break, gesh.  Did you happen to catch the punk at the end of afro?  And we feel like we make up for it by consistently delivering up-to-date… Continue

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The Campaign for Das Racist to Take Over the United States

Whenever my dad brings a piece of apple pie into the movie theater, I jokingly tell him to stop being racist. One time my broke ass stumbled into the Hermes store and pale glaring stares escorted me out in a hurry. I said that store was racist! Whenever I suggest going to White Castle as a serious idea my snooty friends call me me racist, and we go to Chipotle…

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Single, Bi-Sexual Black Man Seeking Black Woman

I have this Black male guy friend. He just landed on the opposite side of 30 and finds himself single. Very marriage minded; he eagerly waits for the day when he can meet that special lady and have children. He’s a successful entrepreneur in New York City. He has a devilish sense of humor. He LOVES his Momma and always conducts himself as a gentleman. His body is cut up like a Greek statute thanks to his daily body building and yoga routines. His smile can light up a room.…


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Cross dressing cannibalism and Civil War, Liberia on, one of our favorite online t.v networks known for their ill documentary styled content, recently released a piece on Liberia that had our jaws on the floor.  We recently posted a blog about Liberian fashion and how many people are wearing classic vintage t-shirts donated from the U.S., but that was only a… Continue

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It’s Not Easy Being A Young Black Republican Parody

In the age of Obama, there just aren’t as many young black Republicans as there are Democrats. Always the ones to challenge political cliches, The Second City Network made this sketch parodying the plight of the young black Republican and what the party needs to do to branch out. Inside a meeting of vibrant young GOP minds, we meet the club’s single black member. As you can imagine, he’s tired of being the only… Continue

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Black Witch: "NALT" & the column has been interviewed

When I tell my Christian friends some of the social problems of being Pagan or show them my column, I am met with various reactions but the reactions that stand out to me the most sometimes are that of NALT Christians. Term borrowed from sex columnist Dan Savage, NALT Christians are the ones that says, "Oh, we're not… Continue

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Shingo Says: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them ALL.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: best band name ever. I'm reminded of all the obnoxiously long band names like "Panic! at the Disco, "Show Them What the Back of Our Hands Are For", etc. Names that are so terrible, they're rad. Except this band's name is offensive, which makes is way better.

Shingo Says: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them ALL.

I'm not cool enough to say swag.… Continue

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LIBERIAN GIRLS AND BOYS - Have Better Vintage T-shirts Than You

VBS.TV recently visited Monrovia, Liberia, where we made a film with three warlords called General Bin Laden, General Rambo and General Butt Naked. During our week there we filmed in the slums, on top of burned-out banks that have become squats, in graveyards that ex-child soldiers use to sleep in at night and, ill-advisedly, at midnight in the gnarliest brothel in the worst slum in the city. We noticed how everybody there…


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