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Maybe Im just getting older,I Miss Rocawear,Phat Farm,Ecko,Mecca,Sean John,FuBu,and Wu Wear.Since when did it become cool to rock Skinny Jeans and all these fuckin' scarfs and Loud ass colors and shit?DOES ANYBODY HERE FEEL THE SAME WAY I DO? Give Me Some FEEDBACK Y'all..........

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Wow, apparently the baggy pants shrunk in the wash.

"Classic hiphop ain't going nowhere. Adiddas sweat suits, Timbs and fitted caps, fuckin' wallabees still hot!"


True, most definately true. Same goes for core Punk/Goth/Metal styles. Alot of this is very fluid and many things come and go. But some core stuff ALWAYS remains. Funny how a punk with a fully-studded jacket and huge 'hawk tends to STILL get the same reaction it did 30 years ago.


And remember when Converse Chuck Taylors used to be "White boy" shoes?

I feel u but the times are changing in every culture

Yeah I hate seeing that. That is truly a contradiction. As well as wearing a belt with those jeans; hanging off your ass.

Mark Clemons said:

Yo! alot of these new fads look like halloween dress up.Whats the purpose of wearing skinny jeans hanging off your ass? Thats a Contradiction!

Chris Asrk-pa Addanc said:

Self expression pops lol.

But really as far as fads go most of them are scientific marketing ploys that people become brainwashed into buying.
The skinny jeans and 'scarfs¿' are cool with me because it shows that you aren't afraid to "go against the grain (lol*) " of what the average dude would ware.

But that 90's shit we should leave for halloween dress up lol.

Everybody either faded away, was brought by Liz Clairbourne and company or went to Korea where it came from. I still see FUBU shoes and I hope to buy a pair sometime before summer. They are comfortable and they look like other popular shoe brands so you trick people. lol

I do miss clothes in the 90s and early 00s. I really do not like American Apparel, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch and other similar companies so I have a hard time finding clothes that suite my taste and do not look nor feel like crap after you wash it for the first time.

That's fashion, and it runs in cycles. I started laughing when i saw kids rocking high top fades just recently. It's weird to see, and it makes me wonder how my parents viewed me back in my day.

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