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Hi Faraji,
Thank you for your suggestions!
If you would like to be a contributor on, please go to to get in touch with Whitney, who coordinates featured bloggers.
For all other inquiries or to send your resume, you can reach us at .
A comedy section with actual laugh out loud comedy.

HTTPS login.


Integration btw. social media and AP to send a tweet or FB update and have it propagate to AP discussions or AP status, and vice versa.


Ttimeline for what friends have posted recently on the home page that's customized for the user that logged in (not the whole page, just a small column), and a one click to reply or add to the discussion or to send a message to someone in the time line.


An AP MMO!  Just kidding.



I can't really access my messages like I want from the platform that I am currently using but to answer your question are you interested in creating a food section for AF?
I can go to different one-of-a-kind restaurants and interview the owners & cooks review their recommended dishes and make a detailed account of how my experience was in blog or video.
What do you think?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please email us at to discuss possible contributions. We sent you a private message here the last time you reached out, but didn't hear back. Thanks!

I will contact you as soon as I possibility can.
Thank you.

  A in house spell check would be real helpful. I have one on my google toolbar but it disappears when I come to AP.

Hello, if someone is stalking you/being disrespectful on the site, feel free to let us know in a message.

Spookycreep, thank you for your suggestion, we'll see what we can do about spell check.

∑∉∅∲ said:

second thouht. let us delete other peoples posts. easy pz?


We can't give you control over what other members post. However, we do want interactions on the site to remain respectful, and as we said feel free to let us know if someone is stalking you or disrespecting you. Thanks

To block a user, go to his profile and click on "Block" below his profile picture. You can also delete what they post on your profile (click on the little cross next to their post). But you can't control what a user says on the public forum. You would have to contact us if someone is stalking you.

∑∉∅∲ said:

You cant or you wont? I'm referring to the facebook option which not only allows who can see your posts it also allows you to refuse someone's posts altogether. troll control.


Thank you for your suggestions. You're absolutely right, this is an interactive community, and we love contributions from you, the members. The best way to go about this is via email, you can reach us at to tell us more about how you would like to contribute. Thanks!

∑∉∅∲ said:

thank you for your swift response to my requests. I really appreciate it. Many times I've gotten fed up with these boards and washed my hands of "Afropunk" but I realize that AFROPUNK IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THESE BOARDS. oops caps lock....anyways,I think I'd like to try my hand at contributing to the AFROPUNK scene now. shoot me a PM if you are interested and I'll let you know what i am brainstorming.

Can we get a Soundcloud app? I know its a small thing but who is with me in wanting one?

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