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Who was the first metal band you liked when you first developed a taste for metal?
What did you like about them?
Do you still like them, or do you feel the need to distance yourself from them because you are so much more "heavy" or "extreme" now?

I have to say Judas Priest. I liked the rhythm guitars, solos and vocals. The album cover graphics were cool too.

I went through a period where I still respected Priest but didn't listen to them at all. The whole Turbo era. I enjoyed Painkiller and started listening again.

There was a time when their tempos seemed to slow, but as I have aged I've realized that metal is good at all tempos. Tempo cannot save a crap song either.

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I HATED metal growing up. I dunno, it just kinda got under my skin. It didn't help either, that I asccoiated ALL metal with the crappy hair metal bands I saw on MTV. That all changed when I saw Faith No More's video for Epic. That opened the flood gates for me to get into bands like Pantera, GnR, Anthrax (my personal fav!). Kinda stopped listening to metal for awhile in the mid 90's as I was obsessed with grunge and punk.

I put my 'metalhead" hat back on when I heard some stuff from In Flames, mainly "The Jester Race". Awesome stuff.
Black Sabbath, high school age back in the late '70s. The whole dark, heavy sound really intrigued me. Then Metallica, And Justice For All era, on the other side of my early-20s hardcore punk thing. I liked (and still do) that their lyrics had more substance and personal meaning, the music was complex without being overdone or sacrificing the basic heavy sound, and Hetfield actually SINGS instead of just howling and/or growling.
I liked Van Halen,Quiet Riot & Night Ranger (don't laff), when I didn't consider myself diggin' hard rock musik at all. When I decided I waz a metalhead waz when I heard Iron Maidenz NUMBER OF THE BEAST album on tape, dat I borrowed from my from my friendz cousin. This waz in '84 or '85 I think.

The bands that got me into metal were Pantera, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and Black sabbath. I don't listen to most of these bands now (except for black sabbath). The bands just got me into the darker stuff.

Count me amongst the elderly but it was Dokken, Iron Maiden (Somewhere in Time) and Metallica (Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets).....

LOL i'm older than i look i guess.

Well, I've been listening to Sabbath for over a year now, but less than that for straight up M E T A L bands. Sabbath is not metal. They are proto-metal. I got into them by way of punk rock, hardcore and crust punk. I read a book called "This Band Could Be Your Life" and got to the chapter on Black Flag. Their name comes from a being Sabbath fans. This is what lead me to check them out.

To answer the question- the first few metal bands that hooked me: Exodus, Venom, Bathory, Annihilator, Saint Vitus, EHG and Autopsy. Also, the grindcore band Assuck and Discordance Axis.

The first metal CD that I bought was Metallica (Black Album) when I was 16. I was always in rock at one point or another, but buying that CD was the beginning of me listening to rock/metal almost exclusively.

that is a tough one i sequed into metal by listening to heavier and heavier stuff, i used to be into nirvana, pearl jam, alice in chains and sound  garden then straight to pantera

i have been lucky enough to see slipknot and mudvayne a the download festival, good times

enigmatic said:

The bands that got me into metal were Pantera, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and Black sabbath. I don't listen to most of these bands now (except for black sabbath). The bands just got me into the darker stuff.

Metallica. From there I moved into death metal (which I love) and even some metalcore. I still pull out the punk and hardcore music every now and then though

The first 'metal' band to be a gateway drug for me was Neurosis. I had loved horror films and the chosen Marilyn Manson/Korn/Rob Zombie additions to the soundtracks but never needed any deeper cuts but once I heard "Souls At Zero", i was a black-clad footsoldier of darkness from then on --\\ m //--. I dug the low end bass and pursued other dark sounds across metal/punk/noise/postpunk/no wave/experiemental/hardcore but Neurosis remains one of my top 3 bands that I geek over and live they control the time/space of the show and there is reverence by everyone there.  

Is the SEX PISTOLS considered heavy? nah. My first taste was at 10 years old, KISS. i have distanced myself from them, they is a little pussy for me. I came back to metal when I heard OZZY, JUDAS PRIEST, .........and one of my faves, METALLICA. Then came Death Metal. hhhmmmmm, i love MINISTRY. i don't think they are metal but i love the energy. i got kicked out of a MINISTRY concert. lost my head and went nuts.


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