... the other Black experience

Mine are:


-Love Shack by B-52's

-Roam by B-52's

-Today by Smashing Pumpkins

-Can't Stop Loving You by Jacksoul

-Why Don't You Get A Job by The Offspring

-Tijuana Taxi by Herb Alpert Brass Band


Everytime I hear these songs, I get a smile on my face.  So, what are your "happy" songs?

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1979- Smashing Pumpkins
Manthem- Bouncing Souls
Before I forget-Slipknot
I Wanna Rock- Spongebob remix (lol)
All around me- Flyleaf
So I thought- Flyleaf
Stillness in Time - Jamiroquai
Everything from Daft Punk's Interstellar 555 and all its various remixes
The Light and the Glass - Coheed and Cambria
It's Your Funeral Ma - Alexis on Fire
Itchycoo Park - M People cover version
Velorium Camper I: Faint of Hearts - Coheed and Cambria
Plus more ... so much more ...
claudette - queen of the world
edith piaf - la foule
the clash - rock the casbah
b-52s - rock lobster
tom ze's canon of awesomeness
buzzcocks ... in general?
all of the songs on Girls in the Garage vol 4 - French Girls
fu manchu - asphalt risin'
hank williams, sr - move it on over
Too many to name. A couple that haven't been mentioned.
Montel Jordan-This is how we do it
Madonna-Into the Groove

Herbie Hancock-Watermelon Man
Assuming we all wanna go to a "happy" place.
why so emo damos?
Suicidal Tendencies- "I Shot The Devil" (the revised version)
Melt-Banana- the entire "Cell-Scape" album
Prince Paul- "The Popmaster"
Secret Chiefs 3- "White As They Come"
Ween- the entire "Pure Guava" album
I was having a really shitty day at work once when this guy came in and played me a song off of his ipod and i've loved it ever since. Whenever I hear it, it takes me back to that day going from being pissed to calm and realxed - Elbow - One day like this.

p.s I hate Apple. My ipod was faulty! I miss it so
Richard Brown said:
Whatever by Godsmack evokes this sort of fury within me like a total shitstorm was about to transform.
You listen to Godsmack?
alanis morisette - ironic
I don't know if I'll say certain songs take me to a happy place but maybe somewhere serene or wide open. A few off the dome:

93' til Infinity-Souls of Mischeif
For the Love of You-Isley Brothers
Valley of Love-J*Davey
No More-J*Davey
Big Big Love(Fig. 2)-Foals
Scarlet Fields-The Horrors
Vanished-Crystal Castles
This Modern Love-Bloc Party
Where Is Home(Burial remix)-Bloc Party
Let Down-Radiohead(lyrics aren't really happy but the melody is nice)
Love Song #1-Michelle Ndegeocello
Lights Out-Santigold
Share the Fall-Roni Size
Bonita Applebum-Tribe Called Quest

I can probably do this all night...

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