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The Health Care debate. Weigh in. Should Contraceptive services be covered and why?

I'd like to hear what people on AP think about the issue of covering contraceptives under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rule that required church-affiliated universities, hospitals and nonprofits to include birth control without co-pays or premiums in their insurance plans. What's your position and why? Do you understand the debate? Do you think men have a right to take part in this decision?

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Contraceptives should be free, rather than having to deal with another infant placed into the foster care system or having to dispose the remains of an aborted fetus simply because another pair of lovers forgot to be responsible from the onset of their physical relationship. I also believe that the man should at least have his feelings considered but at the end of the day its still the woman's choice.

It seems so rudimentary but unfortunately it's not because everything is a business including a vagina ! From the tampon tax to paying for contraceptives I think it's ridiculous! It should be covered across the board and also they need to really consider the shit that they put out! That IUD crap is so dangerous moving around in someone's body causing pelvic prolapsed etc, the patch causing blood clots, its a total disregard for the women's reproductive, circulatory, and mental health.
If sexual enhancement drugs are covered, especially for men, birthcontrol options should be covered or available at low or no cost for women. Additionally, a male hormonal option needs to be developed and available at low or no cost.

The increased availability and affordability of all birthcontrol options would offer more opportunities for minorities. Improvement could be seen with socioeconomic status, educational status, and mental and physical health by offering better choices in family planning (birthcontrol) and the avoidance of sexually transmitter illnesses.

However, realistic sexual education should be offered along with those options. It's great to have choices we can all partake of, but those choices should be fully and correctly informed choices.

I think what you are asking is whether men have a right to participate in the conversation. . . Of course men have a right. . as taxpayers, and contributors to employer and university accounts, and as Americans with a political say, in what programs Americans who might be men should lawfully fund with due representation. . . I understand the debate was hijacked as a gender issue, that detracts from the larger picture. . .

You know I'll say as a corollary argument, that when we dilute our attentions from anything other than what directly or indirectly affects us as a Black People, we risk our larger, more legally secure claims for ongoing injustices. And I'll leave your board at that.

What the author is asking: Is whether American Men with a lawful say in the debate, have a right to participate in the conversation. . . the answer is certainly based upon my initial response. Take it as you will . . .

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