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About Me

Enjoyed the musical advantage of parents and an older sibling each with passionate and vastly diverse musical interests; one parent was a young Briton who was very progressive musically, the other parent from the American South who was a big music fan and slightly musical.
Got into all that my parents were into but also New Wave, Post Punk, Original British Punk, Oi, Jamaican Ska, Classic Boss Groove RockSteady Reggae, British Ska, Rude Boy TwoTone, Mod, Northern Soul, Celtic Hardcore (eg: Lizzy/Lynott/Motorhead/Skids/Jam), Prog Rock and all that followed...yes, I was very young.
Began attending live gigs at the age of ten.
Between '80-'84 got into North American Punk, New Wave, Industrial, Goth, Dub, American Ska, Post Punk, AcidJazz, BritFunk via the legendary progressive radio station CFNY in Toronto (so impressively progressive that Rush wrote/released a song inspired by the station using its slogan "The Spirit Of Radio" as the song's title -- and the station never played Rush tunes!), and an older sibling temporarily attending uni in London sending newly released albums back home to Me.
I relocated to N.Y.C. for the first time and got heavily into less celebrated Classic Hard Rock Funk (eg: Chambers Bros/Band Of Gypsies), harder Prog Rock, Hardcore (eg: Bad Brains/Prong/Living Colour/Soundgarden) and Skater Punk (Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I.).
My first relocation to the Pacific Northwest, lived in D.O.A.'s ex-party house and delved deeply into the fantastic friendly and supportive Seattle Scene (Grunge and GrungeSoul [personally adore Afghan Whigs and Greg Dulli]), SoCal Hardcore, SoCal Thrash, HomoCore/QueerCore, World Music. And, finally getting inked.
Etc...Etc...Etc... many years since; many international relocations and interesting life experiences including evolutionary musical and cinematic work and appreciation. : )

Lifelong straight edge (before the term; without the "X", Hardcore or Punk connections).

Through British Punk and Skin cultures (and African tribal culture only available to Me via National Geographic Magazine at the time) became passionate about head-to-toe body art / body modification and became actively involved very early, long before the 1990s trend broke. Piercings and tattoos became too trendy for My preference after butchers were commonplace and everybody and their brother had tattoos and piercings, I departed the Body Mod scene in mid-'90s but continued to wear most of My body and facial jewelry, corsets, extreme heels, latex/leather/decorative accoutrements, unconventional-colour hair dye and styles, etc.
Damn, did I ever catch serious hell (especially when traveling) for two decades over facial piercings, alt hair styles and colours/makeup/dress!
And just look at CONVENTIONAL collegiates and 'soccer moms' today! [Aaarrrgghhh!]

Lifelong Feminist, Social Justice Activist, Agnostic-Atheist.

Longtime O.G. LIFESTYLE Domina.
...In this case "O.G." represents "Old Guard" (a.k.a. Old L/leather | High Protocol) -- not "original gangster". ; )

I was glad to locate and take part in this online community after I've experienced nearly so many years as an outcast (in regard to social/political views and attitude, physical appearance and music/concert interests), without an "Alternative" persons-of-colour community!

"Bravo!", again, to the founders of this website (interviewers of a couple of My mates in the pioneering American Ska band Fishbone), for the laudable cinematic work 'AfroPunk'.

Mahalo! : )
Veteran of the Music Industry.
Neophyte of the Motion Picture Industry.
Veteran PsychoDramatic Counselor.
ex-Professional Body Piercer.
ex-Excavator / Operating Engineer / Labourer.

Lifelong volunteer within Social Justice.
Favorite movies:
So many...probably 100 favourites!

Each for specific reasons...
Seduction: The Cruel Woman
Scarlet Diva
Goodbye, Lenin!
Lackawanna Blues
Always Outnumbered
Eastern Promises
The Wall
The Gymnast
The Hurricane
Prey For Rock & Roll
Secrets And Lies
Into The Wild
The Brother From Another Planet
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
Trilogy de Trois Coleur: Bleu
Bandit Queen
Henry & June
The Lives Of Others
Strictly Ballroom
Sweet Charity
All That Jazz
Jesus Christ Superstar
all Spike Lee Joints
Deadly Advice
Whispers Of Angels: A Story Of The Underground Railroad

J'adore motion picture/cinema! So...just a few to start the list...
; )
Favorite books:
The House Of Mirth
The Colour Purple
To Kill A Mockingbird
Tropic Of Cancer
Native Son
Short Stories Of Raymond Carver
Favorite TV shows:
I don't often watch television...

The Street (ITV), Hunted (Cinemax), Luther (BBC), Last Tango In Halifax (Granada), Rose & Maloney (ITV), Absolutely Fabulous (BBC / Comedy Central), OZ (HBO), Spaced (Channel 4), The L Word (Showtime), Joking Apart (BBC), Nip/Tuck (FX), The Young Ones (BBC), Sherlock Holmes [1984-1994] (Granada), Sugar Rush (Channel 4), French & Saunders (BBC), Twitch City (CBC), 1000 Ways To Die (Spike), Good Times (CBS), Saturday Night At The Movies (TVO), Austin City Limits (PBS), The Midnight Special (NBC), Soul Train (Don Cornelius), Wonder Woman (ABC).

; )
Relationship status:
Absolutely single [and seeking to not be].

Parenting is parenting, regardless of genetic lineage.
Considering all of the parent-less children worldwide, I have a greater deal of respect for those who choose to adopt, also for those parents and guardians who consistently parent positively and wholeheartedly and do solidly embrace the fact that the job they have chosen to take on does not end until their death! : )

[No, I was neither an orphan nor adopted.]
no/ no

"Who has turned feminism into a dirty word? One of the things that
bugs the shit out of me is the fact that we can't even use the word
"feminist" these days. It's been made taboo by a conservative media.
The feminist movement in this country is one of the most powerful
human liberation movements the planet has, to let this sort
of conservative culture steal the feminist history from our
consciousness and steal the respect from the people who fought and
died so we could have such liberty is a travesty. All decent people,
female and male, are feminists. The only people who are not feminists
are those who believe that women are inherently inferior or
undeserving of the respect and opportunity afforded men. Either you
are a feminist or you are a misogynist/male
supremest/genderist/sexist. There is no box marked "other".

- Ani DiFranco; composer, lyricist, musician, political activist,
record label and record distribution company owner and president


"A life lived in fear is a life half-lived."

- BazMark Luhrmann; motion picture/theatre/opera director and
producer, screen and playwright


"With confidence, you have won before you have started."

- Marcus Garvey, Jr.; PanAfrican activist pioneer

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At 7:53pm on October 17, 2011, Static People said…

Thanks for the add chica!!

xo SP

At 6:34pm on October 17, 2011, The Retrospective said…
Hey Domina! I love your name and your hair!  I see you're in LA usually, let me know of cool shows ya go to down here..the scene is normally filled with much whackness lol
At 5:47pm on October 7, 2011, Shanice said…
thanks for the add hun ^_^
At 8:09pm on July 28, 2011, Brown Kitsune said…
Hey babes! I'm doing a video on the girls, guys, queens, and etc. of afropunk.The video will be pictures of the afropunk people to show off their styles, personality,and all around BADASSINESS (if thats a word) attitude! So if you want to be in my Fuckin Glam video email me at:

At 8:17am on April 10, 2011, Voodo Fe' Culture - said…

How's it going..! Thank You for the email and request... just read about You and Your background... You have a Great Vibe about You...


Do You have a site..?


and if your free, please check out ours:


ps you can download the music from there too, it's free...

At 5:43am on January 13, 2011, askabisexualguy said…
Thanks for the love hun! It's always appreciated
At 12:01am on January 13, 2011, Phillymoe said…
Thanks much for the positive wave and may they flow for all your needs as well luv...
At 3:38am on August 9, 2010, Tash Beni said…

I read your comment on Lupo's page that you've lived in Aus. Are you still living here?
At 10:11pm on June 21, 2010, Da Kinky Kid said…
LOL... I just got this message...thank you so much... I really do appreciate it....Keep it KInky..Da Kinky Kid
At 10:39am on June 16, 2010, Q.A.BradfordQ.A.Bradford said…
So what's your take on Esthero? Concert footage I saw years before made her out to look like a complete anti-straightedge, love-scapegoating femme bot... but I think that's just where her music comes from...

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