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Who was the first metal band you liked when you first developed a taste for metal?
What did you like about them?
Do you still like them, or do you feel the need to distance yourself from them because you are so much more "heavy" or "extreme" now?

I have to say Judas Priest. I liked the rhythm guitars, solos and vocals. The album cover graphics were cool too.

I went through a period where I still respected Priest but didn't listen to them at all. The whole Turbo era. I enjoyed Painkiller and started listening again.

There was a time when their tempos seemed to slow, but as I have aged I've realized that metal is good at all tempos. Tempo cannot save a crap song either.

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Iron Maiden, 11 or 12 years old.
Hmm, thats a hard one. I would have to say slipknot when i was like 15. I did like their sound and mask. But i really cant stand their music or their masks anymore. But they did propel me into less mainstream metal bands and into death and black metal (thank god). Oh yeah, and Mudvayne too when i was 15. But i dont like them anymore either.
Hmmm, the bands that got me into Metal. Probably White Zombie.
The first metal band I liked was Iron Maiden.They were my first metal show.It was the "Somewhere In Time" tour.I'm old.Good times

it took forever for metal to find me. i think it started in ninth grade... KORN. shut up. so yeah, from there it was White Zombie, then I found out about PANTERA, and I never looked back. lol
So Chavo and Kim, do you think you will ever go back in retrospect and enjoy some of those nu metal bands you used to like? I know that I can go back now and appreciate bands that I enjoyed, then scorned for not being heavy enough.
Metallica, Black Album era, was the first Metal I remember hearing. I still like Metallica's old shit and haven't become too kvlt to admit it.
Metallica was the first metal band I remember hearing....I liked them a lot for their heavy, orchestral, dirge like sound, and gruff lyrics proclaiming all manner of horrors. Not so much nowadays, looking the wank-douche with their crushed velvet and shorter hair and mean spirited attitude toward music piracy. For dudes that now kinda dress like pirates, they are acting pretty not cool, considering.....

.Also Black Sabbath I really dug (and still do) for pretty much the same reasons. later Maiden though it took me a long time to appreciate the Maiden sound, now they are one of my favorite bands.....i think its the historical references i like with Maiden, its like reading an interesting article the first time you hear a new Maiden song.
oh yeah and the fact that Maiden just totally rule.
Hmm, not likely. Like i cant even really stand to hear slipknot or mudvayne anymore.The only purpose they served me was to propel me into the darker, heavier stuff, like i said before. ive tried to listen to them now but i cant. Just like when i was about 13-15 i loved Linkin Park. Now i dont like them at all. Now that ive connected with heavier,more face splittin music, im never going back.
System of a Down, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Staind, Kittie, and a lot of other radio tunes. Cradle of Filth first got me into the dark shit, though.
the first metal band i got into is the Deftones. there fuckin amazing. Oddly enough, they played the first i went to, along with dir en grey and fall of troy. all in one night. lol (one hell of a first show)


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